Greens vs. Gillard

In the even-redder corner, the Greens!

Grab the popcorn and reserve a front row seat for the political punch-up of the year. The Greens and Labor will go head-to-head over the pointless carbon price, with the miners and the opposition throwing punches from outside the ring. Priceless!

JULIA Gillard and the Greens are on a collision course over the assistance levels for big greenhouse gas emitters in the government’s proposed new carbon pricing regime, as mine companies prepare to combat suggestions Australia is a “laggard” in international efforts to combat climate change.

The Prime Minister pledged not to throw out the “good work” on transitional arrangements for big polluters that was part of Kevin Rudd’s emissions package, but Greens deputy leader Christine Milne warned they would “not pass muster” if the multi-party climate change committee was focused on getting the best result.

The clash came as The Australian learned that resources companies were gearing up to fight what they called “exaggerated claims” about international efforts to combat climate emissions. Fresh from demolishing Mr Rudd’s prime ministership over the mining profits tax, the resources industry is preparing to oppose any carbon pricing scheme seen to be “out in front” of climate change efforts by the nation’s competitors. A briefing to mining executives prepared by the Minerals Council of Australia, obtained by The Australian, warns: “We need to be alert to exaggerated claims about the efforts under way in both developed and developing nations.” (source)

Seconds out, round one. Ding, ding.


  1. Lets all say no and tell our pollies whoever represents us no, that is how Abbott came to power because the phones/computers went into melt down with people saying no

  2. More exciting than the Superbowl.. which is pretty close right now..

  3. miners and the opposition throwing punches from outside the ring

    Where does that leave Klot Kloppers?

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Brown says:-

      “Mr Kloppers’ very timely statement yesterday – which is based on pure common sense….”

      Now THAT’S funny.

      The greens don’t even know the meaning of the term “common sense” yet Brown applies it to utter stupidity, then labels it “pure”…

  4. rukidding says:

    Can the greens afford to vote down the governments CO2 legislation again.
    Can the government afford to come anywhere near what the greens want without losing government.
    What puzzles me is why people think that making things more expensive to stop people using them works.Hasn’t in the past why is this different.

  5. I predicted this one as soon as the election results were counted and the independents finished their vain prevaricating.

    The Greens market position is ‘lefter than Labour, and uncompromised ideals’.

    Thus Labor and the Greens cannot do business. The only thing they are united in is keeping Tony Abbott out of the Lodge. If the Greens cave and make compromise, they look silly. If Labor compromises and shifts further away from it’s already-strained support base, it loses the middle ground back to the Coalition. They’ve only got to lose two seats and the whole thing is undone. Because even with a greens-balanced senate, Abbott doesn’t need to pass any legislation. You can be an anti-AGW government without passing a single bill.

    Ultimately the strategy of selling a Carbon tax to make Australia trendy amongst the international climatarati is a losing strategy with middle Australia, who couldn’t care less what Europe, NZ or the USA is doing with their taxes. I mean who really cares, really cares if Australia is seen as a climate laggard? Are people going to stop buying Australian wheat, coal, iron ore and wool because we don’t tax based on co2 input? The answer is an emphatic no.

    Tony Abbott would be wise to launch a platform of ‘rapid follower’ saying he would introduce a climate pricing scheme within 18 months of India, China and the USA agreeing on a common pricing platform and actually implementing it. Thus it would never happen and his critics would have very little to say. I wish he would live up to his ‘climate change is crap’ reputation and start to push back. The polls are swinging in his favour, AGW belief is dropping fast.

    It’s been said before, but climate politics continues to dig political graves rather than construct political triumphant arches. It’s the old ‘you can fool all of the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time’. We’ve progressed to the second half of that adage. In pubs and workplaces, barbecues and sportsgrounds, it’s no longer difficult to openly laugh at AGW scare mongering and dire weather warnings. There’s always a frowning suburban housewife with a SUV, a guilt complex and a recycled bag to offset it, but day by day they are less sure of their position.

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