Official: Fremantle the dumbest place in Australia


Why, you may ask? Because they thanked Julia Gillard for the carbon tax:

Fremantle thanks Gillard for carbon tax

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been showered with praise by Fremantle residents for her government’s proposed carbon tax during a community cabinet meeting in the West Australian port city. But that was to be expected at Australia’s only carbon neutral high school in a state electorate held by a green independent MP. On Wednesday night Ms Gillard chatted with people wearing T-shirts calling for action on climate change and posed for photos in front of a banner which read: ‘Thank you for the carbon tax’. (source)

Stupidity knows no bounds where the Greens are concerned.


  1. Lord in heaven, there are some seriously f*cktup human beings out there!

  2. Baldrick says:

    To be fair to the majority of Fremantle’s residents, I think they, like the rest of the majority of Australia would be opposed too the carbon dioxide tax.
    This meeting was held as a publicity stunt in a Green electorate of basket weavers.
    Perhaps next time Labor wants to have a meeting publicly, they should go to a working class electorate, where families are already struggling under this oppressive Labor/Green alliance.
    Children, like the one’s at this school, are already being brainwashed by left wing looney teachers, into believing global warming is real and carbon dioxide is a pollutant. They’re not taught to question the so-called science being it but just to blindly accept the fact that it is happening and without action the sky will fall.
    The warming alarmists, along with this Labor/Green government should be ashamed of themselves for indoctrinating the next generation into believing this crap!

  3. Resistance is victory against the Fabian Socialists and the Greens movements agenda towards Global governance controlled by the U.N.
    The day will come when the average Aussie gets so offended by the Big Brother Orwellian State rolling towards us that they will rise up and combat these vile creatures of the NWO. On that day Australia will break its shackles and become the most wealthiest nation on Earth and know what true freedom is.
    But until that day comes they will be happy with Who Wants to be a Millionare, Dancing with the Stars and Australia’s Got Talent.

    Resistance is Victory……….. V

  4. Good grief.
    What’s next? Photos of beaming, smiling school children – wearing their red scarves – clutching their copies of the the “Juliar Gillard Bumper Colouring Book” — chanting: “Thank you – Dear Leader – for our Glorious Carbon Tax”.

    I think I’m going to puke.

  5. Obviously the Fremantle gig was set up in advance – as were the Gillard public excursions during the last election campaign. However we may yet see more insidious advertising similar to this one from the UK. In this case public outrage resulted in the ads being pulled.

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