Comment: Australia needs an election – now

Paul Kelly, writing in The Australian, correctly states that an election is the only way to resolve the political mess that we find ourselves in. If Julia Gillard had said on the eve of the election that Australia would have a carbon tax by 2012, the Coalition would have won comfortably. But as it is, she said precisely the opposite, and then went back on her word to appease the Greens and keep Labor in power. The government is built on a bare-faced lie.

Inevitably, comparisons are drawn with John Howard’s position on the GST, but with one very important difference: Howard put his change of heart to the people at an election. Gillard hasn’t the political integrity, nor the guts, to do that because she knows she would lose in a landslide. So she hangs on, sinking deeper into crisis every day, crippled by her deal with the Greens. I guess the only benefit to all this is that the level of simmering anger in the population will just continue to rise between now and 2013, so that when the election is finally held, Labor will be annihilated, and will be in opposition for a generation (with a bit of luck).

So Tony Abbott should continue to push the line: this is an illegitimate government. Only an election will give Australia what it needs, a strong, majority government with the legitimacy we deserve.


  1. Sharon Oates says:

    We need an election NOW.

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