Galileo Movement's rebuttal of Climate Commission's report

Galileo Movement

The Galileo Movement (link) has recently been set up, in their own words, to “expose misrepresentations pushing a ‘price on carbon dioxide’. We care about freedom, security, the environment, humanity and our future.”

They have produced a response to the Climate Commission’s scaremongering report of yesterday, and an associated press release, which states:

The Galileo Movement asks: Why are all eight of Australia’s publicly prominent academics promoting the notion of global warming due to human causes when all fail to provide specific, scientifically measured real-world evidence for their core claim of human causation?

Why are people funded by the government included in the Climate Commission’s Science Advisory Panel? This appears to be a conflict of interests.

The Climate Commission’s report coincides with release of Dr Wes Allen’s book ‘’The Weather Makers Re-examined’. This is the first and only serious review of Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery’s book ‘The Weather Makers’.

Dr Allen’s solid data reveals serious errors, misrepresentations, exaggerations, contradictions and inaccuracies in Tim Flannery’s book that became a foundation for the public’s unfounded alarm about climate.

The Galileo Movement calls for an immediate investigation into what it sees as misrepresentation of science by the government funded Climate Commission and by the government itself.

The Climate Commission’s report diverts valuable attention from real environmental and humanitarian challenges. We urge Australian politicians to take the Climate Commission’s Key Messages as not factual. (source – PDF)

The response to the report can be found here (PDF).

ACM sends best wishes to the new organisation: the more people out there rebutting the government-sponsored misrepresentations and propaganda the better.


  1. Predictably, the government will make some statement like that the rebuttal has originated from “deniers”. I say to them: then why hasn’t the government commissioned independent audits?

  2. “Brilliant” satire from the GetUp! mob again *roll-eyes*…

    Jack Vs Polluter Lobby – GetUp! TV Ad

    • I watched the first 15 seconds, and that was enough, sorry.

    • what a crock of s***

    • Toscamaster says:

      Let’s hope GetUp spends more of its Union Movement donations on this ad.
      It will infuriate those who have yet to decide which way to go in this debate.
      Australians recognise desperation when it is so crudely displayed.
      The longer this debate goes on the worse it will become for Labor. Does anyone believe that Gillard will lead them into the next election? She’ll want out and they’ll want her out before then.
      How do you like the idea of Bill Shorten as Prime Minister?
      Ha Ha Ha. Another one for the chopping block called “We believe in Global Warming”

      • PM Shorten’s first duty will do what he said Work Choices
        outcomes were responsible for.
        Make his mother-in-law GG Quentin Bryce unemployed!!!

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      I wonder what audience that was directed at. You’d never pick it!

  3. Baldrick says:

    The ground-swell of public opinion against this insidious carbon dioxide tax is growing and will continue to grow further with groups such as the Galileo Movement.
    The crowning glory will be listening to Juliars speech on election night when she loses the next election, with Chairman Bob and the independents standing behind her.Oh happy days!!!

  4. Just tried to browse through ” The Critical Decade”. Without reading, just skimming, I encounter the sentence in the introduction:

    The 2011 Queensland floods have led to long-term, mental health and related problems, such as depression, bereavement, post-traumatic stress disorders and other mood and anxiety disorders

    It is currently 2011, isn’t it? How can one conclude already that long term mental health issues have arisen from this recent event? This is the quality of advice that our taxes have funded on this important topic. The illogical statements are easier to identify, the data and the supposed facts that they report are more difficult to expose. How can anybody trust anything these quacks say.

  5. Fantastic effort by the Galileo movement.
    This PM we have is so unpopular that she is actually creating more opposition to her carbon tax. People who may have not held a strong opinion before are now looking for answers to refute the Govt stance as a majority of Australians dont trust her and as a result think that anything she comes up with is no good. Flannery and Gillard are the best weapons we have.
    This blog itself is increasing in popularity all the time, it means people are looking for an alternative viewpoint.
    When I hear people I know speaking about climate change, I take them to task, not forcefully, but I will bring up a few facts and figures that will at the very least get them thinking. I know stauch labor people who dont believe the scare mongering either.
    Its really not going too well for the Govt.
    Good luck to the Galileo movement, I hope we will all support them.

  6. just reading the personnel of the Galileo movement…this has got to be a first, an Organization for Scientific review without a single scientist on board…let alone a climate scientist. Pathetic.

    • Clearly you need this spelt out. Identifying corrupt practices and politicisation of science does not require a degree in the science discipline in questions. It merely requires critical thought and an open mind. Two things you obviously lack.

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