How many Prius drivers does it take to offset a volcano?

Offset that…

Probably several trillion, given the massive emissions (including plenty of CO2) from the Puyehue volcano in Chile (pictured).

So, as George Carlin said, ask yourself whether you feel like a threat to the planet this week.


  1. Baldrick says:

    Driving a Prius to save the planet is about as helpful as an ashtray on a motorbike! The manufacture of a Prius far out-weights its intended savings of co2 emissions. A Prius is a marketing gimmick.
    The same logic exists in the Labor/Green alliance … pouring money into Canberra in the form of a co2 tax will have no effect on changing the Earths climate. It might make you feel good, but the effects will be non-existent and you’ll become a lot poorer in the process.

  2. The only reason I would consider a hybrid is to save some money on fuel, not to feel like I’m saving the planet. As I am hardly home anyway, I fill my “normal” car once a month, or less, on average, and I’m happy to pay for that, and not have to be seen in a Prius!

    After having spent a couple of months in Texas, I wonder how many hybrids it takes to offset 1 Chevy truck? My hire car was a ‘compact’ and it was a v8 commodore in all but name…

    Also, are volcano emissions fugitive? I seem to recall that as a country, Indonesia has more volcanos than anywhere else in the world, will the Aus government send the Indonesian government a big tax bill? Yes, now I’m being even sillier than normal, and I realize that’s not where this latest eruption occurred.

  3. A collection of 30 photos of the Puyehue Volcano from the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio:-

    This volcano has been dormant for 50 years.
    Frighteningly beautiful – if you don’t live there or in the path of the ash/SO2 cloud.

    Keep watching to see what idiot wants to blame it on CAGW.
    Last time it was Danny Glover (actor – Dangerous Weapon 1 – ? ) that blamed CAGW for the Haiti earthquake,

    • Baldrick says:

      You asked for it …..

      Global warming causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions:

      • @Baldrick,
        Thanks for that link, just goes to show “They’re out there ! ”

        Fabius Maximus (*) definitely comes unstuck when most of the Ring of Fire tectonic and volcanic activities eg. NZ, Papua, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Hawaii etc. are in tropical, sub tropical areas.

        (*) isn’t Fabius Maximus the honorary title that was given to Gough Whitlam by the Australian Fabians ?

  4. Confusious says:

    [snip – LOL, but I have to be fair to both sides with my new moderating rules! Ed]

  5. Hi,
    I think the cartoon that was on Andrew Bolts blog today really says it all. If Labor could I’m sure they would think of some way to tax the cloud of ash.

  6. Doesn’t Wayne Swann drive a Prius? Baldrick is spot on about the Carbon Emissions that go into building one, they have to fly/ship parts in from all over the world to put them together (as shown on Top Gear). This really shows the grip that Swann and the ALP (an Greens for that matter) have on the whole situation. The best “green” alternative is probably a VW Golf Diesel. Better still, a carefully driven new Falcon or Commodore, they have a high local content and don’t have to be shipped from overseas. I love how the ill informed call these cars gas guzzlers, especially with recent and upcoming improvements to their fuel economy and emissions. I love it when Prius drivers find out how much gas was guzzled putting their thing together. I’m lucky, I work from home, and my new XR6 Turbo Ute only needs to be filled every three weeks. Gee Mr Swann, if you drove a Falcon or a Commodore you might actually be supporting the workers who pay union dues that keep your party afloat.

  7. There’s more emissions per second than all the vehicles on the earth.
    AND THE EARTH CLEANS AND RENEWS ITSELF OF THIS – IF it couldn’t we’d all of died from the effects long ago.

    AND Consider the “Catastrophic” Iceland Volcano that covered all of Europe and Asia for 2 months shutting down the skies from thousands of daily 30,000 Horsepower jets – It put such a frenzy on the climate alarmists that the only way to take the focus off it was to start a different catastrophe – The BP oil leak in the gulf of Mexico.. Alarmists went dead silent 8 months later when all the floating oil was no where to be found. They forever fail to consider the self corrective nature of the environment into their knowledge or bogus computer ‘models’.

    The People of this world are mamby pamby lemmings and they eat this false garbage like candy.

    • Spot on Fready; This again confirms the arrogance of the human race (particular reference to governments, environmentalists, the UN, etc.) who think they can control our planets climate!

      • @Staal. The other big worry is the arrogance of those that think that they can geo-engineer the planets climate.
        Tim Flannery’s sulphur in the sky – sunglasses for the planet.
        John Holdren et al, micro mirrors in orbit, also induce more volcanic dust in the atmosphere, to “cool ” the planet.
        Dumping of iron (sulphate) into the ocean to create large algae bloom, stimulating increased phyto-plankton that will use CO2 from the ocean, die and take the carbon to the sea floor. (has been tried in a pilot study – failed ! )
        The inmates are really in charge of the asylum.

        • Lets not forget Bill Gates and his multi billion pound conception to put sea water into the clouds to “Reflect” the sun back into space – That Which is currently being done Naturally by the wild fires in Arizona and New Mexico – the smoke is clouding the skies for 1500 miles. How much sea water will uncle Bill Gates have to transport to the clouds to achieve such coverage, AND what is his carbon footprint of hauling all that up in jets and pumping off the oceans ? DUH..!

          He needs to use his computers to learn that 99.997% of the light from the sun is Already reflected off the atmosphere from outside the exosphere at nearly 1000 miles up, and that’s 10 times higher than any clouds.

          ALL of the weather and climate is running on the remaining percentage. AND here’s a news flash: The planet and climate is self re-creating and stabilizing back to it’s equalized state. IF not, the volcanoes which out billow mankind’s pollution by billions of times and other anomalies would throw it out of balance and the atmosphere would come apart.

          Add to that the fact that the sky up there is 200 below zero, and any C02 would freeze into dry ice IF it were up there. That’s why the C02 level in the atmosphere is a 9 digit decimal. Otherwise, it would snow dry ice on top of Mt. Everest and McKinley where temps dip below the freezing point for C02.

  8. The heading an photo would look good on a Tshirt

    • I may just do that! Keep an eye on the store!

      • Capital Idea mate;
        Put me down for one in XL 100% cotton. Remember,
        I don’t wear alarmist polyester; it gives you prickly heat rashes under the arms that overheats the planet almost as much as the hot air that spews out of their mouths..

        This is the Best 10 pounds one could ever spend !
        We all need to be walking around with a billowing volcano on our chest’s anyway..

  9. Simon

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  10. That picture is pretty scary looking, but it is absolutely nothing compared to anthropogenic Co2 emissions. (see this

    The most interesting stat on that site is that it only takes 2.7 days of anthropogenic Co2 to equal an entire years worth of global volcanism.

    We have unceremoniously crowned ourselves as one of the strongest geological forces on this planet. Pretty impressive right?

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