Excellent: Gillard to "push ahead with carbon price"

The socialist and the Marxist, or is it the other way round? Whatever…

Great news. I think we can reasonably confidently say: RIP Julia. You will go the way of Rudd, and Labor will be consigned to electoral oblivion for a generation:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard is determined to fight on with her controversial carbon tax, despite a new poll showing Labor’s primary vote has hit rock-bottom.

Labor’s primary vote plunged to 30 per cent in the latest Newspoll, with the Coalition leading 54 to 46 per cent in two-party terms.

Ms Gillard told reporters in Washington she had always understood arguing for a tough economic reform such as pricing carbon was “going to be a big debate”.

“It’s going to be a hard debate – but it’s one that I am determined to win,” she said.

Not a chance now, I’m afraid. You’re sunk. And then another big misrepresentation:

“We shouldn’t try to lead the world, but neither can we afford to limp behind. We have a high emissions economy.”

What she means (but cleverly doesn’t say to fool those listening) is that we have a high per capita emissions, because we have so many emissions-intensive industries in our economy and a relatively small population – inevitably therefore, our emissions are high per capita. But we only produce less than 1.5% of the total, which is not enough for the climate to even notice. So a carbon tax and any reduction in emissions that we make here in Australia, are <shouts>UTTERLY POINTLESS GESTURES</shouts>.

And don’t, DON’T, whatever you do click the link. It’s a nauseous arse-lick piece by Fairfax’s Michelle Grattan full of sick-making photos of Julia with Obama, and a frankly horrific video which plays whether you want it to or not – highlight is Julia blaming Abbott (or Mr Rabbit, as she calls him – elocution was never her strong point) for her poll slide – priceless.

LINK – you have been warned.


  1. I’m guessing Julia thinks sticking to her guns will show the people a sign of strength, and that backtracking would make her look weak. Unfortunately for her, the people have spoken: they don’t want this kind of “strength”.

    I now give her 3 months at the most before she either resigns as PM, or is booted out by her own party. Either way, I can’t see her returning to the front bench.

    • It’s not as if she has any other choice. What’s she going to say? “Only joking — gotcha!”

      I’d be surprised if she lasts even 3 months – the NSW election will be a watershed event. If Labor gets wiped out, there will be a general panic and they’ll be singing this song just for her:

      Question is: will the next imbecile to step up to the plate have a brain? Not that it will matter if there is are bye-elections for her and Dudd, of course.

      BTW – I notice she says it’s an “economic reform”. The climate doesn’t matter – it’s only the money.

  2. rukidding says:

    Slow and steady every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month.
    They are coming for your SUV
    They are coming for your Big screen TV
    They are coming for your Airconditioner
    They are coming for your Coal job
    They are coming for your Manufacturing job
    They are coming after the Big polluters.Oh thats right that is all of us

  3. rukidding says:

    Yes per capita we might be big emitters but per area we are not.
    We emit about 60 tonne per sq/km per year.
    China emits 700 tonne and Japan 3000 tonne

    I have ask this question else were.At 60 tonne per sq/km are we emitting enough that it is building up in our atmosphere

    • Correct – it is emissions / sq km that matter more than emissions per capita. On balance, Australia is probably a net carbon sink. So we should be getting paid by the big emitters like Japan.

      Not that it matters anyway seeing as trying to change the energy mix via taxation is ridiculous anyway.

  4. It’s worth following that link ‘cos there’s a nice little poll question about ‘do you agree with Julia’s tax’. At the moment it’s 59 to 41 against.

    I also like the bit where they “discussed the climate in their meeting, but it occupied a relatively brief time”. Yes, like “Cold for this time of year, isn’t it, Barack?”

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      When I dared open it (glad I did, as now it’s got one more NO vote) it was @ 39%yes 61%no.

      They won’t believe the figures anyway. The warm left are totally blinded by groupthink.

      I figure the more Abbott hammers this in the media the more previously uninformed people will see what a crock this whole scam is and the numbers against Gillard will just increase.

      Bye bye Julia…

  5. Uhavitbad? says:

    Here in Canada, we have the same sparce population, great distances and resourses that need to be moved to people who need them.
    But we have this climate disruption called WINTER! Which makes us the Bigfoot of carbon criminals.
    But on a night like tonight, -27C and no wind or sun, I will run my reef tank and light my orchids with a middle finger salute to the carbon cosa nostra.

  6. In the picture attached to this article, you have Gillard and Obama labelled as being Marxists and/or Socialists, but what many (especially environmental fanatics and self-styled, inner-city Chardonnay-quaffing Marxists) don’t seem to realise is that both Marx and Engels believed in industrialisation, progress, and the subjugation of nature to suit Man’s purposes. If they were alive today they would not fall for, and have nothing to do with, the transparently idiotic propaganda that is spouted by the scientifically illiterate and politically motivated ideologues currently dictating the course of the ‘debate’ on this topic.

  7. David Mann says:

    the Australian Labor Party is bum paper for the greens.

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