Bob Brown: cynical, insensitive opportunist

Bunch of cynical ecotards

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” could have been written for Bob Brown. No depths are too low for the Greens’ leader, exposing his “party” as a bunch of hysterical ecotards, more concerned with using the Queensland floods to push their extremist environmental agenda than for the suffering of so many people as a result of this tragedy. Fortunately, he has been criticised for his comments by all sides:

GREENS leader Bob Brown is facing mounting condemnation after calling on coal companies to foot the bill for the Queensland flood recovery.

Senator Brown said coal companies, as major climate change contributors, should pay a 40 per cent resources super profits tax to pay for the clean-up.

Minerals Council of Australia deputy chief Brendan Pearson accused Senator Brown of “rank opportunism”, unworthy of a serious political leader.

And Australian Coal Association director Ralph Hillman said domestically-mined coal made a tiny contribution to global carbon emissions.

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz said the Greens leader should apologise for his “insensitive” comments.

“Senator Brown’s comments expose the Greens and his leadership as shallow and cynical; willing to peddle political propaganda in the face of a natural disaster,” Senator Abetz said. (source)

The Greens are hardly worthy of the title “political party”, just a rag-tag bunch of Marxist environmental fruitcakes.


  1. This would be the same Bob Brown that only a year ago was pointing the finger at the coal companies for being the cause of the drought and bushfires?

    “The oil, coal and big-resource companies put off the day of action and edged the world further into super-heating. That means worse drought, bushfires, snow-melt, tropical storm damage and accelerating sea level rises.”

    What a ghastly excuse for a human being!

    • What’s ghastly is that there are enough morons who believe Bob and the Greens are actually worth voting for.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    Brown is a filthy hypocrite and his “party” a bloody disgrace.

    For more on this self righteous twit and his party of turds check out the two links to Andrew Bolts blog below.

    Just what exactly is it with Browns kind and hypocrisy?

  3. Where is our alleged Prime Minister on this issue? And why hasn’t she responded publicly?

    If I were an executive of one of these coal companies (i.e. the same companies that have contributed to the Rudd/Gillard “miracle” of dodging the GFC bullet), I’d be on the phone to Ms Gillard to ask whose side she is going to come down on once these dangerously unstable fruitcakes control the balance of power in the Senate. We await the answer.

  4. Paul Bennett says:

    Somebody could deliberately start a bush fire and Bob brown could blame global warming theory and “man made co2” for it rather than the man who started the fire in the first place, he could even blame a house fire on global warming theory and “man made co2”.

  5. I have had a husband out of work for 9 months. Now he has a job that is relying on the construction to supply the world with energy. Honestly does this man realize where the taxes are coming from to pay his salary or the privileges afforded to him as a member of parliament?

  6. Doug Scott says:

    Bob Brown has shown his true colours on so many occasions and cannot understand why people are surprised by his moronic diatribe this time around.
    I would hope that enough people in Tasmania are suitably shocked at the next election ….he has to go.
    Chins up Queenslanders, people [toned down – Ed] like him will get their comeuppance!

  7. rukidding says:

    People like Brown are costing people their lives.The sooner people realise it the better for all of us.
    People killed in bushfires that we were not allowed to mitigate against.
    People killed in floods because we were not allowed to mitigate against

  8. Baa Humbug says:

    As one blogger observed, numerous politicians from all sides of Oz politics are in Queensland helping out with the floods.


    The gutless cowards are scared the public will turn on ’em in the streets.

    BROWN by name, GREEN by label, RED in reality.

  9. I just wish these fruitcakes would make up what they call
    their minds: Bob Brown – December 2009: “Global warming = more
    droughts” Bob Brown – Now: “Global warming = more floods” Clover
    Moore – Now: “Global warming = more droughts” “Despite the
    unusually wet year we have just had, in the longer term our
    drinking water supplies will come under increasing pressure from a
    growing population and climate change with hotter and dryer weather
    predicted over the coming decades,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore
    I guess Environmentalists are like Humpty Dumpty: `When I use a
    word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, `it means just
    what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Global warming is consistent with everything.

      You’ve just got to believe; just like Peter Pan!

      Repeat after me:-

      I do believe in fairies Global Warming, I do, I do…..

  10. I’d like to laugh at him but at the Australian there is comment after comment saying what a good chap he is, and how he actually has the right idea.

    I just don’t understand how people can be this naive, blind, dumb, ignorant – or whatever. Even if you are a paid-up IPCC loving believer in co2 caused global warming, you’d have to disagree with this latest idiotic statement. The BOM flood dataset contradicts the point so neatly it doesn’t even require an intelligent reply to blow the thinking away.

    He should turn up with some wellingtons and a shovel and put his back into it. Plenty of other politicians, business and sports people are doing so. And he’s sitting back in his coal-powered air-conditioning lobbing press releases from his minerals-based computer.

    The real question is ‘where are the journalists taking him to task’?

    If Sarah Palin or George Bush said something this dumb it would be all over the news.

  11. Why do Australians (voters) allow scumbags like Brown (with now ethics & morals) to participate in the future of this magnificent country with such enormous potential chained down by the Greens?

  12. When is it acceptable for a Governor to drive a radical
    partisan political agenda? When he’s in bed with alarmists, Greens
    and Marxists apparently. Otherwise, why is he still in the job?

  13. Political parties are cynical, and it is good to be cynical about them.

    party, n. In politics, an article of merchandise purchasable in sets.


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