Abbott: "people's revolt" against carbon tax

"We will fight every second of every minute of every day of every month"

Climate Madness of the Year. Julia Gillard, who lied to the Australian people before the last election that there would be no carbon tax, has today announced just such a tax as part of a price on carbon. As readers of this blog will know, a price on carbon will do nothing whatsoever for the climate, and will simply damage Australia’s standard of living and economy. In other words, it is a pointless environmental gesture designed to appease the extremist Greens, on whom Gillard is so dependent.

But Tony Abbott is in fighting mood:

TONY Abbott has predicted a “people’s revolt” over Julia Gillard’s proposed carbon tax, saying the measure is a breach of faith with the Australian people and an assault on their standard of living.

The Prime Minister today announced Australia would have a carbon tax for three to five years before the introduction of a full emissions trading scheme.

But this afternoon Mr Abbott moved to suspend question time in parliament to censure Ms Gillard, saying she had broken a pre-election promise.

The Opposition leader said that under a $26-a-tonne carbon price, power bills would jump $300 a year and petrol prices would rise 6.5c a litre.

He said voters had believed Ms Gillard when she promised before the election that she would not introduce a carbon tax.

“Today’s announcement is an utter betrayal of the Australia people,” Mr Abbott said.

“We will fight this tax every second of every minute of every day of every month.

“I think there will be a people’s revolt against this carbon tax … because the Australian public will be so revolted by this breach of faith.”

In a 2010 election-eve interview with The Australian, Ms Gillard said she would not introduce a carbon tax.

“I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a carbon pollution reduction scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said then. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

Moving the censure motion, Mr Abbott asked whether it was the “real Julia” who made the pledge in the first place.

“Nothing is more fake than making a promise to the Australian people before the election and breaking it after the election,” Mr Abbott said. (source)

A tragic day for Australia, and pure Climate Madness from our idiotic leaders.

UPDATE: And this on the day when a new poll shows that fewer people than ever believe the AGW line. Note that 66% of the population do not believe man is to blame for climate change or are unsure:

Poll results

Link here (PDF), thanks to Jo Nova.


  1. Gillard has drawn her own noose:

    “”The Australian people have … voted for a carbon price, and this Parliament gives us the opportunity,” she told Parliament.”

    We certainly did not vote for a carbon price, especially since she ruled it out before the election.

    • janet patzwald says:

      didnt vote her in , she bought her way in with the x labour independants, get her out

  2. Manny Jack says:

    Would someone please advise me when we are going to Canberra.
    Please advise of any action protest against this tax…….I want to be there.

  3. Graham Richards says:

    I have sent this link to Tony Abbott’s email address but have yet to see him use such information to “shoot” Gillard & her proposed tax down once & for all. Somebody please get this information to him.

    Basically it’s a Reuters report on the Chicago Climate Exchange which went broke after carbon credit prices dropped to US$0.10 [yes 10 cents] per tonne.

    Gillard is looking at +-Aus$ 25.00 per tonne. There is something really wrong here, not to mention there should not be any “CARBON TAX” at all.
    Where is the logic?
    The Japanese have DUMPED Kyoto, the EU carbon trading has ceased trading because of fraud [that’ ironic in itself] and the US congress has stopped the USA from commiting suicide!! BUT Ms GILLARD WHO SCREWED UP THE BER, PROMISED NOT TO INTRODUCE THE CARBON TAX, WHO ADMITTED THE HEALTH ‘REFORM’ WAS FLAWED, AMONGST OTHER FAILURES, WANTS TO IMPOSE A BURDEN ON US THAT THE REST OF THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO DUMP PERMANENTLY!!
    I must be missing something here!!!

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    A people’s revolt?

    Bring on the revolution against this REVOLTING woman…

  5. Simon – you’re in touch with other climate bloggers. We need a nationwide public protest, and we need it soon. Please start talking to each other and pick a date a month or two in the future, then spread the word via this and many other blogs. A meeting point in each capital city with a march route to the respective parliament house, plus a big one in Canberra.

