Garnaut's cynical opportunism


Turning up like a bad penny [Wong? – Ed], Ross Garnaut appears at the most inappropriate moment, this time by cynically citing TC Yasi as an example of the more severe weather events which are “consistent with global warming” … or something:

CYCLONE YASI is probably early real-world evidence of scientific predictions that global warming will lead to more extreme weather events, according to the government’s expert climate change adviser, Professor Ross Garnaut. [Who is an economist, by the way – Ed]

He says that if it is, given the evidence that global warming is tracking at the highest end of international predictions, then future cyclones could prove that we ”ain’t seen nothing yet”. [Total, utter, horse shit, as anyone who reads this blog would know. Global temperature anomaly is below zero this month – Ed]

Professor Garnaut said scientists and climate change modelling had predicted global warming would lead to more frequent extreme weather events, including cyclones and bushfires. [Which is why accumulated cyclone energy is at its lowest for 30 years – Ed]

The prediction of more extreme storms already appeared to be verified by data from the north Atlantic. While there was not yet sufficient statistical data to prove more frequent extreme cyclones in Australia, ”there is no reason to think the physics will work differently in Australian air than north Atlantic air”, Professor Garnaut said. ” [Who cares if there’s not enough data, it’s never stopped us before! – Ed]

”I would say the odds seem to favour the proposition that cyclonic events will be more intense in a hotter world and bear in mind … if this is the case we are just at the beginning of the warming process, the warming since pre-industrial times is 1 degree, the science says without mitigation … that first degree is just the beginning, and so if we are seeing an intensification of extreme weather events now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” (source)

You’re right, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. We haven’t yet seen a fraction of the hysteria and alarmism from ill-informed commentators and politicians with an agenda to push, who have the memory span of a goldfish and don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand that cyclones have been part of Australia’s climate for thousands of years, like floods and droughts. Total climate madness.

The Australian injects some sanity by quoting the eco-tards who have tried to link Yasi to global warming, and it’s all the usual suspects: ABC, Fairfax, Clive Hamilton… yawn.


  1. Why are my taxes paying for this crap? Please oh please Federal and State Liberal leaders, follow Ted Baillieu’s example and give your preferences to Labor rather than the Greens. We need to purge this green pestilence before they ruin out economy and way of life.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    Professor Ross Garnaut. [Who is an economist, by the way – Ed]

    Because he’s saying the right things his field of his expertise doesn’t rate even the slightest mention.

    Only evil heretical deniers qualifications are questioned, and it beggars belief just how blind “true believers” are in not even noticing or questioning that simple fact.

    Where is the questioning mind?

    Are we doomed to a society that accepts EVERYTHING it is told by the authorities without question?

  3. Low life.

    Headed Climate looters, a colmun by Walter Starck in QUADRANT Online ranks Garnaut types among the “rancid few”.

    Disasters bring out the best and worst in humanity. For most, it’s a time to set aside petty differences and unite in a common cause…… For a rancid few, however, the temptation to take advantage of tragedy and chaos cannot be resisted. As always, the recent floods have been accompanied by a smattering of looting and price gouging amidst overwhelming acts of selflessness.

    Nor has the looting been restricted to property and purse. Some have seized the chance to blame climate change and push the alarmist agenda.

    They are what might aptly be described as climate looters.

  4. The Australian injects some sanity

    Cut & Paste invarably does so. Has anyone else noticed? Elsewhere, The Australian habitually seems to have a bet each way but most often the alarmist way still.

    In a refreshing story to-day, Stewart Franks, environmental engineer and scientist at the University of Newcastle, is given prominence.

    Stewart Franks dismissed as “rubbish” speculation by several scientists that excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused by man-induced climate change was responsible for La Nina. “I get so frustrated because that idea is driven by scientists with a policy agenda and I don’t think scientists should have policy agendas,” he said.

    Predictably, his comments are followed by rubbish from an agenda pusher in the form of a useful idiot from Weatherwatch.

    To its credit, the Bureau of Meteorology steers clear of alarmist content (this time!) in its comments at the end.

  5. Funny that he has more faith in climate predictions that economic predictions. He at least knows enough about economics to know that it is unpredictable. For some reason he thinks that a planets climate, determined by hundreds of different factors, is a cinch.

  6. Where is the evidence that “extreme weather events” are consistent with global warming ? Tropical cyclones are now at a 40 year low.

  7. rukidding says:

    If global warming is tracking at the highest end of international predictions how
    come the world temp has not increased for the last 12years.Strange that Ross

  8. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Ross Garnaut believes himself to be an economic guru. Why didn’t he recognise the signs of the global financial crisis and warn us al about itl? He failed! We suffered financial loss!

    Garnaut is not a climate scientist. He’s not a scientist at all. What he said about global warming is not backed by any empirical evidence… none whatsoever! So he talks rubbish.

    But then, such climate charlatans don’t think that empirical evidence is important. After all, in order for the IPCC to make its message overly alarmist, instead of relying only on peer reviewed scientific literature (as Chairman Pachauri claimed it did), 30% of its citations were in fact to “grey literature”, which is nothing close to peer reviewed scientific literature but rather such things as biased articles by campaigning organizations like Greenpeace and WWF.

    Honestly … Ross Garnaut … Tim Flannery … David Karoly … these are climate charlatans who dress up in the clothing of respectability, but are really the modern day ‘snake-oil salesmen’ trying to promote a dud greenhouse gas theory so that Australia can have a carbon tax.

  9. On Channel 7’s Sunrise just now there was a raging debate among the team about the politicisation of Yasi. Not being an avid viewer of Sunrise, I have no idea of names. However, one brave lady made a well articulated stand against a cabal of alarmist stooges including the host. If and when available, the video would be well worth watching and responding to.

  10. Hmmm … Ross Garnaut? I remember that name.

    Wan’t he making predictions like this:

    “Australia will experience variable, but dramatic changes in climate with increasing storms, particularly along the eastern coastline. Severe and more frequent hailstorms will be a feature of this change.

    Of course, that was when he was trying to make the case that planning regulations shouldn’t apply to the Great Guano!

    Remember – first and foremost, the Great Guano is an economist. Economists, like prositutes, have no shame and will say or do whatever the person paying the invoice asks them to — as evidenced by the above item.

  11. Record heatwave for Sydney. Whoda thunk? Adding 1000 a week to the city is bound to heat things up. It’s called the urban heat island phenomenon. Sod all to do with national or global warming.

  12. You are exactly correct – it has sod all to do with national or global warming.
    At 41.5 (106.7F), it is hardly even a “record”, really

    5 Jan 1863 – 106.9 in Sydney

    13 Jan 1896 – 108.5 deg in Sydney

    8 Feb 1926 – 107.3 in Sydney

    16 Jan 1939 – 113.4 in Sydney

    5 Jan 1942 – 107.5 in Sydney

    ..and so on.

  13. Also .. probably best if we don’t dig too far back before the “official” records:

    “The present summer has included several days of the hottest weather known for years. From the 22nd 30th the heat was excessive, but on the 27th, 28th, and 29th, severe in the extreme. The thermometer has reached 114° in the shade, and proportionately higher in the sun,”

    South Australian Register – 31 Jan 1855

  14. Graham @ #7 I think this is the link to the segment from Sunrise you were referring to. Prue MacSween was the name of the brave lady you referred to. I watched the video – especially satisfying at around 3 min 35 secs when she calls the Greens “Wankers”.

    Note also that Sunrise is also calling for sceptics to have a debate.

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