How to end uncertainty on carbon [dioxide] pricing

Through the shredder

Simple: abandon it.

The Australian agonises at length about “business certainty”:

IN 2007, as southern Australia ground through the hottest average temperatures on record, a national carbon price was high on the agenda.

Both John Howard and Kevin Rudd had committed themselves to an emissions trading scheme to combat global warming as they geared up for the November election, which Rudd, who was pushing the issue hardest, won.

But three years, a global financial crisis and a hung parliament later, any certainty about a carbon price, or its form, has quickly dried up.

In the electricity sector alone, the uncertainty has led to $10 billion, or 56 per cent, of power generation investment planned over the next five years being slashed. (source)

I think we all know the solution.


  1. When will some politician stand up and say ‘we’ll give you certainty: carbon price of $0 for 30 years’.

    This is all utter BS – they want to know what the ‘price’ is, then they want market traded carbon certificates, which, by definition, vary in price. So how can you plug in a ‘price’ into your models, when you have no idea whether the price will be 5c/ton or $500/ton. And then you get to a carbon tax – as if that will stay at the one value for any length of time. My income tax value changes nearly yearly – try doing long term planning with that one.

    I’d like someone to stand up and say ‘let’s lower the cost of electricity for consumers and industry’. Renationalise the power stations if you have to. Long term reliable and cheap electricity supply is possible for this country, and can be a comparative advantage against other nations, especially if they decide to jump off the carbon tax cliff like the other lemmings.

  2. ‘Cement makers, oil refiners, aluminium producers, retailers, steelmakers and airlines are all going to be hit ….’

    Not to mention more than 21 million other Australians.

    ‘”No one in their right mind was going to build a coal-fired power station with a carbon price looming”,’ says AGL Energy chief Michael Fraser.

    Considering that coal is far and away the cheapest source of power, and that the frenetic “clean coal”, “carbon price” clamour is predicated on an unprecedented “pseudoscientific fraud” (Prof Harold Lewis’ description), no one in their right mind would consider a “carbon dioxide tax” greater than “$0/tonne” (Terry McCrann).

    The Australian has been at the forefront of the screwball carbon price malarkey. To be fair, however, contrary opinions are published. For example, my letter in response to their editorial 6-7 November on the subject was published (in part).

  3. Simon, our alien overlords will not abandon their trillion-dollar $windle until one of the co-conspirators, someone like Maurice Strong, is clapped in irons for perpetuating the AGW theft.
    But then, he’s hiding in China for that last little oil-for-food scam he did so well from.
    Someone too stupid to know the jig is up…Hansen…Gore?
    Ah, to dream.

  4. The solution to the uncertainty can be found in Gillard’s own words:

    “There will be no carbon tax under any government I lead.”

    Pretty straightforward, really.

    So, if Gillard now introduces a Carbon tax, she is either an outright, self-declared liar,
    or she is not actually leading this government.

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