Climate gimmick number 5,324,927

You'll get piles doing that mate

Carve a polar bear out of ice in the middle of Sydney. Watch it melt. Suddenly you believe in climate change.

No, really.


But wait, there’s more. They froze the ice around a bronze skeleton. In London. And then flew it to Australia. Really. In a plane. Which emits carbon. Honestly. I’m not making this up. Link.

I need a stiff drink…


  1. They deserve to be smacked in the face with their hypocrisy… Seriously

    • They deserve more than that Dave. They need to be charged with fraud the lot of them who preach this crap.

  2. froggy uk says:

    The following line from the article says it all,,,,,,,,,”I think it’s a really good way of making global warming seem real,” she says.
    So it seems even she admits its NOT real but merely pretending just to get a bit of publicity,
    Personally, any publicity that would make me look stupid i could do without!.

  3. Flew it? WTF? But but but but….it’s enough to give one a permanent stammer.

  4. According to ABC News today (on the report of this “artist”, polar bears are critically endangered. I have written to the ABC asking for proof of the claim, and will let you know of any response.

  5. When did we restart the count on AGW gimmicks? I thought we were up to a Googol or more already?

  6. Andy G55 says:

    Anyone want to do some calcs as to how much energy and CO2 was released doing this moronic propaganda stunt ??

    I’m guessing nearly as much as most here would release in a year.

  7. Baldrick says:

    The looney left strikes again! More untruths and misinformation.
    FACT: Polar bears are not declining in population. In the past 30 years the population has increased 5 fold and are still hunted by indigenous populations to keep there numbers down.
    FACT: Polar bears are not on the endangered species list. They are listed as ‘threatened’ purely because of the impact global warming will have on their environment, which at present is minimal to none.
    FACT: The polar ice cap is not melting and has regained its previous years loses which is due to normal seasonal and yearly changes.
    FACT: Polar bears are not cute and cuddly potential pets. They eat baby seals, walruses and even – heaven forbid – whales.

    Read it for youself:

  8. But wait, there’s more.

    And still more. Apparently old poley refused to melt as planned under our searing 20 deg broiler. Maybe dipsticks should have picked our summer instead. It didn’t help that we had our coldest May in 43 years and our coldest autumn for at least 60 years.

    Now that’s something you wouldn’t read in the MSM, even The Australian!

  9. Speaking of the carbon footprint of this moronic stunt, what do think the power consumption and CO2 output was to freeze that 10 tonne block of ice around the bronze skeleton? Might have been even higher than flying the dopey thing from London to Down Under. These people are blithering idiots. Dangerous blithering idiots.

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