Friday's (non-carbon tax) reads

No carbon tax (articles)

By popular demand (!) a carbon [dioxide] tax-free day. Here’s a few links to enjoy:

Response to Climate Commission’s Report

For those of you who didn’t catch it the first time, here are Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks and William Kininmonth, taking the scaremongering report The Critical Decade to pieces. But Labor don’t need to take any notice of these filthy deniers because “the science is settled” and “the debate’s over”. Really? You decide.

Hockey Stick in a Nutshell

Remember the Hockey Stick? Mann and the University of Virginia are on collision course with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Watts Up With That posts a summary for those of us who haven’t followed the twists and turns. Prediction: it’s looking very bad for Michael Mann, and very good for the integrity of science.

Does ethics require us to believe in tornado witches?

Lubos Motls lays into an extraordinary article that claims we are ethically bound to link tornados to CO2, even though there is no science to back it up. Here’s a taste:

A huge percentage of people, including some people who are very close to me for various reasons, will start to curse you as soon as you suggest that ghosts and spiritism are nonsense or that the motion of glasses on the table, as well as the motion of all other material objects we have ever seen, agrees with the laws of physics. When you say such a thing, they make you sure that you are attacking an essential part of their soul and human dignity – because the bulk of their knowledge and perception of human dignity is built out of superstitions and lies. The bulk of their brain is composed of rubbish.

It gets better. Read it all.

Germany’s knee-jerk reaction to Fukushima

German climate madness, as Merkel abandons nuclear power which will mean… more emissions from coal. One day, the Greens will be called to account for the damage they are wreaking on our economy and way of life. And I will be there in the front row, enjoying every minute.

And finally…

Daily Bayonet GW Hoax Weekly Roundup

As always, a great read!


  1. Baldrick says:

    Please don’t count me in as a popular vote for carbon tax free Fridays. Whilst I respect others opinions, I think the carbon dioxide tax should be the main focus at present.

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