Election 2010: Combet is new climate change minister

Union man…

Greg Combet has been handed the hospital pass of selling a price on carbon to an increasingly sceptical Australian public. A former union boss, he’s Labor through and through.

We wait with bated breath for the Com-bot’s first pronouncement on climate. My guess is that we won’t have to wait long, and it will be as nonsensical as all of Penny’s…


  1. Laurie Williams says:

    Nice to see that Plenty Wrong’s passion for this urgent cause matched her ex boss’s. Rudd dumped it, she begged out of it.
    Not the only match – Kevin’s and Penny’s voices are roughly similar, not really ocker Aussie, and Julia’s and Greg’s voices are similar too. May we have Kevin and Penny back, please?

  2. Laurie Williams says:

    Related to this post:


    “Once the Greens secure the balance of power in the Senate in July, their agenda for higher taxes and greater intrusion by government in the lives of ordinary Australians won’t win votes.

    By signing a pseudo-coalition agreement with Labor, the Greens have already compromised themselves: instead of being a purist party they are just one in pursuit of power.”

    Same as most other influential “greens”.

    “Since the independents will almost certainly lose their box seat after the next election, they’re far more likely to switch governments.”

    Not just their “box seat”, but simply their seats, as ACM recently noted:

    “If [Oakeshott] had gone to that election saying that, if the opportunity arose, I am going to accept the position of a minister in a government led by a Socialist Left prime minister … people would have been aghast. He wouldn’t have got close to being elected”

    I don’t care for “politics”. I have watched about 4 hours of TV in the last 5 years, until the last 2 weeks watching a bit of the fallout from the election, but I admit I’m looking forward to the fun that will happen before the next election.

    I hope that the voters will learn a good lesson from all the selfserving posturing and as a result be significantly wiser in future.

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