Avoid like the plague: ABC's "The Science Show"

The Anti-Science Show

Don’t go there. Really. You will not believe how Robyn Williams, John Cook and a couple of other hysterics lay into “deniers”. If you don’t sign up to the religion, you’re a fruitcake. Still attacking the Petition Project (that’s the best target they can come up with), if you had cancer, would you trust the quack, deniers questioning links between smoking and cancer, and you’re mentally deranged and suffering a delusion. And, the best bit of all, we’re LIARS! Yes, we’re LYING. It’s almost too funny for words.

I made it through about nine minutes before I shouted “F*** off” at my computer. See if you can do better.

Of course, there followed a detailed rebuttal by Bob Carter… ha, only joking! Not a chance. The ABC and Williams only want one side – the warmist side.

Their ABC – paid for by your taxes.

Link here (I did warn you).


  1. Wouldn’t waste my time on their brainwashing cult. The government is social engineering the population through the media & has also laced the school curriculum with their poisonous lies. My 14 year old son came home after doing last years NAPLAN the English section was on global warming.

  2. I have noticed that anybody who works in in the field of study to conclude that warming is caused by human activity is labeled as a ‘climate scientist’ or ‘climate specialist’ regardless of their background, be is geology, economics, even teaching. And anybody who denies, even if they are a scientist with a good, if not better understanding of how the climate works, is labeled as ‘Not a specialist’. Therefore, in order to be known as a ‘climate specialist’ you must be one who agrees that human activity causes global warming, this is a major bias, and disgrace to true science.

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    I did warn you

    Nope, I take your word for it….and won’t be watching. After enduring just over 40 seconds of the ABC’s “We’re Climate Scientists Yo” promo coupled with the Gillard (ever so convenient) marriage proposal story today I think I’ve had more than enough for one week.

    I know my limitations. (unlike most leftists who actually continue watching material they dislike until theirs head pop)

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    I present The Visual Guide to Global Warming:


  5. Dallas Beaufort says:

    The tide has turned and green laborare chopping off their nose despite their face

  6. The irony being that these quacks want us to trust them that they’re making the “right” diagnosis?

    They use models to diagnose.. real doctors use reliable observations. I know which ones I would trust.

    • They use models to diagnose.. real doctors use reliable observations.

      You’ll like this one, Dave.

      People underestimate the power of models. Observational evidence is not very useful.

  7. What really annoyed me when listening to this (and I have been a fan of the Science Show for years), was the way they kept talking about human induced climate change, but just called it “climate change”, repeatedly…it made me grind my teeth…

    I don’t really see how anyone can deny that the climate changes, always has done, and always will.

    As for the human effect on climate change, well, I remain unconvinced, and annoyed by the bias that is so evident in the media. Just how long before “deniers” are dragged out into the streets and publicly humiliated because they don’t believe what they are told to believe? One can only hope people wake up to this, and regain some sanity, but I doubt it, as it isn’t in the (any) Governments best interests to have a society capable of independent thought.

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