Election 2010: "Giggling, grinning Oakeshott" betrayed voters


Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, the two witless and gutless independents that handed power to Julia Gillard earlier this week, betrayed their electorates by siding with Labor, as John Styles explains in The Spectator:

When you enjoy the sound of your own voice as much as the giggling, grinning Rob Oakeshott apparently does, there is always a chance you will say more than you may have intended. So it was during the Independent/maybe-Labor minister’s media conference on Tuesday at which he and Tony Windsor delivered federal government to the Labor-Greens alliance.

‘We’ve just had to go through an incredibly unnatural decision to draw some conclusions about lining up with a party that fundamentally we don’t believe with [sic],’ he said, during a typically long, rambling response to a journalist’s question about how the pair of independents could make a decision that was so comprehensively out of step with the conservative nature of their electorates.

Here was Oakeshott admitting that he was giving crucial support to a party he didn’t believe in. He described his decision as ‘unnatural’. How about bizarre, weird, crazy? How about calling it just plain nuts?

So we had the representative of a demonstrably conservative constituency, a seat that overwhelmingly supported the Coalition in its Senate vote and expressed a decided preference for a Coalition government in post-election opinion polling, siding with the Labor party and radical Left Greens. More than that, the decision defied the clear preference of the nation as a whole. On 21 August, the Coalition won the primary vote, the two-party-preferred vote and won the most seats in the House of Representatives.

In Rob Oakeshott’s Lyne electorate, the ALP managed to attract only 13.5 per cent of the primary vote and the Greens just 4.3 per cent. In Tony Windsor’s seat, the Left fared even worse: Country Labor 8.1 per cent, the Greens 3.6 per cent.

Former Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger summed it up on Melbourne radio MTR 1377:

‘If [Oakeshott] had gone to that election saying that, if the opportunity arose, I am going to accept the position of a minister in a government led by a Socialist Left prime minister — let’s not forget, Julia Gillard has been in the Socialist Left faction of the Labor party for almost 30 years — I’m going to be a minister of a government which is supported by the extreme Left Greens, Andrew Wilkie from Tasmania and another former National, you know, people would have been aghast.

‘He wouldn’t have got close to being elected. And if he accepts a ministry in a Labor government supported by the Greens … the people in his electorate would have every right to be absolutely feral at him, and so they should be.’

Read it all – and weep.


  1. Laurie Williams says:

    Then this:
    Some gems in there, including this one:
    “Penny Wong, the minister who oversaw the ETS process and then had the difficult task of selling Ms Gillard’s unpopular plan for a citizens assembly on climate change, is believed to want a change of portfolio.”

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    Enjoy the spotlight while you can Oakeshott you twit. You want to be the center of attention? Fine. You got it. Soon enough the time will come to pay the reaper.

    Katter made the right choice even though he was not happy about it. Showed me he is a man of courage and morals – no matter what else people think of him.

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    Giggling, grinning and excitable? He looks like he can hardly control his bladder. And no wonder, he’s like a kid in a candy shop. He’s got what he’s always wanted. But shhhh don’t tell the voters…


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