Key Labor adviser rejects carbon tax

No support for carbon tax

One by one, they abandon the sinking ship. Hopefully, another nail in the Gillard/Brown Labor/Green coffin. Heather Ridout, chair of the influential Australian Industry Group, has refused to support Gillard’s carbon tax proposal:

TONY Abbott has vowed to scrap Julia Gillard’s carbon tax and demanded she seek a mandate for the plan as Labor’s closest business adviser, Heather Ridout, refused to back the Prime Minister’s package.

As the Opposition Leader labelled Ms Gillard a “fraud” for breaking her pre-election promise not to introduce a carbon tax, the Prime Minister branded Mr Abbott the most irresponsible political leader in 15 years over his vow to scrap the program.

But Ms Ridout, the Australian Industry Group chief executive, last night declined to back Ms Gillard’s proposal to introduce a fixed carbon price from July 1 next year and an emissions trading scheme three to five years later.

“The jury is very much still out on the introduction of a carbon price in Australia, with industry very concerned about the competitive impacts,” Ms Ridout said.

“In this regard, all options should still be on the table, including that of rollback until the final shape of the government’s proposal is clear.

“While certainty is important for decision-making around major long-term investments, this certainty should not come at the cost of a loss of competitiveness that sends jobs and emissions offshore or risks the continuity of energy supply.” (source)

So that leaves moonbats like BHP’s Marius Kloppers (see here) supporting it… Why is it so difficult for the Government to see the writing on the wall? A price on carbon will do nothing for the climate, and damage our economy. It’s very simple, but Gillard et al are either too stupid to see it or too blind to look.


  1. And guess which key Liberal doesn’t have the wit to know when to put a sock in it?

  2. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    As the oil price escalates those who understand real world economics vote with their wallets:

    Ironically, in the same week that oil ”soared” to $US120 a barrel and Julia Gillard announced a carbon price plan, the annual results season produced one body blow after another for alternative energy.

    AGL, the country’s biggest renewable energy player, shelved $2 billion of wind farm developments, while Origin Energy announced it would take a $200 million write-off on what had been a historic investment in geothermal or ”hot rocks” energy. And BHP, faced with the choice between spending on alternative sources of energy or digging ever deeper for oil and gas reserves, chose in the same week to surprise the market with a hefty $5 billion investment in ”shale gas” in the United States. Thanks to new technology, shale gas is spurring mining activity across the US. It is also triggering calls from politicians and protesters for a moratorium to establish its pollution risks


  3. I’m not advocating violence here, the time is coming for organised civil unrest to protest an unfair and lunatic tax.

    Gillard is the new eco-Marie Antoinette

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    First Officer Gillard…the courageous CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP….

    Stand tall crew (she proudly and defiantly calls to her troops to arms)

    We must fight for “little Gracie” – and I say to you unequivocally:-

    “We can prevail in a debate that is based on reason versus fear,” she told Labor MPs.

    Now it’s reason versus fear??????

    Can someone PLEASE explain what the HELL is going on here?

    Are we in bizaro world?

  5. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    There is only one thing worse than a green Gillard carbon tax… and that is going down the British road of unrealistic legislated reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

    The UK’s Climate Change Act 2008 makes the UK the first and only place in the world to have a legally binding long-term framework to cut carbon emissions by the year 2050 to at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline.

    It is this legislation that is ruining the economic future of the UK. How humiliatingly embarrassing it has been, this winter, for Britain to have to import nuclear powered electricity from France! Unforgivable!

    A carbon tax is needed in Australia like we need terminal cancer. It will only impact on the economy and our pockets, and will have absolutely no impact on global CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

    We must either act smartly and intelligently over this… or act stupidly and recklessly, which seems to be the preferred course taken by green Gillard.

  6. Sorry if this is off topic, but it’s so good, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

    More people support satanism than the NSW Labor party!

  7. What’s Kloppers angle? Is he a paid-up GWZ (global warming zealot) or has he got some scheme going to milk taxpayers?

    No industry support, widescale public outcry, messy figures and reasoning changing by the day to try and find a winning argument. It’s the mining resource rent tax all over again. It’s as though the brass in the Labor party really did think that whole fiasco was entirely Kevin’s fault, and they fixed the problems when they knifed him.

    I saw GIllards assertion that somehow Abbott rolling back the tax introduced sovereign risk. After the debacle of the MRRT last year I cannot believe she has the front to bring that up. Abbot is giving certainty : a carbon price of $0. Given that she is unlikely to win the next election at this point, I’d say that’s a pretty certain bet.

    Remember the ‘community climate cabinet’ or whatever it was called? This was going to build consensus so that the next governemtn that came in wouldn’t scrap whatever they put in. I guess that never got going, just like computers in schools, grocerywatch, fuelwatch, super clinics, taking health off the states, mining taxes, – the list is so long I forget. How anyone is still supporting them is bizarre beyond belief.

  8. This might be heartening news for Abbott:

    ..or Gillard will say: “New Hampshire are choosing to be left behind”

    • Dave,

      Good news from NH.
      As Julia scrabbles to climb aboard those in the know are leaping off.

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