Quote of the Day: Julia Gillard

Quote of the Day

From a speech in Adelaide last night:

Ms Gillard said human-induced climate change was real and opinion polls could not change that. ‘‘I ask, who would I rather have on my side?” she said. ”Alan Jones, Piers Akerman and Andrew Bolt?

”Or the CSIRO, the Australian Academy of Science, the Bureau of Meteorology, NASA, the US National Atmospheric Administration, and every reputable climate scientist in the world?” (source)

Bolt responds here.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Who would I rather have on my side???

    She’s getting desperate….

    • When Gillard defines reputable scientists as being only those who agree with her, you know she’s becoming desperate

  2. froggy uk says:

    Oh yes the green industry is really good for the environment, bless those green Wind Turbine manufacturers, they really love them in China,,,NOT.

  3. So 100% of government institutions support government policy? Well knock me down with a feather!

  4. Tectonic shift says:

    Of all the Govt. Institutions she mentioned, NASA’s opinion together with USNAA should rank foremost.
    Why then have these so called eminent bodies failed to convince their own Govt. to introduce an ETS ?
    Julia faced this question by Chris Uhlemann on 7:30 a few days back & she said:- “: Well we have to look at our own national interest and our own national circumstances. The reality is we are bigger emitters of carbon pollution per head of population than the United States of America.”
    Even in that answer she told a lie. Her credibilty is shot to pieces & she is showing it.

  5. The only people Juliar should worry about having on her side is the Australian Public … which she hasn’t got.

    Why would any sane Aussie side with the Labor/Green/Independent Coalition for an increase in taxes?

    If she thinks she can get this policy through without the support of the people and have any chance of winning the next election, then she must be crazy.

    • …. and another thing – I think there’s a slight conflict of interest Juliar has missed.
      The CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology are funded by the Australian Government – so if you want to continue to receive your pay cheque you gotta tow the company line.
      As for the Australian Academy of Science, they are supposedly independent advisers, to the Australian Government. Once again, where do they get their pay cheques? From the Australian Government.
      NASA and the US National Atmospheric Administration they’re also funded by the US Government, who isn’t even interested in implementing a carbon tax!
      And every reputable climate scientist in the world … who pays them? Yep you guessed it – Governments. If they don’t embrace ‘Global Warming’ they don’t get paid. Think Ross Garnaut or Tim Flannery, who pays them?
      All this once again simply proves the fact that the debate on Global Warming has more to do with politics than science.

  6. John of Cloverdale WA says:

    She would rather have Bob Brown by her side to guide her. He is a great scientist.

  7. Having studied and followed with a passion the AGW issue for the past 10 years, I can categorically state that I would sooner follow Alan Jones, Piers Akerman and Andrew Bolt into the jaws of hell than follow any of the make it up as you go crowd such as CSIRO, the Australian Academy of Science, the Bureau of Meteorology, NASA, the US National Atmospheric Administration, and every so called grant seeking disreputable climate scientist in the world. They have demonstrated time and time again there is no honor amongst thieves. A pack of hyenas or a gaggle vultures has more honor and honesty than this gang of rent seekers and sleazy politicians who are trying to force this most unpopular tax down our throats. this tax will chock the economy and hurt people ability to live with dignity, something that is sadly lacking in the Labor party and the green thugs.

    On a brighter side they will be tossed out next time around!

  8. Graham Richards says:

    Talking about Ross Garnaut, I was unfortunate enough to get an ear full of his stumbling drivel on the radio today. He was “addressing” the national press club. More like preaching global warming and how naughty it would be if we do not lead others on this issue. Absolute ‘stuff’ if you get my drift!!
    What really worries me is that this buffoon is advising the Labor government. No wonder our debt has gone soaring up.

  9. Confusious says:

    As long as she keeps Bobby at her side and not at rear………..

  10. Confusious says:

    Oh yeah, the greatest Climate Scientist of all, His Royal Eminence, Master of Universe, “Professor” Garnaut. This guy has no scientific background and hides after the title of professor whilst having spend his life as glorified accountant. This Charlatan leech is now the evil entity deciding about our future. Unelected but in pockets of Juliar, Swinesong, Colbert and other Labor parasites.

  11. Confusious says:

    The link to the June 2010 “Australian Scientists” forum get together consisting all organizations on Labor Government payrol neatly explains Ranga’s statement. She just read out of the list from that Greenos love in…

  12. Funny,is it not,when this whole charade started it was global warming then climate change and what’s the latest, xtreme weather disruption or something,it will probably change again evolving evermore morphing from a tax into an ets or pollution tax(how do these guys keep a straight face?),and now at last it becomes a tool for wealth re-distribution according to IPCC official Ottmar Edenhoffer as of Nov 2010, and slowly this new language in the ongoing saga is put on the table with the rest of the crap.Eventually they hope that we forget the original point of it all and just go with it,but what i find amusing is that the only thing that is settled out of all this shit is the science.Hardy har har!

  13. “Ms Gillard said human-induced climate change was real and opinion polls could not change that”

    True, but come the next election we can sure change Prime Ministers. I can’t wait.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Yes, and human induced change of government as reflected in opinion polls is a “settled science” and nothing can change that either.

      Except of course in the case of the circumventing of or the suspension of democracy….as these fanatical lunatics advocate.

  14. Here’s another “quote of the day” from Juliar, just after she knifed Kevin Rudd in the back:

    Ms Gillard said she “never thought it was the right thing for me to go through religious rituals for the sake of appearance. I am what I am. And people will judge that”.

    ROTFLMAO at that one.

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