    I’ve never protested anything in my life and this makes me so livid I will travel anywhere, anytime in order to make my presence known and felt. It’s not only the utter futility of the tax, it’s the lying and deceiving to get it there.

    On the plus side, ordinary people could show the violent left side of politics how a peaceful and well run protest can be done.

    • I’m on to it, Bruce. Stay tuned.

    • I agree. I am absolutely furious about this. She can’t get away with this!

    • paul warne says:

      A meeting point in each capital city with a march route is the only way Ordinary working Australians will be able to attend as they work for their money and have job’s so to travel is no option, all Australian cities must have a coordinator for this march so please can we start a list and post it so every one can attended

      • Jill Purvis says:

        Is there a protest rally being organised in Perth?
        If not I’m happy to help

    • Please go to Stop the Gillards Carbon tax facebook there are rallies organised for all over Australia thanks Kay

  6. Well it’s up to the opposition and the people of Australia now.If people of Australia vote for this then they deserve everything they get.

  7. Even if I agree we might be ‘causing’ a degree or so every 100 years and vote without any real conviction with the warming crowd – I am super certain donating another $0.01 for my emissions (which are super low anyway being a city living hipster) is going to make a measurable difference to anybody but some communist dream of taxing rich people and funding “social programs’.

    Until these simpletons can tell me the temperature difference my new tax donation to the next socialist/farmer/special interest group is going to have – I call hoax.

    Siding with anything that swine Abbott is on board with makes me sick to the gut, but being ‘right’ allows me to stop from vomitting.

  8. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Tony Abbott has predicted a “people’s revolt” over Julia Gillard’s proposed carbon tax…

    I’m waiting…

    Tony Abbott… just tell me the time… tell me the day… tell me the place… I’ll be with you … and I’ll even wear a tea-cosy if it will make any difference!

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “I’m waiting…”

      Give it time. The people will only “revolt” when they get informed, why else would that SNAKE Gillard announce this during the NZ quake disaster?

      The MSM are preoccupied at present so any reporting from them will be less than their normal pathetic efforts.

      But the news will get out, but it will come from Blogs and hopefully Tony Abbott.

  9. Hope he’s right. Saw it over at Andrew Bolt’s first or I would have linked you.
    Good luck.

  10. Please let us know when we march against Julair I we be there

  11. When is the protest . This tax has to be stopped

  12. looking for a protest in Perth!

  13. I should say before I start this post I have no affiliations to any political party’s or hold favour to any of them, I’m just a hard working Australian man with a young family that’s trying to do his best and teach his kids to work hard and have good morals and to do the right thing by others as I was by my parents and lead from example,
    What we seem to have here is not just about a new carbon tax because as Australians we
    Up till now have believed that we should in fact lead from the front and forge new ground to do the right thing, Whether that be sending our troops off to fight wars in far away countries, or giving time support and aid to another country in need. This we have always Trusted to our democratically elected government to do on our behalf and I believe up till a number of years ago they did with honour and well meaning and always in the better interest of our great Australia but not anymore, I believe for once the good hard working family Australian public have woken up to what this is really all about but as yet have not put a name to it or dare to as it will show we have made a terrible era of judgment by being hood winked by successive political lunatics’ that have infiltrated all the party’s under cover of darkness and now seem hell bent on destroying all that we as Australians have worked and died for since our conception, when normal people start talking about marching on parliament or revolts it is a worry and all governments should take heed as they are behaving not in a manor they have been explode to by the public and as public servants they have a duty to do what the public tells them to do and not what public servants delusional lunatics’ within there party’s make them do, I truly be leave that the carbon tax is just the straw that broke the camels back and convinced once and for all the Australian public what really is going on within all the parties be that labour, liberals, or the greens but what to do apart from march and revolt on this shambles that we now seem to have put ourselves into and who now can we trust if not our leaders that hold office.
    We are at a cross roads unfortunately where we must sift the wheat from the chaff and I for the first time in 56years of life will go on a march to protest, I will have to lose a days pay to do this as I unlike so many government employs do not get any payment when I take a day from my toil but I think it a very worthy cores and one all Australians are bound to, this is a march that should be held in all cities thro out Australia it affects us all and would have a greater impact and show our strength.
    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill once said
    If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

