Václav Klaus in Australia

From the Institute of Public Affairs:

new poll by the Lowy Institute shows only 46% of Australians think climate change is a pressing issue for the country. That’s down from 76% just three years ago. And 39% of Australians say they aren’t willing to pay anything at all to tackle climate change.

This follows on from an IPA commisioned poll from February which found that 26% of Australians thought climate change was natural, 34% thought man was to blame and 38% weren’t sure either way.

There could not be a more important time to hear from one of the world’s most important critics of global warming ideology – Václav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic. He’s been warning of the dangers of the climate change “consensus” for many years. In 2007 he published the acclaimedBlue Planet in Green Shackles on the subject.

President Klaus warns in Blue Planet in Green Shackles: “The constraints of political correctness, tougher than ever, are being enforced and only one permitted truth is – yet again – imposed on us. Everything else is being denounced.”

In July and August, the Institute of Public Affairs is honoured to be presenting these important public events with President Klaus.

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