Combet smears expose Labor's carbon tax desperation

Last act of desperation

As the polls slide and the public’s loathing of this deceitful government continues to rise unabated, Greg Combet has revealed the desperation that must be felt in Labor circles, as he unleashes against Tony Abbott. Denier Alert:

CLIMATE Change Minister Greg Combet has intensified his attack on Tony Abbott as a climate change denier, seizing on the Opposition Leader’s comments to a Perth community forum in which he declared: “I don’t think we can say that the science is settled here.”

“But having said that, whether carbon dioxide is quite the environmental villain that some people make it out to be is not yet proven,” Mr Abbott said.

“We should take precautions against risks and threats, potential ones as well as actual ones, but I don’t think we should assume that the highest environmental challenge, let alone the great moral social and political challenge of our time, is to reduce our emissions.”

But Mr Combet said Mr Abbott’s comments demonstrated “what we all know, and that is that Mr Abbott is a climate change denier, which explains why his climate policy is nonsense”.

“Despite his best efforts to convince people that he really does accept the climate science, these comments make clear he has not changed his view that the science is, in his own words, ‘absolute crap’.

“Mr Abbott’s comment confirms that at the core of the Liberal Party is the extreme view that climate change doesn’t exist.” (source)

Nobody denies climate change exists, Greg. Are you really that stupid or are you just pretending? What people question is the magnitude of the effect that humanity has, and whether the massive costs of mitigation are worth the almost zero benefits (which they aren’t). But that’s too subtle for Greg, who resorts to the hysterical “denier” rhetoric when confronted with an opposing view, which is always the last act of a desperate man with nowhere to go.

You have to feel sorry for Greg [only a tiny bit – Ed], trying to sell a crock of a policy which he knows as well as blind Freddy won’t do a thing for the climate. Whether Abbott is a “denier” at all is irrelevant. Nothing Australia does on its own will change the climate so a carbon tax or an ETS will be a huge amount of pain for no gain whatsoever. In that regard, Abbott’s direct action plan is as pointless as Labor’s carbon price.

And what’s probably annoying Greg even more is the fact that the public are seeing through the futility of a unilateral carbon tax:

Voter hostility to tackling climate change with a carbon price has jumped sharply since the federal government announced the plan last month.

A Nielsen telephone poll, published in Fairfax newspapers on Tuesday, surveyed 1400 voters last week and shows found 56 per cent were opposed to the introduction of a carbon price, while 35 per cent supported it.

A month earlier, 44 per cent of voters opposed the introduction of a carbon price, compared to 46 per cent which supported it. (source)

Twelve percent increase in opposition in a month. That must sting. And it will only get worse.


  1. What combat fails to realize is that calling people names is just an admission that he has lost the debate. All the true believers were never going to vote for abbott in the first place. He will not recover one vote from the liberals with this outburst. Anymore use of the denier tag will probably result in common acceptance of the term by the intended targets thus stripping it of it’s intended purpose. I’d be happy with an ‘ I’m a denier ‘ joke bumper sticker on my car.

    • I’d be happy with an ‘ I’m a denier ‘ joke bumper sticker on my car

      and the stereo throbbing with this, Brc?

  2. When Combet abandons his beachfront house, I’ll start to take him seriously.
    And when I say abandon, I mean he doesn’t endanger anyone else by just selling it on. That would be the responsible thing to do, if he really believed the seas are rising.

    • Graham Richards says:

      Surely you jest.

      A politician putting his ‘a***e on the line’ based on his party’s policies?

      No, “it’s do as I say, not as I do!!!”

  3. Confusious says:

    That’s exactly what one gets allowing appointment of left wing unionised gorilla into position of power. Same manners whether in Canberra or running amok at a workplace. Braindead and without delivering even a minute of constructive work throughout his whole miserable existence. Once parasite, always a parasite.

  4. Gillard is going to see the other pawn in this game, Obama. They are both puppets of the NEW WORLD ORDER. All carbon taxes will go to the IMF in years to come. People need to tune into Alex Jones Infowars and get the truth about the End Game of this tax

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