    I welcome and encouraged any suggestions’ that you the readers of this post might have so We can in fact put our political leaders on notice!

    • Sylvia McLachlan says:

      Another quote from that great Statesman, Winston Churchill:

      “Believing that raising taxes will achieve prosperity is like standing in a bucket and trying to pull yourself up by the handle”

  14. I’d like to think that the average Australian would protest in the streets about this blatant contempt of their trust and intelligence. But if we run true to form, we’ll just bend over and take it, just like we always have. Sad really.

  15. Thank God for your website. I thought I was going insane, thinking that somehow people were OK with what is happening in our Parliament! This government is NOT a democracy, we do NOT have a democratic-elected Prime Minister. When two Labour Independents control the balance of power, at which their Vote can be bought, surely breaks our Constitution and as such with any alleged Bribery, would indeed be a matter for our criminal justice system.
    We need an election, and we need it now!

  16. MIchael Whawell says:

    We need to protest. It’s as simple as that. We need a revolt against this Government who continues to ignore our needs and pushes their own agendas. They are supposed to be the voice of the people but Gillard is nothing more than the voice of Bob Brown. I bet all those people who voted for her or the Greens feel pretty crap now, and they should. She’s betrayed their trust in her! Now we need to tell them, LOUDLY!

  17. Jeff Murphy says:

    The protest rally is on 23 march all over australia . Keep your ears open for details as they come out.

  18. Lorraine Burn says:

    Now is the time for all good women and men to rise up and say NO to this travesty.

  19. Bruce, I think you’re half right – average Australians have in the past have just ‘bent over and taken it’ but I also think the last couple years of being financially bludgeoned under state and federal Labor have made us more politically astute, improved our long term memory and made us impervious to spin – we now see straight through it. I for one will be following Paul Warne’s lead and, for the first time ever, will be joining a political protest against what I perceive is another consumption tax for which I won’t be ‘poor enough’ to qualify for any household compensation promised by Gillard. Not that we should give her promises any credence.

  20. I am a self funded retiree…so any new tax will affect my limited resources and lifestyle.
    I am particularly annoyed by Gillards downright lie…Suppose you can’t expect much better from a back stabber…
    It is a straight out grab for money…Nothing more…If she was fair dinkum she would stop all that tearing up of the Hunter Valley, and stop all those coal exports to China and the like…
    Have these Idiot wondered where Australia’s remaining heavy industry will move to when this tax is introduced…,they will simply follow the coal to China where this stupid tax has no hope of being introduced.

    • I agree… but lets get rid of the greens as well…
      All this buying of votes makes me mad…Like I said in my comment . I just cant stand that Backstabber…Remember all those tears for the flood victums …She should get an Oscar for that performance

  21. This is driven by powerful overseas forces and Gillard is jumping on the wagon. We do not need nor want a carbon tax. Talk about money for nothing. When will the madness end. I am in WA just point me in the direction of those like minded people who are willing to stand up and say no! ENOUGH!.

  22. I will organise a bus or buses from the Taree/Mid North Coast when the details are known, or if someone can post up times etc. Both houses sit on 23rd/24th March. Oakeshott will be in Canberra otherwise Port Macquarie would have been a good target. There has to be a revolution on this.(PLEASE).
    Contact the local media on Monday about it.

  23. CaptianReality says:

    [snip – insults and fake email address from eco-zealot, which is par for the course.]

