Chief Scientist Penny Sackett resigns


Penny Sackett, Australia’s Chief Scientist, is resigning from the post halfway through her 5 year appointment. Personally, I am not sorry to see her go, as she was an outspoken climate alarmist (see here, here, here, etc) and became a shrill advocate for the usual “urgent action to tackle climate change.” Unsurprisingly, therefore, she cites “lack of government progress” on climate change as one of the reasons for her departure.

Just as no-one seems bothered any more that the Governor General and various state Governors wade in on political matters, nobody batted an eyelid at Sackett’s outspoken views on climate change. Unfortunately, it’s the world we live in.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

AUSTRALIA’S chief scientist, Penny Sackett, has resigned half way through her five-year appointment.

The government’s leading scientific adviser said she was standing down for personal and professional reasons, but declined to comment further.

”This is not a decision that I have taken lightly or quickly,” said Professor Sackett, pictured, in a statement released on her website yesterday afternoon.

Professor Sackett was … understood to be frustrated about a lack of progress in government efforts to address climate change.

She told the Herald last May she was concerned by the government’s decision to delay its emissions trading legislation.

”Any action that is delayed puts us at higher risk of dangerous climate change,” she said. (source)

If you want to play politics, become a politician.


  1. She was probably frigid, anyway …

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      She is a “shrill advocate” for climate alarmism which indicates the “frigidity” of her thought processes.

  2. She won’t be missed.

  3. Gordon Cheyne says:

    Just a minute . . . .was this lady appointed to advise the government on scientific matters, or to dictate policies?

  4. Sean McHugh says:

    “Chief Scientist”? It just goes to show show how throw-away the academia and the once prestigious title, ‘scientist’ have become. Sackett won’t be missed by anyone. There are plenty of white-coated leftist political activists to take her place. Rocket scientists need not apply.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “Rocket scientists need not apply.”

      What about mammalogists?

      If so, and if it pays better than being the chief knob of a Climate Commission, then I know someone who would be interested.

  5. Bet she got a nice golden parachute!

  6. Jack Savage says:

    Probably had a better offer……
    She needs to make hay while the sun shines…in a few more years her present sentiments will make her unemployable.

  7. “Sources said Senator Carr found Professor Sackett too outspoken and opinionated, and felt she did not give sufficient regard to Labor’s agenda and the processes of government.”

    It’s a bit of a pity when the activist you purchased actually turns out to be an activist. Who knew ?

    Strangely the government has just re-purchased the activist Flannery.
    I guess Combet is in need of the same learning experience as Carr has just received.

  8. Richard Kato says:

    “If you want to play politics, become a politician.”

    Yes, I agree. [snip]

    • Why yet another fake email address? Afraid of what you might learn if you opened your mind? Not wasting any more time bothering to reply.

  9. Richard Kato says:

    Funny how when you delete half of my comment the message takes on a different meaning. But I’m sure you will be aware of that already, after all that is the way you deniers conduct yourselves. Going to delete the second half of this comment?

    • Baa Humbug says:

      Speaking of conduct, you didn’t answer Simon’s charge of a fake email address.


    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Funny how when you delete half of my comment the message takes on a different meaning.

      Yes, and you cultists would certainly know; being experts in the field.

  10. Baa Humbug says:

    I’ll lay odds that this woman will be employed by a university (public purse yet again) or by an NGO like WWF or Greenpeace (exists by donations)

    Snouts…troughs….endless gravy trains.

    • Jane Temple says:

      “This woman” is an outstanding, distinguished scientist. Any institution would be fortunate to gain her expertise, but she’ll probably have to move back overseas. Your post well illustrates the ignorant, anti-intellectual attitudes that bedevil this country.

      • What a nonsensical allegation. Penny Sackett has abandoned the scientific method when it comes to global warming, and preaches quasi-religious warmist hysteria. Here, on the other hand, we still understand the process of developing and testing hypotheses to develop scientific theory, which somehow doesn’t seem to matter when we’re “saving the planet”. And you accuse us of being ignorant and anti-intellectual? Please.

  11. Antarctic sheet ice is Gaining and the sea levels are Lower
    72% of the Antarctic ice sheet is GAINING 27 G29 Gt/yrK1, a SINK of ocean mass sufficient to LOWER Global sea levels by 0.08 mm/yrK1. Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Center for Polar Observation and Modeling and British Antarctic Survey

  12. Sackett predicted on 4 Dec 2004 that the world had just 5 years to avoid “disastrous global warming”. With less than 3 years to go and no warming since the prediction she is a failure. Good to see her go before her prediction is totally debunked.

    I did a write up at:

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