Economist lectures us on climatology

He's an economist, OK?

But that’s OK. Nobody cares about his qualifications because he’s a warmist – like Flannery. Contrast the case of a sceptic, when their qualifications and authority to speak would be rummaged through like an old suitcase. Of course, it’s our old friend Ross Garnaut, who needs sadly little introduction, and lectures us again on the “climate crisis” and rising temperatures and rising sea levels – all “worse than we thought”, according to his great climatological authority:

GLOBAL warming may push sea levels rises to the upper limit of current projections and temperatures above previously anticipated levels, Julia Gillard’s top climate change adviser has warned.

Ross Garnaut today issued a pessimistic assessment of likely climate change effects, suggesting recent updates to climate science showed previous research may have underestimated the effects of increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Professor Garnaut flagged the “awful reality” that global political leaders may have to go further than the emissions reduction targets they have been aiming for in international negotiations. [Great timing when the carbon tax is on all the front pages. If you were cynical you might almost think it was planned – Ed]

These targets aim for a concentration of carbon dioxide equivalent of 450 parts per million, which would limit temperature increases to 2 degrees celsius. [Just like that. The earth’s climate system has but one dial, marked CO2 – we twiddle it and the earth responds, like a cheap electric fire – Ed]

“There is a case in managing the risks of climate change for seeking to reduce emissions concentrations below 450ppm carbon dioxide equivalent,” Professor Garnaut said. (source)

Nice try to prop up Gillard’s pointless carbon tax, but no dice, mate.

Why, oh why does The Australian publish this crap? Can you imagine the howls of derision that would come from the warm-monger camp if an economist claimed that AGW was a crock? But with Garnaut, it’s all hushed respect. Give me a break. Nobody with a brain should give a flying fig what Garnaut thinks.


  1. Graham Richards says:

    How about a debate with Garnaut & Bob Carter. To even things up we could even have Bob Brown assisting Garnaut.

    If you can arrange it I want a free ticket to the slaughter.

  2. I guess we are just going to have to get used to a conga-line of suckholes, shills, rent-seekers and government-funded parasites being trotted out to do the bidding of these imbeciles in Canberra. Might be worth keeping a score card.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      conga-line of suckholes…

      Hmmm, straight shooting there Eloi…

      Right on target.

  3. Good grief! When we are sick we see a doctor, when we need our tax done we see an accountant, when we want to find out why a bridge fell down we consult an engineer. All of these are registered professionals in their field of expertise but when we are concerned about climate change we consult a….an economist! Exactly why do we put up with this? It should be illegal. He doesn’t have the qualifications to make an educated comment on the subject. Oh and when we want a politician to run the country we turn to a…a lawyer! But not just any lawyer but an ex-union advocate. The most parasitic of all lawyers.

  4. How bizzare. When Abbott stands up and points out the reality of a “carbon tax” (i.e. higher prices, flattened economy) – he is branded an alarmist that is runniing a “scare campaign”

    When Gillard trots out grubby shills like this that are past their use-by date, to peddle their alarmist hysteria that everything is much worse than we thought, and if we don’t act immediately and price carbon, we are all doomed to fry in a watery, snowy hell — this is called “educating the public.”

    I look forward to all these grubby turds serving very long jail sentences!

  5. Here’s how the clutch of muddleheaded wombats plan to devastate the economy:

    Chief wombat, Combet, will listen to Windsor.

    Wombat Windsor, in turn, will listen to

    – for the science, Ga ga Garnaut of course.

    His first priority was to receive an update on the science by government climate change adviser Ross Garnaut

    – for the tax, guess who has been chewing the nong’s ear? Clue: Windsor announced that it was a “mistake” for the government to announce a tax. Why? Because the government should have gone full steam ahead with an ETS.

  6. Not to mention that at no point Garnaut quotes actual data. It is all just theory, including that because theories have been updated, the projected outcomes are different.

    All bluster and no substance.

  7. My bullshit detector just blew up.For crying out loud cant we just put these bell ends in prison

  8. It’s also worse than they thought.

    The big thing missing from this reporting is the details on what that scary sea level rise is.

    I think I’m correct when I say the upper limit is about 1mm per year. So in a century, the sea level could be 10cm higher. Pretty sure waterfront property won’t slip into a bear market on that prediction.

    There’s also no discussion of how introducing a carbon dioxide tax will ensure that world PPM measurements stay under 450. Because even if you shut down Australian completely I don’t think you’d even get 1PPM.

    I left a comment at the Australian but I don’t think they’re going to show any for this article. It would be 10 ‘Garnaut is full of &#$#’ to 1 ‘we really should do something and lead the world and be lovely people’ comment.

    • Using satellite data:

      Note how there has been very little change in the last 5 years. Even given the rate over the last 17 years it is hardly anything as scary as what is being touted.

      Apparently tidal gauge data paints a much worse picture for alarmists, showing an even slower increase in sea-level.

      This is exactly why alarmists such as Garnaut don’t quote current data for sea-level; they rely entirely on models.

  9. rukidding says:

    Obviously Ross has not go the latest memo from NASA.

    No that can’t be right.Global warming might actually help the Earth.
    Going to have to junk that old report and write a new one to reflect this exciting new find.

  10. froggy uk says:

    Well I thought id send a link from “old blighty”, the broadcast from your fellow aussies is well worth a listen, they certainly tie the stuck up old moose from the UK in knots!, Her knowledge on what she is paid for preaching is pitiful.

  11. The Australian isn’t allowing comments on Garnaut but the Courier Mail is:

    • Ha ha! Lovely comments there. All supportive of Garnaut – NOT.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Blimey, just had a read of the comments – what a basting.

      Perhaps they should think twice before unleashing their “champion” in future.

      His “opinion” is just fanning the flames of voter anger.

      (imagine if they “unleashed” Flannery right now? That would be just tooooooo good)

      Wait till we see the taxpayer funded government advertising for this tax.

      How much more “cooking” do they want for this goose?

      Stick a fork in it………’s DONE..

    • Sean McHugh says:

      There have been two articles an Garnaut in the Australian, and despite inviting comments, again none were published. I again wasted my time writing two long ones. The editors must be scared of disillusioning the left and making them angry. But never mind, apart from the Courier Mail, the are comments in the Telegraph. Out of 38, not one is positive. They treat Garnaut like a fool, which, of course, he is.

      More good news is the latest Morgan Gallup Pole which has Labor 10 points down on the two-party preferred:

      Gillard better hurry back home before her carbon tax completely sinks.

      Yet more good stuff is that my wife heard on the radio news a scientist talking about Garnaut’s claim that Sydney Harbour would be swamped annually. He pointed out that Garnaut was only an economist and that his claims were rubbish. I had trouble believing that some balance is starting in the electronic media and quizzed my wife at length to make sure.

      Could it be that things are turning around fast and we sceptics should want to see more of these stupid reports from the chief alarmists? I am getting the impression that even the believers are being embarrassed into silence.

  12. Col of Blackburn says:

    For God’s sake tell Garnaut to get his grubby hands off of the CO2 Thermostat!

    After more than half a century living in Melbourne, I am looking forward to having a sub-tropical climate! 😉

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