Garnaut: China has carbon trading, so…

"Low carbon" China

See? Australia is lagging behind China in cutting emissions. Disgraceful. We must follow China’s lead and implement Julia and Greg’s wonderful carbon tax to cut our emissions from 1.3% of the global total to just a teensy-weensy bit less than 1.3%, at a cost of several billion dollars each year, which will be slugged mercilessly from the wallets of every family in Australia…, every year…, for ever…

CLIMATE change adviser Ross Garnaut says China is experimenting with carbon trading in a number of large cities because it knows that’s the cheapest way to reduce emissions.

The economist held talks today with the man responsible for China’s climate change policies, Xie Zhenhua, ahead of ministerial-level meetings.

Professor Garnaut said the emerging power was trialling carbon trading in five provinces and three cities – Tianjin, Shanghai and Beijing.

“The way China tends to do these things is they try them out, sometimes in different ways, and if they seem to be working they adopt them nationally,” Prof Garnaut told reporters, adding he wouldn’t presume what China’s next step would be.

“(But) they are experimenting with broader approaches like a carbon price because the economists in China as well as other places have worked out that’s a lower-cost way of doing things.”

Maybe we should copy China in other ways, like building a new coal fired power station every fortnight… no, wait. Laughably, even Greg Combet is citing China as a shining example of “tackling climate change”:

Mr Combet’s climate change department put out a briefing paper today, outlining the action China and other countries were taking to reduce emissions.

“Thirty-two countries and 10 US states already have emissions trading schemes in place,” the paper states. [24 of those countries are in the fraud-riddled EU ETS, aren’t they? And it’s nine US states now that New Hampshire has bailed out of the RGGI, isn’t it – Ed]

On China, it notes that Beijing’s latest 12-year plan speaks of an imperative for the country to establish a “green, low-carbon development concept”.

China’s new targets include:

  • increasing the proportion of non-fossil fuels in energy consumption to 11.4 per cent by 2015;
  • reducing energy per unit of GDP by 16 per cent by 2015;
  • reducing carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 17 per cent by 2015.

China? Low carbon? My aching sides. Of course, the “trick” to “hide the incline” is the magic words “per unit of GDP”. So let’s do the math, as our US friends would say. China is likely to have a GDP growth over the next four years of, say, approximately 9% per year, so if we take 2011 as a baseline 100 units of GDP, 2012 will be 109 units, 2013 will be 118.8 units, 2014 will be 129.5 units and 2015 will be approximately 141 units. So reducing emissions by 17% per unit of GDP actually works out as an increase of 17% on 2011 figures in absolute terms.

If we take China’s 2007 emissions figure of 6.5 Gigatons of CO2, which is probably far less than in reality today, that means an increase of about 1.1 Gt CO2 per year by 2015. For comparison, Australia emitted just 0.3 Gt per year in 2007. Which means in just four years, China will increase its emissions by nearly FOUR TIMES Australia’s annual total. Any reduction our pointless carbon tax might make will be simply lost in the noise. If we manage to reduce emissions by 10% by 2015 (highly unlikely), that equates to one fortieth of China’s increase – a joke in other words.

The reality of China is that it is far more concerned with raising its population out of poverty than “tackling climate change”, and nothing Australia does will make the slightest bit of difference.

More spin than a launderette from Garnaut and Combet – but what else do we expect?

Read it here.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Oh yes, China. Lets be more like China shall we?

    The figures never lie…

    These cities in China had almost 100 percent compliance during “earth hour” and are the gold standard in energy conservation, being so efficient in power usage the entire cities can be powered by no more than a handful of wind turbines or a couple of solar panels.

    In’t dat wight Gweg?,29307,1975397,00.html

  2. Maybe we should copy China in other ways..”

    Like silencing dissenters, perhaps?

    It’s becoming more like a bizzaro Animal Farm world every day. Tonight we even had Paul Keating on the 7.30 report trying to make a case for Juliar’s carbon tax. You could see that his heart wasn’t really in it. They wouldn’t trot this one out if they didn’t realise that they were in the sh!t…

  3. What China does or doesn’t do, in terms of carbon dioxide ,should have no bearing on what we do in this country. This supposed carbon trading scheme in selected areas of China has little relevance to a $25 per tonne carbon tax in Australia.

    China is only making a token effort to appease warming alarmists and the United Nations. It’s economic figures are always rubbery … as will be any projected savings in co2 emissions. Communist country’s are well known for fudging figures to suit their political goals. We don’t live in a Communist country however I suspect some in the Labor/Green camp wish we did.

    Why should Australian citizens be taxed by it’s own Government to reduce our 1.3% of global emissions, whilst China’s 22.3% will only continue to rise and rise and rise. Not that cutting our global co2 emissions will have any impact within the next 1,000 years anyway!

    • Graham Lloyd in today’s Australian (pg. 6):

      “Flannery’s point is we must act to stop the forecast additional 4C temperature rise before we even consider returning to pre-industrial age temperatures. He didn’t want to answer the question about what impact Australia’s action alone would have because the answer is obvious: next to nothing. But the real answer is if Australia is not prepared to do anything, how can we expect anyone else to act.”

      Pathetic. If I jump off the cliff, will you jump off after me?
      These imbeciles get paid to write swill like this?