  24. Gillard has lied to us about the carbon tax she ruled it out during the election
    and now the stupid greens and gutless indepents are trying to force it on the Australian people.

  25. I came to Aust 40yr’s ago to look for a free country to bring up my children & grandchildren. Unfortunately that hiprocate woman (Gillard), is stabbing us with the greens in the carbon tax. I am extreemly angry & am going to go to the rally on the 23rd March.

  26. edwina robertson says:

    Julia Gillard – Call a NEW ELECTION NOW and let the Australian people decide who they want running this country.Not Bob Brown or you!!!!!!

  27. Denis Bowden says:

    Hi everyone,
    Looking for anyone from Revesby, Picnic Point, Panania, Padstow area who wants to go to the rally at Canberra on 23/3/11. I understand Jacques at Consumers and Taxpayers Association (CATA is going to organize buses but I would also be interested in participating in a car pool arrangement if anyone interested. Replies to my email address please.

    This should particularly be of interest to self-funded retirees, small business folk, tradies and fed up Australians in general.. Regards, Denis

  28. tim whatley says:

    Thank God for your website. I thought I was going insane, thinking that somehow people were OK with what is happening in our Parliament! This government is NOT a democracy, we do NOT have a democraticly-elected Prime Minister. When two Independents control the balance of power, where their Vote can be bought, surely breaks our Constitution and as such with any alleged Bribery, would indeed be a matter for our criminal justice system.
    We need an election, and we need it now!
    If climit change is for real our only hope is a breeder reactor to use the U239

  29. tim whatley says:

    Oh well that looks like the end of nuclear power for the next 40 years ,
    re Japan. lucky we have enough coal for the next 400.

  30. hans Bischof says:

    Let’s put this into a bit of perspective for laymen! 
    ETS is another tax. It is equal to putting up the GST to 12.5% which would be unacceptable and produce an outcry.
    Read the following analogy and you will realize the insignificance of carbon dioxide as a weather controller.
    Pass on to all in your address book including politicians and may be they will listen to their constituents, rather than vested interests which stand to gain by the ETS. Here’s a practical way to understand Julia Gillard Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
    Imagine 1 kilometre of atmosphere and we want to get rid of the carbon pollution in it created by human activity. 
    Let’s go for a walk along it. The first 770 metres are Nitrogen. The next 210 metres are Oxygen. That’s 980 metres of the 1 kilometre.  20 metres to go. The next 10 metres are water vapour.  10 metres left.9 metres are argon.   Just 1 more metre. A few gases make up the first bit of that last metre. The last 38 centimetres of the kilometre – that’s carbon dioxide.  A bit over one foot. 97% of that is produced by Mother Nature.  It’s natural. Out of our journey of one kilometre, there are just 12 millimetres left.  Just over a centimetre – about half an inch. That’s the amount of carbon dioxide that global human activity puts into the atmosphere. And of those 12 millimetres Australia puts in 0.18 of a millimetre. Less than the thickness of a hair.  Out of a kilometre! As a hair is to a kilometre – so is Australia ‘s contribution to what Julia Gillard calls Carbon Pollution. Imagine Brisbane ‘s new Gateway Bridge , ready to be opened by Julia Gillard.  It’s been polished, painted and scrubbed by an army of workers till its 1 kilometre length is surgically clean.  Except that Julia Gillard says we have a huge problem, the bridge is polluted – there’s a human hair on the roadway.  We’d laugh ourselves silly. There are plenty of real pollution problems to worry about. It’s hard to imagine that Australia ‘s contribution to carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere is one of the more pressing ones. 

    And I can’t believe that a new tax on everything is the only way to blow that pesky hair away. 

  31. Please come to Canberra tomorrow (sung to the tune of Send in the Clowns). Brothels in Fyshwick will provide the same discounts to visitors that they provide to Liberal politicians who are regular clients. But get in early, as due to popular demand, there are only a limited number of male prostitues available in the Canberra market-place.


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