"Cancer" at the heart of Labor


In the wake of John Faulkner’s speech last night, Kevin Rudd on ABC radio this morning referred to the “cancer” within the Labor party. And Faulkner really let rip at Labor:

IN the strongest speech of his career, Labor senator John Faulkner warned last night that the party had “no future” unless it changed to embrace a “culture of inclusion” and repudiate powerbrokers who put their own interests before Labor’s survival.

In a cry of alarm, Senator Faulkner declared himself “very pessimistic” about Labor’s ability to achieve “meaningful change” and save itself as a successful party.

Delivering the Neville Wran Lecture at NSW parliament, the former ALP Senate leader said Labor had already “lost a generation of activists” and unless it confronted internal reform, “we will risk losing a generation of voters as well”.

His message was that Labor suffered from a deepening malaise that was a national problem. He attacked Labor’s governing culture of control and staying “on message” as “no longer enough”, and argued the public now valued authenticity over “the appearance of harmony”.

Senator Faulkner’s speech mirrored his fear that last year’s national review reforms he devised with former premiers Bob Carr and Steve Bracks would be largely brushed aside.

Yet his critique runs wider and deeper. In a speech with a Whitlamist tenor, Senator Faulkner argued that internal democracy was stifled, the party was exploited as a vehicle by careerists, that power must be returned to the membership and that core structural and cultural reforms were essential.

Read it here.


  1. He is a great man, and the only thing I have ever disagreed on with John Faulkner (whom I first met in the late 1980s and have admired ever since) is global warming. John Faulkner and Bob McMullen for PM and Deputy PM- the greatest combination the country unfortunately never had.

    But what has that do do with global warming?

  2. Confusious says:

    Without Labor/Green regime nurturing ambitions of opportunists such as Garnaud and Fluffer Tim, there will be no chance of current mortal danger of economic destruction of Australia through carbon tax, NBN, pink bats, school cubboard sized halls, gold inlaid set top boxes etc., etc…..name your own Labor extravaganza paid for by Australian taxpayer.
    It has to do everything with Climate and other leftist madnesses!
    One only needs to have a look at Swine’s most recent utterances….

  3. Frankly I think that’s abslotuley good stuff.

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