Grab the popcorn: Labor meltdown approaches

Enjoy the show!

This would be the best result of all – Labor tears itself apart down the Left/Right factional axis, and by all accounts, it’s on the cards. So pull up a chair, grab the popcorn, put your feet up, and enjoy the show!

THE Labor Left has accused the Right of “political bastardry”, saying it is undermining Julia Gillard’s climate change plan by opening up a debate on gay marriage and the influence of the Greens.

Three senior Left figures urged the Prime Minister last night to take a stand against the Right, saying it was undermining a caucus decision to back the Greens’ territories’ rights bill, which has been linked to a push for same-sex unions and euthanasia.

The Left said the growing factional brawl was damaging the party and should not have been inflamed by the Right.

“People are worried this could develop into a problem for the government,” a Left source said.

“There is concern this could open up sensitive areas that are not needed to be debated at this point in time because there are other more pressing issues.”

The Labor caucus this week backed the Greens’ territories’ bill, which would prevent the commonwealth from rescinding territories’ laws without the approval of both houses of parliament. (source)

Nothing like a good internecine punch-up to cause chaos in the Labor ranks. Bring it on!



  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    THE Labor Left has accused the Right of “political bastardry”

    Yes, well the “Labor Left” would know wouldn’t they…

    They’re EXPERTS at it.

    I can hardly wait till the next opinion polls.

    That’s when the action starts…..

  2. Bring it on, indeed. It couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of turds.

  3. Yes indeed, bring on the next opinion poll, and then there’s the NSW election to look forward to. Keneally now at least has a couple of excuses for the scorched earth that will be all that’s left of NSW labor. Another fusillade of darts fired directly at Gillard (if she’s still in the job).
    May the labor blood sports begin, and all on Bligh’s watch as president.
    Goodbye future federal career.
    The grinning green jackals might not be so happy when they realise that the parasite (greens) has killed the host (labor), and suddenly have to fend for themselves against an extremely furious labor rump. Gillard’s replacement will have to fight a war on two fronts, if they can manage to keep federal labor together.
    I’m going to be eating a lot of popcorn – is it possible to OD on the stuff ?

  4. Interesting that Bligh has been popping up all over the ABC. I foresee a run at Federal politics soon. Her flood-related popularity isn’t enough to carry her over the line in QLD (2PP still lags badly) but might fly with non-QLD voters.

    Forgotten in all this machinations was that it was the right faction of the ALP that actually installed Gillard. I wonder how that decision review is going over.

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