Lefty heads pop as Bolt Report airs on Ten

Andrew Bolt

Yes, laydeez and gennlemen, that is the sound of heads popping at the ABC and Fairfax as Andrew Bolt’s new show, The Bolt Report, premiered on Channel 10 a few minutes ago. In the first show, Andrew exposed Gillard’s hypocritical boat people policy, interviewed Tony Abbott, discussed Gillard’s future with Mark Latham and gave a Free Speech Award to Paul Keating for his description of Clover Moore’s supporters as “sandal wearing, muesli-chewing, bike riding pedestrians”. LOL! Although a “bike riding pedestrian” is a bit of an oxymoron…

Bolt asked Abbott how much his direct action climate policy would reduce the global temperature. Abbott didn’t answer… (because it’s square root of bugger all).

The show also revealed that the brainless lemmings at GetUp! paid $16,000 to give a refugee (helpfully wearing a GetUp! t-shirt) a surfing lesson with Tony Abbott. They really do have more money than sense.

Obviously, it was refreshing to have a current affairs show which wasn’t leaning so far to the Left that it was falling off the edge. A promising start, and congratulations on the new show.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    I could hear the sound of the Melbourne leftist heads popping way up here in Qld.

    It must have been deafening in Sydney.

    Ahhhh, there’s nothing like the sound of a leftist head pop in the morning. So refreshing.

  2. Hi,
    Just finished watching Andrews new show, it was fantastic, what a relief to finally get a good alternative to some of the rubbish that is on. Andrew was really good, I enjoyed all the interviews, and was surprised Andrew wasn’t a little bit more nervous. Top marks for a great show.

    I’d love to find out how many e-mails channel 10 receives after todays show, as Andrew as said that the ABC used to get heaps when ever he was on.

  3. Could not agree more, just needs to be longer so Andrew does not appear to be rushing, I hr please min channel 10, great show

  4. The show was just what I hoped for. Exposing this embarrassing Government for the incompetent mess it really is.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Certainly was good. He started off a bit slow and nervous but warmed up really well. Not long enough though. Needs to be an hour.

      I particularly liked his grilling of Riz Wakil – GetUp’s half arsed attempt at a sting on Abbott.

  5. Yes I agree with all of the above. One thing is he looked a bit nervous at the start but settled down OK. Also he tended to but in before the other speaker had finished – probably nerves again. Anyway, Well done Andrew!

  6. I hope that he was a little better behaved than I have seen him on other shows when he bullies and haragues and is never willing to let someone have a person having a different view from his … in Bolt’s world, democracy is wonderful … as long as everyone votes as he would. But alas I missed his show’s debut – for some reason to show is not showing in regional areas … and I am sooooo heartbroken about that …. not

    • I would try to watch it, Leigh, you may be surprised.

      • No thanks – had my fill of Mr Bolt on the Insiders over the years – I am happy to listen to views different to my own and weigh them up but he always behaved so poorly on that show with talking over other guests, bullying them and never allowing someone to have an opinion different from his own … I prefer a good debate where participants behave with respect and courtesy towards the others so that we can focus on the issues rather than on the people.

        • What, and agree with everything left?

        • Andrew Bolt makes a very good point about why his show was necessary to be added to the many political shows. Just as you, Leigh, say you have had your fill of Andrew some of us haven’t we understand him and not necessarily agree with everything he says. It took a show like Insiders that probably frustrated him the most. He was not able to express well founded views, in particular Climate Change that he was seriously ridiculed. This left a great void in the media where people, such as myself, who were of similar views were being called “flat earthers” as the norm.
          This is quite disturbing watching Insiders and you know you literally have more qualifications than the “clown” sprouting the rhetoric and denegrating people who don’t agree with them. I can name many on the Insiders who fit that bill. In that perspective Leigh, you may have just been seeing what you call “bullying” be reciprocated.
          We all prefer a good debate but “they” just don’t debate they are more interested in name calling and ridicule.

        • Lesm from Balmain says:

          Get off the grass Leigh. From the sounds of it you are a leftie luvvie and don’t like to hear any view other than the sound of your own voice. The reason Andrew would have sounded “loud” was because he was the only conservative voice on a couch of leftie luvvies like Lenore Taylor, and that sook David Marr.
          Big whoop if you don’t watch his show. Tell someone who cares at The Age or SMH.

        • Mr. Papaya says:

          It’s not about bullying, Leigh. Many of us like Bolt are incensed by liars, and make every effort to cut somebody off who is, consciously or not, polluting the discourse with demonstrably false or misleading information. He doesn’t cut people off to put them down, he cuts them off to tell them to give a bloody straight answer.

  7. Just heard it here in California. The sound took awhile to travel the Pacific

    • Yes indeed! How did you manage to catch it so soon? And thanks for dropping by!

  8. lex dysia says:

    hey leigh – hold your breath and squeeze. your head will hopefully pop.

    • The Loaded Dog says:


      I wonder if I could hear the pop from where I live?

      • geez, you guys are a fantastic bunch of really tolerant folks on this website.

        how do i sign up?

