Voters oppose Labor's climate policy

Gillard's climate policy

Glad to return to blogging with a good news story. Unfortunately for you, Julia and Greg, the Australian public isn’t as stupid as you think it is, and have seen through your carbon tax for the pointless environmental gesture it is. Legislating about climate is like legislating about the number of electrons in a hydrogen atom. There’s one. There will always be one. Making a law that says there should be two won’t change anything. Ditto the climate.

VOTERS are overwhelmingly against Julia Gillard’s carbon tax after a sharp fall in support in the past two months among the young, families, women and even Labor supporters.

As Tony Abbott continues to campaign against the tax, the latest Newspoll survey reveals 60 per cent of voters are opposed to the government’s plan to put a price on carbon next year and only 30 per cent remain in favour.

Since the election last year, opposition to a carbon price has been rising and jumped after the Prime Minister announced in late February that she planned to introduce a carbon tax from July 1 next year ahead of a full emissions trading scheme in three to five years.

The latest Newspoll survey, taken exclusively for The Australian last weekend, shows that voters are not only against the carbon tax on a ratio of two-to-one, but that opposition to the plan is far more intense than the support for it. Of the 60 per cent opposed to the carbon tax, 39 per cent are “strongly against”, but of the 30 per cent for the plan only 12 per cent are “strongly in favour”.

The opposition to the plan has been intensifying since Ms Gillard’s February announcement she would break an election pledge and introduce a carbon tax, mirroring a fall in personal approval for the Prime Minister and Labor’s primary vote.

But Julia blunders on towards electoral oblivion. Good.

Ms Gillard yesterday vowed to press head with the carbon tax plan despite poor polling and the campaign from the Opposition Leader. “I’m interested in the policy cycle not the political cycle,” Ms Gillard said.

Good luck with that.

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  1. Great way to come back from a break Simon.
    You should check the Canadian election result for further good news. The anti- cap and trade Conservatives now have a majority government. In many quarters the election was seen as a referendum on climate policy.
    I’m hoping Gillard puts up a really strong fight now. That will be the end of her. I can foresee labor members crossing the floor, if the carbon tax is ever brought to a vote. While a political settlement is not far off, the whole “science is settled” narrative still needs to be prosecuted and killed off.

  2. The trick with the policy cycle is that if no-one likes your policy, no-one will like you, and if no-one likes you, you lose power. That’s the political cycle, Julia.

  3. Stupid, thy name is Oakeshott.

    • Someone please explain how Oaketwitt could have possibly, POSSIBLY ever been elected to parliament.

    • When is somebody going to tell Oakeshott the audition is over?
      He doesn’t bother to answer legimate emails to the people who vote but can continually find to time to prop up his political position by supporting Gillard.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Oahshott sez:-

      “We are trying to do public good in the long term and sometimes that requires some difficult decisions along the way.

      This from a man whose most complex decision to date involved facial hair..

      To beard or not to beard, that is the question….

  4. Sling Blade says:

    Gee, where have I seen this type of mule-headed, obstinant idiocy before? Wait, I remember- can you say barack?

  5. gyptis444 says:

    What do you think of this folks?

    It would seem to undermine the very foundations of the AGW edifice.
    Also, have a read of the more recent paper
    CO2: the Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time.

  6. Laurie Williams says:

    Hard to believe that 20 years after the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle was made and first broadcast people still fall for this rubbish.

    Why do average people and the stupid gutless career politicians that they elect take so long to see through scams?

  7. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    Welcome back.
    Good news about Julia continuing to crash and burn, and from the Great White North elections as well.

    We still have to hobble the EPA, but we’re getting there.
    On the whole, we colonials seem to have caught on.
    And then there’s Fail Britannia…well, at least it’s educational to watch. 😉

  8. Confusious says:

    I read reaports that, Joooliah, the one with ultra-left mind, thick thighs, hairdressing beau and wearing a blue cow pat hat at the Royal wedding, is apparently elated that many people in the survey believe in climate change. Of course one would believe in climate change which was here ever since Earth had atmosphere long before freaks such as Al Gore, Garnaut and Rainbow Tim started peddling their lies and obfuscations.
    Jooliah’s feedback is an excellent example of a way with lies and semi-truths and facts twisting so typical. Let us hope that Australians will show labor-green and their bearded scrotum faced independents that we are much more intelligent than these marxist-leninist ignoramuses assume.

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