Flannery: Climate commission "isn't selling anything"

Hopelessly compromised

Please stop it, I think my sides have split. Joke of the Week alert, as Tim Flannery, the Grand High Commissioner of Climate (or something), huffs and puffs and blusters and flusters in defence of his hopelessly compromised band of warmists in The Daily Telegraph today:

THE opinion piece by Tim Blair “Just pay up and ignore the irony” in Monday’s Daily Telegraph is not only insulting to members of the Australian Climate Commission, but contains serious errors.

Contrary to what was written, it is not the Climate Commission’s business to “sell” anything to the public. Our role is to engage people on climate science and the state of international climate change action, and to explain carbon pricing as Australia deals with this problem.

Your readers deserve also to know that the Climate Commission is independent of government. Having publicly criticised prime ministers from both sides of politics, I value my independence greatly, and would not have taken up the Chief Commissioner position were this not crystal clear. (source)

Independent of government, and also independent of any dissenting views. It’s a one-sided talking shop, where everyone has made his mind up and they all stew in their own warmist juices. Where’s Bob Carter or Ian Plimer? Where in fact is anyone with an opinion that doesn’t neatly fit into the IPCC’s consensus? Nowhere to be seen, of course.

But the fact that, according to Flannery, the Commission isn’t a tool for communication will certainly be news to Greg Combet, however, as the Commission’s launch document states:

“The Climate Commission has been established by the Gillard Government to provide an authoritative, independent source of information for all Australians,” he said. “It will provide expert advice on climate change science and impacts, and international action. It will help build the consensus required to move to a clean energy future.”

The Climate Commission would have a public outreach role, he said, to help build greater understanding and consensus about reducing Australia’s carbon pollution.

“The Commissioners are eminent Australians who are leaders in their fields and I’m pleased one of Australia’s leading science communicators, Professor Tim Flannery, a former Australian of the Year, has accepted the role of Chief Commissioner,” Mr Combet said.

“The Climate Commission will fulfil a key information and education role, enabling the Australian community to have a more informed conversation about climate change. I am delighted to lead this new Commission,” said Professor Tim Flannery. (source – PDF)

I suppose when the spin and misrepresentations are so blatant, you know they’re in a hole.

(PDF link thanks to Andrew Bolt)


  1. Flannery: the new Lysenko.

  2. Graham Richards says:

    What a laugh. He’s being paid something like $180,000.00 a year for a 3 day a week sales job by the Gillard, tax hungry government, and he claims he is INDEPENDANT. Many pigs will fly Tim, pull the other one!!!

    Just remember that the public will see thru all this fraudulent claptrap, altered temperature readings etc. Maybe good old Wikileaks will spring a few surprises about the UN / Rudd connection on climate as well.

    A carbon tax or ETS will be the death knell of this ALP government and they know it!!

  3. “The Climate Commission would have a public outreach role, he said, to help build greater understanding and consensus about reducing Australia’s carbon pollution”

    “The Climate Commission will fulfil a key information and education role..”

    Presumably Flannery has deluded himself into thinking the commission is “educating” rather than “selling”.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      You have to seriously question the intellectual capacity of any person who takes this clown seriously.

  4. Bess Gairns via Facebook says:

    SeTim Flannery is a Mammalologist and a paelientologist… How can you take a man who is an expert on breastfeeding animals and bones seriously when he wants to tax our country to bankruptcy? On something that despite his comments IS NOT ‘settled science’ or ‘agreed on’.

  5. The Loaded Dog says:

    Groan…….this guy is incorrigible.

    If you really want to “cleanse” your digestive system of its contents…check this out…


    Andrew Bolt described it to perfection as “one deep, warm bath in sanctimony”

  6. Best part of all is the comments section on his article on the SMH web site. 100% mockery last time I checked.
    An extremely poor choice, even by Joolya’s standards

  7. “…..consensus about reducing Australia’s carbon pollution” This one statement has given their game away! Carbon pollution? Says who? They have already made up their minds. I live next to Hazelwood power station and struggling to keep our gardens fauna (growth) under control. Pollution, WTF!

  8. Is it Tim Goebbels or Goebbels Flannery and the Ministry of Truth.I mean the really sad part is this guy believes everything he says.

  9. Maybe a web site could be set up so people know were to go to laugh at him while he is educating and informing.

  10. Robert Gotts says:

    So Tim Flummery wants to “explain carbon pricing as Australia deals with (the climate) problem” but he is “independent of government” (Daily Telegraph, today). Obviously he accepts without question that
    a. Australia must lead the way to rectify the climate imbalance.
    b. other nations will be quick to follow our inspiring lead
    c. the build-up of greenhouse gases over centuries can be reversed by a tax
    d. the demand for fossil fuels is perfectly elastic so use will drop in proportion as price rises
    e. contributing factors such as bushfires, volcanoes, house and factory fires, wars and our ever-increasing exports of coal to major polluting countries will all be of no importance provided we all pay our carbon tax.

  11. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    The Age, the SMH and the ABC’s Midday Report are today once again spruiking climate alarmism. The claim is made that CO2 emissions double the odds of flooding.

    Dr Pall’s team generated thousands of climate model simulations of the autumn, under both realistic conditions and in a “parallel world” where no greenhouse gases had been emitted in the 20th century.

    In an article relating to the same research The Independent UK explains:

    Researchers used a Met Office computer climate model to simulate the weather of autumn 2000 both as it was and how it might have been without the presence of man-made CO2. Volunteers around the world then repeated the experiment thousands of times by logging on to the website ClimatePrediction. The data was then fed into a flood model by Risk Management Solutions, which develops risk models for the insurance industry.

    Are they for real, “Parallel world” indeed, surely that’s “virtual world”. Reminds me of that Gordon Ramsay quote: “c**p on top of c**p on top of c**p”. Presumably the MET climate model is the offspring of their model that has proved to be completely useless for their seasonal “forecasts” and an utter waste of public funds.

  12. Just imagine the condemnation that would fall on a Climate Skeptic if it came to light that they were funded $180,000 per year from an oil company for an independent viewpoint.

    When you’ve already got the government stating plans to introduce a carbon tax, how could anyone possibly believe that this guy is there for any reason other than selling propaganda?

  13. Laurie Williams says:

    In one of Flannery’s books he describes going for a piss and noticing that as he directed his golden stream at a rock he was showering not only the rock but a frog on top. I recall that French aristocrats described the common people of their country as frogs. I also recall a cartoon with caption “The French attitude” showing a boy wearing a French cap standing and pissing on the rest of the planet. A cycle in there somewhere I suspect, with as much validity and relevance to this discussion as the familiar cycles of droughts and flooding rains.

  14. The Loaded Dog says:

    In one of Flannery’s books he describes going for a piss and noticing that as he directed his golden stream at a rock he was showering not only the rock but a frog on top.

    An experiment pertaining to his “physical manifestation of Gaia” theory I presume.


  15. Robert Gotts says:

    I see the electricity and mining industries are to be compensated ($7.3 b and $1.9 b if memory serves) when the carbon tax takes effect. Any additional cost to them will be passed on to consumers. So what is the point of the tax if the major polluters are exempt? Obviously just another revenue raising scare campaign that will have no effect on climate other than more hot air from Canberra.

  16. Laurie Williams says:

    Kermit the Frog was wrong. He said “It’s not easy being green.”. It’s the easiest thing in the politically correct world right now.

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