Faith-based scientist criticises religious leader for too much "scepticism"

Too sceptical

Oh, the delicious irony. You really couldn’t make this stuff up. Here we have the head of the Catholic church in Australia, Cardinal George Pell, whose entire purpose in life is to advance a belief system based entirely on faith, being criticised by a supposedly evidence-based scientist for not having enough “faith” in the global warming consensus, and displaying too much scepticism. Hilarious!

The head of the Bureau of Meteorology has rebuked Cardinal George Pell for his scepticism about climate change, insisting the man has been misled.

Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop is an outspoken disbeliever in man-made global warming, arguing that it was hotter during the Middle Ages and carbon dioxide levels are not historically high. [Both probably correct – Ed]

Bureau chief Greg Ayers used an appearance at a Senate estimates hearing yesterday to rip into the cardinal’s personal views.

He said the core of his arguments were based on a book by Australian scientist Ian Plimer called Heaven and Earth: Global Warming the Missing Science.

But Cardinal Pell’s convictions were misplaced, Dr Ayers said.

“The contents of the book are simply not scientific,” he told the committee.

“The cardinal has been misled.” (source)

Who cares what book he has read? At least he read it, and has an open mind to the possibility that there are other explanation for the current climate changes we are seeing – unlike most at the Bureau of Meteorology, who have their noses in the warmist funding trough.

That it has come to this: a religious leader teaching scientists how to be sceptical. Oh. My. G-d.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Speaks volumes of the available “evidence” of the Warmist religion.

    The Cardinal has clearly seen enough evidence to convince him to have faith in God, but has not seen enough to convince him to have faith in the Warmists.

  2. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    I have read Ian Plimer’s book. It is a brilliant book. Plimer makes reference to a massive mind boggling amount of peer reviewed scientific literature.

    De Ayres is clearly a victim of “group think” and I can understand his attitude towards Plimer because the wealth of literature cited by Plimer is the sort of literature people like Ayres wished did not exist… literature the IPCC ignored… literature alarmists would prefer was cast into a secret vault – “Access Denied”.

    Ayres is one of those victims of “group think” who would have you believe that the 3% of CO2 produced by human activity each year is too dangerous for planet earth, while the overwhelming 97% of CO2 produced each year by nature is not dangerous at all.

    How stupid is that?

  3. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Why aren’t the socialists screaming religious vilification. Clearly Greg Ayers, a leader from one religion (the quasi religious enhanced greenhouse hypothesis) vilify George Pell a leader from another (the Catholic Church). To make matters worse it seems this vilification was sanctioned by Senate estimates hearing chairman Doug Cameron, a left wing ALP politician.

  4. George Pell is NOT “he head of the Catholic church in Australia”. Indeed, there is no such person. Each diocese is headed by a bishop who reports to the Pope. George is one such bishop and is head of his diocese.

    You could say he’s the most senior Catholic in Australia: I guess.

  5. Keith Barnett says:

    I question the motives of any scientist who attacks someone with Christian convictions.

    Heaven knows how these scientists shoot themselves in the foot every time they open their mouths, because it takes an incredible amount of faith to believe that man causes more destructive warming than the Sun.


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