Discovery Channel gunman "inspired by Al Gore"

One snowflake short of a glacier…

One unhinged eco-warrior inspired by another, er, unhinged (and very rich) eco-warrior. James Lee, the gunman shot dead after taking hostages at the Discovery Channel’s headquarters, has Al Gore to thank for his sticky end:

Lee has a history of protesting Discovery’s programming, saying it has little to do with saving the planet. He was arrested outside the building in February 2008 after throwing thousands of dollars in the air.

At the time, Lee was identified as being from San Diego, listing his address as a local homeless shelter.

At his trial, he said he began working to save the planet after being laid off from his job in San Diego. He said he was inspired by Ishmael, a novel by environmentalist Daniel Quinn and by former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

A real climate change victim, at last.

Read it here.


  1. Sean McHugh says:

    “Discovery Channel gunman “inspired by Al Gore””

    No!! Global Warming Jihad is a religion of peace.

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