Renewable energy targets to hit electricity bills hard

Price going up

The shocking reality of the government’s ill-conceived renewable energy targets is about to hit home, and that’s before we take a carbon [dioxide] price into consideration:

HOUSEHOLD electricity bills are set to skyrocket up to 30 per cent by mid-2013, with the Gillard government’s renewable energy scheme responsible for 11 per cent of that increase, a report by the government’s chief energy adviser has found.

The costs of the Renewable Energy Target – which provides generous subsidies for rooftop solar schemes and large-scale projects such as wind farms – will explode by 360 per cent over the three years to June 30, 2013, as power companies try to meet the target of sourcing 20 per cent of their energy from renewable sources by 2020.

The report comes as Australia’s biggest carbon emitters press for states that refuse to wind back costly rooftop solar and other programs to be penalised in the GST carve-up or be denied funds under the Commonwealth Grants Commission.

The Australian Industry Greenhouse Network, whose members include BlueScope Steel, said the case for reform was only growing and demanded the immediate withdrawal of commonwealth and state renewable energy programs that the Productivity Commission found were costing billions of dollars but achieving little. (source)

Just the same old story, green gimmicks that achieve nothing for the environment and cost ordinary people dear.


  1. Yeah, but what about the warm, fuzzy feeling we’re getting from doing the “right thing” for the climate?

  2. How can any family trying to make ends meet survive after the complete debarkle of the management of the various renewable energy schemes?

    It is an outrage that EVERY householder was entitled to so called “Carbon Credits” which were used to obtain cheaper Solar Installations, hence signing over these credits over to the installer of the system.

    We personally were unable to afford the solar installation, due to a chain of events where Senator Milne and her demands to shutdown the brown coal industry in Victoria and indirectly, he disgusting and thoughtless “fear camapaign” affected the property market and as such cost us much of our life savings.

    Now with the latest revelations from the AEMC report we are about to pay treble for the Rudd/Gillard/Brown government’s utter incompetence.

    Why? well, we missed any opportunity to get a cheaper solar system to help reduce our electrical costs, (thanks to Milne) and now we are not eligible for any “carbon credits” any longer as many others have received. Finally, we now see that 11% of the increase forecast in electricity prices is attributible to the Gillard Government’s Renewable Schemes.

    The government’s motives are blown out of the water by one their climate change reviews Professor John Fairbairn, who said “The simplest way to slow global warming is to raise electricity prices”
    So conversely, because there is no warming, electricity prices should fall? TIME TO GO GILLARD HOW ABOUT THE END OF THE FINANCIAL YEAR!

  3. NikFromNYC says:

    Logic does not dictate. It merely runs in circles.

    Today Stewart Little climbed out of my shower drain.

    He scaled shower drains.
    Pierced heavy tinfoil milk bottle cap,
    did not contain,
    past supper.

    Tonight, angels have their wings clipped by philosophers.

    is what
    they really
    want to do
    to the remaining mountains
    we have left, just to vainly display the crosses
    and monstrous sunset sunrise flickering shadow fields
    of their sacrificial doomsday religion,
    access roads and
    power lines

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