        • Before you lecture us on tolerance, maybe you should check out the tolerance afforded by the warmists to anyone who dares question the consensus.

  9. Martin Snigg says:

    Hear hear. One hour show definitely.

    The unnatural hothouse flower minority left ruthlessly dominate most institutions – thank Heaven for Andrew Bolt and the introduction into public speech of some sanity.

    Every time I hear ‘carbon tax’ or ‘global warming cum climate change cum carbon pollution cum climate disruption’ I just laugh. Do they really think those outside their class actually buy it? Which invites the question what are they prepared to do to get their way? They are a v.long way passed their declaration of war against the lower classes.

    I think Cate Blanchett has been enlisted at,, as always, great taxpayer expense.

    No need for an armoured division when you have tax money on tap.

    • They really must think the Australian Public are complete idiots, to think that bringing out Cate Blanchett will change our minds. I forgot she was an expert on Climate Science, I must have missed that somewhere.

  10. Australia’s answer to that right wing redneck Glenn Beck

  11. Watched Andrew Bolts show and enjoyed it, but have to agree with others I think it needs to be an hour.

  12. Bob Brown & Christine Milne need to be place under more scrutiny by the media. With the pathetic rhetoric of the 1000 Top “Big Polluters” paying the Carbon Tax and Milne sprouting “100% Renewables & Green Jobs” are ready and can happen NOW.

    I ask the media to ask them both to name the “Big Polluters” and explain why they have such a disgusting title, remembering CO2 is NOT a pollutant, then what happens to companies 1001 onwards? what are the exact numbers of each type of different technologies that make up 100% Renewables? what is the total cost? and provide detailed job descriptions for the 750,000 green jobs that are supposedly ready to go.

    I can’t get answers from them directly because they don’t answer emails!!

  13. Neil Anthony says:

    congratulations Andrew, enjoyed your 1st show, Im hoping down the track you wont “pull any punches” & broadcast as many unknown truths as you can get away with.
    I agree that the show needs to be 1 hour, thanks.

  14. What a waste and a complete turd of a show.
    Not a single brain cell in sight.
    It will survive for a while, but boredom will win. Especially his worshiping of the Hillsong puppet Abbott. It is sickening to behold.

    oh well.. liars always shout the loudest.
    With Bolt on the air. This country is truly dead

    Heil Straya

    • Another massive pop there. I think I heard that one from my kitchen. Sounded like an old car backfiring on the Pacific Highway.

    • Sean McHugh says:


      I didn’t see the show, though I tried. I’m not sure it was on in my region. Instead of playing the person, (as is the left’s way), play the ball and tell us some of the points of view that infuriated you so much. This is a venue for discussing climate politics, and that should be the preference, but with Simon’s permission, I will respond to other items.

      I did see one semi-specific complaint there, the charge that Abbott is a Hillsong puppet. Being an atheist who is familiar with Catholicism and Pentecostalism, I very much doubt that. In any case, recall who it was who regularly gave interviews standing outside his church. It wasn’t Abbott, but Rudd. How much did you hate him for that – or don’t you recall?

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Wow, that WAS loud. My ears are still ringing. I hope it didn’t burst an eardrum….

  15. Kryten (Red Dwarf): “I cannot believe it! I simply cannot bel…” *BOOOM!*

  16. Rod Phillips says:

    I watched the Bolt Report tonight 8th May. Not at all impressed with Bolt’s interview style. I am not a fan of the Prime Minister, however I thought the interview (poor) with Kroger & Latham was one sided. In future more balanced interviews should be attempted.
    However you have lost me.
    RodPhillips, Adelaide

  17. Jeffro says:

    Yes I have been hearing the pops all night. How sweet my dreams are.
    Just loved the show and I want more of it.Channel 10 are on to a big winner.

  18. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Just as the ABC likes to serve up ad infinitum as it’s preferred Liberals the recalcitrant Malcolms (Turnbull and Fraser) perhaps Andrew Bolt will be tempted to trot out Mark Latham to pass judgement on the rabble his former party has become.

  19. The Bolt Report was fanbloodytastic,telling us the facts others hide from

    And Bolt is surely the best eye candy in male presenters in OZ!

    WIN WIN!!

    His best in Oz blog is also divine!

  20. David Davidovics says:

    Went to Utube and was able to see nearly all of the episode in pieces. I would describe him as effective, so its not surprising that heads are exploding on the left. Put a smile on my face when the canadian election was mentioned in passing (The ETS methods that were cooked up by some of the parties were nothing short of bizarre and borderline on fraudulent). I also liked how he tried to pin Abbot down on the question of how much difference his climate plan would make on a global scale. Those pesky details……

  21. Confusious says:

    Is Leigh not Oakeshott’s Nom de Plume??? Sounds very much like him excreting global warmth through facial undergrowth…………..
    I would very much like to see an in depth review of ABC funding when Gillard – Brown Bob and the Three or so Stooges finally get the boot. It should be established how much time and taxpayer’s money is being used by that self serving anti-Australian institution to propagate global Bolshevism and broadcasting outright communist propaganda.


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