Australia isn't "catching up", it's going it alone

More spin

This is one of the biggest lies told by the government about a price on carbon, and there are plenty to choose from. We’re being “left behind”, the world is “rushing towards a low carbon economy” and if we don’t price carbon tomorrow, we’ll never catch up… blah blah. It’s nonsense, naturally.

US states are bailing out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative as fast as they can, the federal US, Japan, Canada and Russia have announced they have no intention of forming part of a new Kyoto deal, China and India are full steam ahead for economic growth (with a few token gestures towards greening up thrown in, but their emissions will keep on rising), and the only countries to have an ETS are part of the EU scheme, mired in fraud and corruption, or tiny states like New Zealand, neither of which will make any significant difference to emissions.

So it should come as no surprise that Australian coal mines will be virtually the only ones in the world hit with the carbon tax on “fugitive emissions”, which includes gases emitted “from the production, processing, transport, storage and distribution of raw fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) (source)”, as The Australian reports:

NO major coal-producing country currently imposes a direct charge on greenhouse gas emissions from coalmines, according to research released last night as industry prepared to intensify its opposition to Julia Gillard’s carbon tax scheme.

After Wayne Swan yesterday announced that a much-anticipated Productivity Commission report into international climate regimes would show that seven of Australia’s top-10 trading partners had adopted major policies to reduce pollution [I’ll believe that when I see it – Ed] the Australian Coal Association launched a pre-emptive strike against the report’s findings.

The association released research by the Centre for International Economics that showed none of the major coal-exporting countries “either currently, or has concrete plans to impose, a direct or indirect constraint on fugitive emissions from coalmining”.

Major coal producers such as Anglo American Australia, Xstrata Holdings , Peabody Energy Australia, Centenary Coal Company and BM Alliance Coal Operations all appear among the 1000 companies that will be subject to the Gillard government’s carbon tax.

The Australian Coal Association research was backed by Minerals Council of Australia chief executive Mitch Hooke, who said the same could be said for the nation’s major competitors in 13 key commodities such as iron ore, gold, nickel and aluminium.

“Not one of Australia’s top four competitors in the 13 key commodities has a functioning carbon pricing scheme except Poland, which exempts emissions from the coalmining process,” Mr Hooke said. Australian Coal Association executive director Ralph Hillman said the CIE report showed that the government’s proposed carbon tax would add to the costs of Australian coalminers, “while our competitors will bear no such burden”. (source)

Once again, the reality is vastly different from the government spin. Australia is going out on a limb, and will suffer as a result.

And on another subject, read how the Australian public won’t even pay $2 to offset their air travel. I wonder how they’ll cope with a carbon tax.


  1. “seven of Australia’s top-10 trading partners had adopted major policies to reduce pollution”

    To which I ask: How many have actually implemented any measures that will make a significant difference?

    “..the government’s proposed carbon tax would add to the costs of Australian coalminers, “while our competitors will bear no such burden””


  2. Confusious says:

    Wayne Swan can’t help himself. He is, was and always be, just as that Fabian Red Bogan Queen, a habitual liar.

  3. Swan once again yesterday proved he is the worst Treasurer/Deputy Prime Minister this country has ever seen. I am absolutely sick of his perception and sometimes blatantly stated opinion that we are all so nieve, as he continues his continual game of lies and deception.
    Particularly in his failure to release any substantial reviews, modelling or data on ANYTHING during the whole 3.5 years of pretending to be in Government.

    I have ONE message for him “It will not wash any longer SWAN and like your lead balloon joke at the Press Club yesterday that you’ll win the next election which met with total silence. I say you had better get on the same page or you personally will be looking for a job after politics”

  4. Again, the question is framed all wrong. It shouldn’t be ‘should Australia do what others are doing’. It should be ‘what should Australia do to ensure prosperity and strength for the majority of it’s citizens?’

    Everyone gets told at a young age ‘if young billy told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it’. Somehow, somewhere we stop getting told to think for ourselves and are told we must slavishly follow the herd, do what everyone else is doing.

    The most interesting people are those that think for themselves and don’t care a whit what others think. The most prosperous countries are those that realise it’s a worldwide struggle for prosperity and peace, and following the herd is the least likely way of achieving this.

  5. Baldrick says:

    The other big lie Wayne Swan told the National Press Club was that Australia was putting a price on ‘pollution’ by means of a carbon dioxide tax. Saying carbon dioxide is a pollutant is tantamount to saying oxygen is a pollutant or any other natural occuring gas. I suppose he is a politician so lying comes natural !!

  6. You reckon says:

    I think the powers that be behind the throne who are the ones orchestrating the political puppets need to hear CLEARLY – that we will win this.

    They may get their flunkies to impose punative taxes, lie, fabricate, distort, mock and harass – but in the end – we will win.

    Good always triumphs over evil. It always has from time immemorial

    Their precious “gaia cult” will be exposed for the lies it is.
    It will be mocked, trashed and laughed at.
    It will be kicked to the curb for the dogs to eat.

    They cant shut us up, and they cant win.

    Best they go home and leave running the planet to the adults.

  7. Robert G says:

    Simple rule to remember
    “saving the planet” = I am lying and want to steal you money.


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