Snow in summer – Sydney Morning Herald blames "climate change"

10cm of global warming fell in NSW yesterday

I hope to do the occasional post over the next few weeks, as time permits, and I couldn’t resist this one. From the Weather Isn’t Climate (Except When We Say It Is) Department…

Once again, we have to ask the simple question: to a climate alarmist, what weather phenomenon would not be a sign of “climate change”? Warmer temperatures? Obviously not – it’s global warming, stupid. Colder temperatures. No, because climate change creates more “extremes” (apparently, when it suits their cause – like today). More rain? No, because one of our models predicted more rain. Less rain? No, because a different model predicted less rain as well. We could go on (and on, and on). The answer is, that there is nothing that isn’t a sign of climate change. Everything and everything is “consistent with it”.

So when snow fell in the New South Wales mountains yesterday, at the height of the southern hemisphere summer, the Moonbat Herald blames climate change in the first sentence of its report this morning:

AS CLIMATE change tips the planet inextricably towards a more complicated future the weather already presents as downright confusing. (source)

So the question for the warmists is this: what weather conditions would not indicate “climate change”? This needs an answer, because at the moment, if everything is a sign of climate change, the flip side of that same argument is that nothing is.


  1. “AS CLIMATE change tips the planet inextricably towards a more complicated future the weather already presents as downright confusing”

    Good to know that they acknowledge that climate is complicated and that they’re confused. As we slip into at least several years of cooling, one has to wonder how much longer they’re going to be confused and keep up their delusions.

  2. nice orwell said..peace is war..cold is warm..they win no matter what the temperature is..good plan eh?

    wake up sheeple!

  3. I agree! You only have to look at what’s happenning in other parts of the world to see that there is a significant cooling trend. For instance, the northern hemisphere winter began two months early in November this year. If the cooling trend continues at the same rate then one could expect that in 2011 northern winter could begin in say September and in 2012 there could even be no summer at all signiling the beginning of the next iceage.

  4. Quote from AFP report:

    Weather experts said it was not unusual for Australia to experience chilly weather in eastern states in early December, as cold winds from deep in the Southern Oceans sweep upwards.

    “It’s not uncommon to get a dusting of snow along the higher peaks of New South Wales and Victoria every couple of years (at this time),” Bureau of Meteorology climatologist Grant Beard told AFP.

    Gearon agreed, saying that in previous years, those on the Victorian snowfields had been “having cocktails in the sun one day and skiing the next”.

    climate change…ba.ha.ha.

  5. denis sakkas says:

    cold weather unusual hardly suprising considering the gulf stream is up shit creek without a paddle,thanks BP

    • Robert Dunlop says:

      You do realize that Australia lies between the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the SOUTHERN hemisphere, right?

      • denis sakkas says:

        yeah sorry robert i forgot that nothing on this planet is connected and also all things function independantly of one another,right!

      • Dave Johnson says:

        Methinks he doesn’t and what is wrong with the Gulf Stream? Answer – Nothing it’s paddles are fully operative

  6. Welcome Back Simon.

  7. Little Ice Age conditions are being felt all over the world, this will go on for at least 20 years. As we enter a period not unlike the Dalton Minimum we are learning that the Sun can affect our atmosphere and change the flow of cold air around the planet.

    This was predicted some time ago and can be read here:

  8. Scroll to “Environmental Issues”

  9. John Trigge says:

    If every weather event, hot or cold, wet or dry is due to global warming, how are we going to know when CO2 reductions are having an effect?

  10. A theory (hypothesis) that can’t be falsified is not a theory, it’s just a vague view of the way the world works.

    Disproving climate change is impossible, so therefore it must be true. The depressing reality is that most people fail to see the problems with that logic and just accept it as the truth. Because no matter how many problems we see with the govt green schemes and climate science, even proposing a carbon tax still has the TPP polls close enough to 50:50 as makes no difference. So either half the public at large believes, or has stopped listening and will just accept whatever it is told.

  11. Thanks for coming back.
    Love your page.

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