  4. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Ross Garnaut is not a person to be believed… and he should not be believed. When he speaks on climate change matters, whatever he says always seems to be not even a fifth truth.

    The only effective way to deal with carbon dioxide, if indeed it needs to be dealt with (which I don’t believe is necessary) is to use technology… not a tax or an emissions trading system… technology.

    It would take a miniscule amount of the hundreds of billions of dollars currently being wasted on green policies to perfect the technology of carbon scrubbers. When it comes to new technology, where there is a will, there is a way… and carbon scrubbers could remove carbon dioxide directly from the air.

    Now if Ross Garnaut started talking on such lines… a technical solution… I might just consider listening to what he has to say.

  5. rukidding says:

    The Chinese would not lie to that nice man Mr Garnaut would they.?

    Would they be the same Chinese that are threatening the EU not to apply the ETS to their airlines.?

  6. I am from the US, living in one of the states that is part of the RGGI in the northeastern part of the country. The price of carbon on RGGI is currently $1.87 per tonn (US) which is the set floor price. It’s a nuisance that adds a few dollars to everyone’s bill and the proceeds are being place in the general funds by most states rather than targeting energy efficiency projects. In other words, its simply a tax on energy.
    I look at what the US administration has done in the last few weeks on climate change. They opened up federal leases on western coal reserves so that more coal could be shipped to China and Obama praised energy development in Brazil so the US could import more of their oil and gas. What do these have in common? China is the finacier for Obama huge deficits. George Soros is heavily invested in Brazil’s energy development and is the chief financier of many liberal political organizations. And if he could, Obama would like to impose a cap and trade scheme on the US which would primarily benefit the traders on Wall Street. It’s the old story demonstrated over and over again, those with the gold make the rules. Its the one over-arching driver in this adminstration policies.

    • This will be interesting if our carbon dioxide tax morphs into an ETS as promised. If the price drops from the $20-30 per tonne suggested by Garnaut to the current US price of $1.87 or even the CCX last trading price of 10c per tonne where will all the compensation come from??

  7. it amazes me that people quote China about anything. china only tells you what they want you to hear, they will kill their citizens if they are caught in a corruption scheme, they make people disappear, if you don’t turn your lights off during earth hour you might vanish from the face of the earth. It is a nightmare country. How can people be so idiotic?

  8. Les Kovari says:

    I watched a documentary about the Turin shroud, the controversy that sorrounded the carbon dating, the desperation of the Catholic Church to contradict the scientific results and I thought, this is exactly what is going on currently in connection with global warming, carbon dioxide, climate change or, call it what you like. Scientists are grabbing at straws to prove that it exists because their livelihood depends on it. No global warming = no research grants = no income. And the government is gullible enough to employ such phoney as Garnaut, because, no global warming = no carbon tax = deficit in the budget. Garnaut is trying to sound convincing, otherwise he would be out of a job. I suppose he would soon find some other con job.

    • rukidding says:

      Don’t think the Government is gullible at all Les they know exactly what they are doing.More tax and more control over our lives it is a Maxist wet dream

    • Spot on Garnaut is a direct conduit/Insider to the NWO one of a very few ever Australian’s on the Trilateral Commission (Please Research) a very powerful and dangerous man to say the least. Not to be trusted at any stage.

      • Graham Richards says:


        Well done. So good old Ross is a member of that bunch of conspirators. This really needs to be brought into the spotlight.
        Trouble is 99% of the sheeple have not a clue about the Trilateral Commission or what they stand for. Same goes for the Bilderbergers.If only the public could be shewn what’s going on behind the scenes.

      • Les Kovari says:

        Garnaut is not even a climate scientist, he is an economist. Looking at his personal website it occurs to me, it may be just a matter of a well written CV (curriculum vitae) to become famous enough for a stupid government to use him as a front, why, the majority of the populace might just be ignorant enough not to notice that he is a fraud.

  9. froggy uk says:

    China also has this:
    so does that mean Australia follows this as well?.
    (I know ive linked it before but more apt with this article.)

  10. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    North Korea does the lights off trick (24/7 not just one hour) even better than China. Maybe that’s the kind of command economy Garnaut, Gillard and Combet have planned for us.
    It’s amusing to see these warmist frauds tout China as the pinnacle of CO2 purity. Not surprisingly China right now is more than happy to say “yes sir yes sir three bags full” anything, to please warmist politicians in the west determined to send the jobs of their citizens to that country. Not to mention filling the order books of China’s burgeoning windmill and solar panel industry, feeding off the gullibility of the west.

  11. Medusa Knows says:

    Follow the money … Agenda 21 BS! And MSM are part of the problem, eg

    Al Gore fessed up to Newsweek that soot & methane are the real culprits (his view this year) for the majority of global warming, not CO2.

    Then we have the Rudd/Gillard ALP govt, members of Socialist International who support global government, appointing Prof Ross Garnaut, a full member of the Trilateral Commission (offshoot of Council for Foreign Relations) who strive for a global government, as an “independent” chair of the Climate Commission.

    Yeah, what could possibly go wrong? At least France saw the light.

  12. Medusa Knows says:

    And for the doubters on Garnaut’s membership of the Trilateral Commission as at Feb 2011: , pdf, page 2

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