Labor wastes $12 million advertising a tax that doesn't exist

Carbon tax advertising

The Climate Madness escalates to new heights, as Greg Combet announces a propaganda campaign, to be funded by 12 million of your taxpayer dollars, for a policy that doesn’t yet exist.

Hang on a minute, surely we should be waiting until the Climate Committee makes its recommendation, shouldn’t we? Nope, because the Climate Committee is a TOTAL SHAM. Like the one-eyed Climate Commission and all the other pointless talk-fests. This government doesn’t give a sh*t about what any of them says – it’s already made up its mind that there will be a carbon tax, and it’s already budgeted for the advertising. Un-freaking-believable.

Finally, FINALLY, the independents are slowly beginning to stand up to the utter nonsense and dishonesty being perpetrated by this embarrassment of a government:

TAXPAYERS are set to foot the bill for a $12 million carbon tax advertising campaign in an announcement that has angered independent MPs, who will have the deciding votes on the controversial reform.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet today revealed initial plans for the campaign, which must still be signed off by the multi-party climate change committee and meet government advertising guidelines.

He said the “modest” campaign was appropriate to inform [brainwash – Ed] the public on a matter of government policy.

“The government considers that it is extremely important that the government [public? – Ed] has access to appropriate information [biased propaganda – Ed] about the policies and plans for carbon pricing,” Mr Combet said.

He refused to rule out an expansion of the advertising budget in the future.

Multi-party climate committee members Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor condemned the announcement as “incredibly unhelpful”.

“I totally disagree with the decision and totally disassociate myself from the decision,” Mr Oakeshott said.

Mr Windsor said the announcement was “dumb” given the lack of a concrete policy.

“It’s the presumption that money will be spent on something that doesn’t exist,” he said. (source)

On ABC news this evening, Windsor said it was “money for propaganda.” Bravo. Keep it up. Maybe the independents have finally each grown a set.


  1. If this ad has any resemblance to “Carbon Cate and Carbon Caton’s” or anything said by Gillard, Combet, Wong, Brown, Milne, Flannery, Garnaut, Coorey, Taylor, Marr, Jones et al all we need to do is lodge a complaint with the advertising standards bureau that it is misleading and they will have to drag it.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    Maybe the independents have finally each grown a set.

    Not a chance in hell.

    They’re just making the right noises….that’s all.

  3. When released, this tax will dominate the front page of every newspaper, website, TV news and current affair show for days. You would have to be wilfully ignoring it not to hear and understand what the policy is, when it is released. Why does a government further feel the need to spend money on advertising? Is it because news and current affairs shows won’t put up the battersea power station as a background graphic? Is it because they might ask some prickly questions?

    Cue the people announcing how much John Howard spent on advertising legislation – failing to understand the difference between Labor party policy and passed-by-the-parliament legislation.

    In other news, will MP Craig Thomson be the one that scuttles the carbon tax? The murmurs get louder by the day.

  4. They should rename the Labor party the Lemmings party as they rush headlong to the clifts

  5. You should amend the headline. ‘Labor wastes $12 million it doesn’t have advertising a tax that doesn’t exist’.

    Remeber that 12 million is a borrowed 12 million. There’s no surplus here, folks.

  6. Hi,
    I have to disagree with you about the Independents. I watched these pair, Oakeshott and Windsor being interviewed yesterday, and I just smiled and shook my head. I feel these pair just love to be on TV and take any chance they can get. They know and the Government knows that they will give a big tick to the carbon tax regardless.
    However I don’t agree that taxpayers money should be used for this garbage, it’s a bit like the “say yes” campaign, it’s not like we actually have a choice, I feel sometimes we are starting to be Governed by a Dictator instead of a PM.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      We ARE being governed by a dictator. We get what she thinks is good for us whether we like it or not and she will NOT call an election to let us have our say.

      They are an illegitimate, stubborn and proud government.

  7. Baldrick says:

    Another wasted $12 million from this inept Labor/Green/Independent alliance. The sooner these fools are out of office, the sooner Australia can get back on it’s feet. Add this to their already failed schemes such as Petrol & Grocery Watch, Pink Batts, School building fiasco, Illegal immigrants, detention centre costs, cash for clunkers, UN climate change fund … the list is endless.


  1. […] is not a joke. The government is actually going to spend $12 million of our dollars in order to make us want this tax forced down our throats. They are ripping us off […]

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