More money than sense

Think it through…

The wealthy founder of website donated $1.6 million to the Greens’ 2010 election campaign:

The generous donation by Brisbane-based businessman Graeme Wood, who has an estimated wealth of $378.5m, formed the bulk of the Greens election campaign spending, according to an article in the Fairfax press.

The Greens were able to invest in a high-rotation television advertising campaign.

Independent market research found the party won more votes in the seats that were targeted by the television advertising campaign.

Mr Wood told Fairfax he made the donation because he was unhappy with Labor and the Coalition policies on climate change and the environment.

“I didn’t think either of those parties were being effective,” he said. “They were being driven by people with vested interests.” (source)

I wonder if Mr Wood realises that if the Greens were ever able to implement their backward, dangerous, Marxist policies fully (g-d help us), there wouldn’t be an economy left in which he could amass such a vast personal fortune. He should be thanking the Coalition. Twit.

UPDATE: Andrew Bolt has more.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    He’s just following the green doctrine (specifically verse 2) as set out in watermelon scripture.

    Here’s some other blessed and treasured verses:-

    1) Practicality is not an issue.

    2) Common sense is not an issue.

    3) Rationality is not an issue.

    4) Ideology reigns supreme.

    5) The ends justifies the means.

    6) Sacrifice for thee but not for me.

    7) It’s impossible for a believer to be a hypocrite; this word only applies to the green infidel.

    8) If you are not for us you are against us.

    9) There’s “no pressure” to be for us.

    10) Little red button….

    Looks like another “Religion of peace” to me….

  2. Mr. Wood is a wealthy man but how did he make is fortune? I think the really big monied financial interests really want to see an emission trading scheme because of the money to be made by trading. (In fact, I see them as the only group to benefit from an ETS.) They seem pretty happy to finance the Greens and bank roll environmental activisism while they sit quietly in the background pulling the strings. I realize Mr. Wood in an IT executive but where does he have his money invested now?

  3. Les Dyxic says:

    Bet he’s on the carbon trading gravy train!

  4. Mr Wood founded wotif, the online travel company. He still owns 23% of it, approx value of over $200 million.
    So, a man whose fortune is based on huge CO2 emissions, makes a huge donation of $1.6 million to the Greens party because he wasn’t happy with Labor/Coalition’s lack of action to reduce CO2 !

    It also sums up the hypocrisy of the Greens party, who obviously don’t believe in AGW enough to reject a donation from someone who is causing the problem!

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