US: GHG regulation by the back door

Sign at EPA offices

Somebody once said climate change was too important to be left to democratic processes [Anybody remember who? It was probably said by hundreds of different people, all of them wishing to rule the world through climate change regulation – Ed] and that’s exactly what has now happened in the US. Despite there being no congressional approval for legislation regulating greenhouse gases, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last year, in a moment of politically-motivated insanity, classified the harmless trace gas carbon dioxide a “dangerous pollutant“. Now the EPA has begun to regulate emissions:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is beginning to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from energy plants and factories despite vows from Republicans in Congress to stop or slow the regulators.

President Barack Obama, who has pledged the United States will cut the emissions 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020, wants Congress to pass limits on the gases blamed for warming the planet. There’s virtually no chance that will happen before Obama’s first term ends in 2012, so he has pushed the EPA to move.

The EPA paved the way for the rules in late 2009 when it declared greenhouse gas emissions a threat to human health.

But Republicans, who are taking control of the House of Representatives and who gained seats in the Senate, want to stop or delay the EPA from acting. They say the regulations will hurt job recovery in states heavily dependent on coal, oil and natural gas. (source)

And it’s blatantly undemocratic. But with luck, a Republican House will squeeze the EPA’s funding until they come to their senses… maybe.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    “Somebody once said climate change was too important to be left to democratic processes [Anybody remember who?”

    The one and only climate creep Clive Hamilton, and I’m pretty sure James Hansen thinks along the same lines. See link below.

    And the EPA?

    They are nothing but a bunch of activist NUTTERS.

    They have declared carbon a pollutant….and get this…..

    Wait for it…………..

    FARM DUST!!!

    WHO would take these complete NUTJOBS seriously????

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “They have declared carbon a pollutant..”

      Hmmm….now isn’t that interesting…..and I only just noticed it.

      I typed the above post relatively quickly and look what happened.

      It’s not “carbon” that has been declared a pollutant by the EPA, it’s carbon dioxide, a harmless gas essential to life.

      The constant conditioning by activists in the MSM is actually changing the meaning of words, and the effect of that constant conditioning (which includes the incessant referral to CO2 as Carbon) is difficult to resist.

      For further well know examples of word morphing see:-

      Greenhouse Effect – Global Warming – Climate Change – Climate Disruption etc etc.

  2. Baa Humbug says:

    Here is something similar Simon, from a meeting in Germany in 2009.

    via hauntingthelibrary

    Technological innovation and political regulation can only be effective if “the people” participate in their various roles as polluters, producers and consumers of goods, citizens and voters. Democratic regimes are not well prepared for the level of participation that is required: Can free democratic societies cope with the effects of grave changes in the global climate, or might authoritarian regimes possibly be better placed to enforce the necessary measures?

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