Thomas Edison, you're under arrest!

"It's a fair cop, gov. I'll come quietly"

As the article puts it: Welcome to Green Hell. Obviously, ACM has been stocking up on incandescents since the moonbat Australian government outlawed them, and forced us all to use dim, ugly, horrifically expensive, flickery, epileptic-fit-incuding CFLs which you have to switch on, go and make a cup of tea, and by the time you return, might just be bright enough to use. And when they break, you have to sound an alarm in a three-street radius and dress up in HAZMAT clothing and breathing equipment just to put them in the freaking bin! From whence they go to a special dedicated CFL mercury recycling plant? No, to landfill. Brilliant. All to save the planet? Jeez.

Thomas Alva Edison was a genius credited with the invention of many things — the phonograph, the motion picture, the incandescent light bulb, global warming. That last credit was given by those who rank light bulbs right up there with the internal combustion engine as ravagers of the planet.

The General Electric light bulb factory in Winchester, Va., closed this month, a victim, along with its 200 employees, of a 2007 energy conservation measure passed by Congress that set standards essentially banning ordinary incandescents by 2014.

Just as they are by fuel-economy standards, consumers are denied choice and the freedom to evaluate any possible benefits on their own by the nanny state. Washington’s force and coercion are necessary because it seems the great unwashed can’t seem to see the benefits or ignore the risks of compact fluorescents, or CFLs.

In Europe, light bulbs are already a controlled substance. The 100-watt bulb was banned last year and the 75-watt became illegal as of Sept. 1.

Not surprisingly, incandescent light bulbs there quickly became a hot item, flying off the shelves while they were still available. Der Spiegel reported that German customers leave hardware stores with carts piled high with enough incandescent bulbs to last 20 years. Garages and attics throughout the Old World are full of them.

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  1. They (CFLs) really aren’t that bad. We got them under a free to us scheme (NSW Far North Coast) together with ‘efficient’ shower heads. We only uprated one point to overcome lack of light and didn’t suffer any of the other problems.
    Anthony Watts’ article ( suggests that we, as a country, should have waited for a better technology.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    “In Europe, light bulbs are already a controlled substance.”

    Dealer – Pssst, hey, dude. Over here. Wanna score?

    Addict – Maybe, wochya got?

    Dealer – I got good shit man. 50 watt, 75 watt 25 watt. What ya after?

    Addict – I’m hurtin man. I just want a light bulb that doesn’t drive me insane…

  3. It’s like a broken record around here. Ugly they may be, but dim, flickery, and slow? I have never had a CFL with any of those three problems. What planet do you live on? Never had a problem with Osram and Mirabella. If you’re buying crappy brand CFLs then whose fault is that?

    I’ll agree it’s stupid for governments to outlaw incandescents when there is no complete solution to replace them. But badmouthing a plainly more efficient solution to lighting… yeah I won’t ever understand that.

    If a CFL smashes, the vacuum seal is broken and sudden return of the mercury vapour back to atmospheric pressure makes it condense into a liquid, so making it safer. Still, there’s 100s of things our society should be recycling instead of dumping, and mercury is one of them. Perhaps mercury in CFLs is the last straw that kickstarts full materials lifecycle management on goods and services.

    But that little label on the side of the box that says “saves greenhouse emissions” GRRR that gets my goat. As if a bit more CO2 is going to matter. I’m developing a catch phrase about this. “Carbon is comfort.”

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    Oz Juggler. You must love em. Need a celebrant? I hear Al Gore might be married to one too – the crazed sex poodle…

    Hey, I don’t have a problem with them (CFL’S) personally, as long as it’s MY choice whether to use them or not and its after I have personally weighed up the various pro’s and cons and any alleged benefits. Why the hell should I be forced to have nothing but these lights?

    They are useless in places like bathrooms or toilets where lights are turned on and off all the time and as they are not intended for that type of use they fail very quickly, making them a false economy in that instance. Just think of the extra “evil carbon dioxide” (aka the dirty bubble) emitted making them.

    GIVE US BACK OUR CHOICE PLEASE…infant fascist governments in the making.

  5. Laurie Williams says:

    I agree with OzJuggler on this. They aren’t all as bad as some say.
    – they can’t be dimmed like incandescants. The ability to dim domestic lighting makes a huge difference to its useability. The halogen ones are a much better bet than the fluoros for that.
    – as the Dog says, switching on and off. Compact fluoros are good for being left on for a long time, not in the dunny.
    – the ones with vile yellow colour, yuck.
    I agree about not buying cheap junk. No sympathy for people who do. As with anything else, “Buy cheap, buy twice.”. About two years ago an English woman about 60 told me that her father had told her when she was very young “We’re too poor to buy cheap things.”.
    Remember, big mercury vapour fluorescent tubes with visible blobs of the stuff in them have been around for decades. I broke plenty of them when I was young, and I nevre sufrd sngifnct brane dammidg
    Outlawing the incandescants instead of letting people decide for themselves is ridiculous though. Control! Control!

  6. Laurie Williams says:

    I can’t seem to link this, but you can easily find it. Check out on FB, scroll down to the photos on the left and look at the Democrats definition. Lovely stuff. As you will see, I think it would apply nicely to many “Greens” in Australia.

  7. CFL’s not so bad? Here in black-out-and-surge-powered-Perth our CFL’s fizz out regularly. Thanks to nanny state legislation I get to pay three times as much for light bulbs that sometimes only last 3 months. So much for 8000 hours of use.

    (But at least I can still stock up on the 40W incandescents). Small joy.

    Looking forward to LED’s, but if anyone is ordering a container-ship of incandescents can someone email me?

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