In desperation, wheel out the celebs

Wheeling out the celebs

The carbon tax is sinking faster than a Pacific island, so as a last ditched attempt to resurrect it, the Gillard government is wheeling out Cate Blanchett, talented actress and crazy environmental moonbat that she is. Oh, and just remember this is YOUR taxpayer dollars paying for this nonsense:

A WIDE-RANGING coalition of supporters of action on climate change is planning a massive campaign to rescue Julia Gillard’s carbon tax in the face of growing industry opposition.

The Weekend Australian understands Oscar-award winning actress Cate Blanchett has been approached to be part of a national advertising campaign.

But sources said it would be wrong to suggest the world-famous actress would be the spearhead of the campaign, which will also include a raft of “ordinary Australians”.

The Weekend Australian understands the planned print, radio and television campaign is being supported by groups including Get Up!, Greenpeace, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Southern Cross Climate Coalition, a conglomerate including the ACF, the Climate Institute and the Australian Council of Trade Unions. (source)

What a truly hideous motley crew that lot is. The brainless lemmings of GetUp!, the eco-Nazis of Greenpeace and ACF, the pointless Climate Institute and a bunch of union thugs. Charming. Should put even more people off with a bit of luck.

Also, don’t forget to check out Jo Nova’s op-ed piece in The Australian here.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Time to dust off the old spew bucket…

  2. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Before it’s too late for the country, those in industry not yet beholden to Labor’s 20 pieces of silver mirage should put some economic muscle into countering this disgraceful misuse of public money for the promotion of Juliar Brown’s grubby political agenda.

  3. Peter Wardle says:

    You know. If this government were truly confident about the truth of AGW it might consider garnering (pun intended) support from real climate scientists. Instead what do we get? A sly economist, a palaeontologist fruitcake (whom I suspect is about to have a breakdown) and now, drum roll, a Holliwood actor.
    Well with this team how can we resist?

  4. Baldrick says:

    Sorry, but Cate Blanchett doesn’t qualify as an ordinary Australian and neither would any two-bit actor or actress or media personality. Ordinary Australians should include Fred Nerk, Harry Bloggs or Mary Smith … not the likes of Cate Blanchett who don’t fly on ‘public’ airlines or use ‘public’ transport, but prefer to use their own jets to scoot around the globe all in the name of so-called ‘green’ credentials and do nothing for reducing their own b.s. carbon footprint!
    Gimme a break and save the planet by staying at home and spare the rest of us the usual dribble and crap.

  5. Bob Dobbs says:

    We will be glad to lend (for good, mind you) Tommy Cruise, he can jump on and off sofas for the cause…

  6. dribble says:

    I’m not convinced that Cate Blanchett is a talented actress in the usual sense of the word. I’ve always had the impression that she’s a ham sandwich that can’t act its way out of a paper bag.

  7. Hi,
    This just shows how desperate Labor is getting, and more waste of our tax payers dollars as well, how much is Cate Blanchett going to charge for this charade?

    I went to the “No Carbon Tax” rally in Brisbane yesterday, if anyone is interested in having a look at some photo’s I but them up in my blog.

    • Thanks for the photos. What was the turnout like?

      • Not really that good unfortunately, there was around 300 – 400 people, I’m not real good at judging things like that, but the paper said 300 and Jennifer said about 400. I was a bit disappointed, being a Saturday in a major city I thought there would of been a lot more. But good on everyone that showed up, the speeches were great, and it was very well organized.

  8. Toscamaster says:

    With my tongue firmly in my cheek, I nominate Cate Blanchett (Our Cate) to replace Tim (1,000 years) Flannery as Climate Commisioner. At least Our Cate would stick to the lines given to her by Our Juliar.

    Our Juliar must be furious that Tim (1,000 years) Flannery can’t stick to his/her lines. Who knows if Tim keeps going on current form he might even come out and agree with thousands of climate scientists of integrity and reveal the truth about Climate Science. But of course he’s a Mammologist so that might be asking too much.

    He continues to hand-ball difficult questions to his spokeperson on climate science Will Steffen who, it turns out, is a Chemical Engineer.

    There’s lot’s more fun to be had with the Climate Commission in Mackay on 20th May at a venue to be advised.

    If you Northern Queenslanders want to see what we in the south have been enduring with the Climate Commission propaganda shows Roll Up!! Roll Up!!BE THERE!!

    This has to be the greatest load of nonsense since Adam was a lad.

    Just have some short pointed questions for Juliar’s talking puppets. Then watch them either squirm or continue to propagate the corruption of climate science initiated by the IPCC and its predecessors .

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