Government climate scare campaign targets schoolchildren

Marty the spot-tailed quoll

Brainwash them while they are young – it’s so much easier then. Indoctrination Alert as the Herald Sun reports that children are being terrified by apocalypic climate change lessons in schools:

PRIMARY school children are being taught climate change will bring “death, injury and destruction” to the world unless they take action.

The concept of climate change is being taught to school students and used to underpin environmental studies in classrooms across Australia.

Resource material produced by the Federal Government for primary school teachers and students says climate change will cause “devastating disasters” in Australia.

“As well as their terrible impact on people, animals and ecosystems, they cause billions of dollars worth of damage to homes and other buildings,” the material says.

“Australia is one of the hottest and driest continents on Earth and is in danger of being severely affected by climate change if we do not act now.”

Psychologists and scientists yesterday slammed the lessons, accusing educators of being alarmist, creating unnecessary anxiety and endangering children’s mental health.

Sue Stocklmayer, director of the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at Australian National University in Canberra, said climate change had been presented as a doomsday scenario.

Dr Stocklmayer said she was not a climate-change sceptic [everybody has to say that, or else they would be ostracised, branded a denier and silenced – Ed] but worried “too much time was spent presenting scary scenarios, especially to young people”.

“To put all of this before our children . . . is one of the most appalling things we can do to children.” (source)

None of this should surprise us. The government simply recycles the IPCC line without a second of critical thought.

And do you expect the government to care about the chidren’s welfare? In a word, no. All they are concerned about is indoctrinating another generation of children to believe their lies, spin and exaggerations on climate change, so they will stop thinking for themselves and turn into brainless zombies – at which point they will meet the requirements to vote Labor and join GetUp.

The link to the government material for primary schools is here – have a click around, it’s an eye opener to think our children are being exposed to this.

By the way, Marty the spot-tailed quoll is endangered partly because of climate change, apparently.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    When will we be rid of these accursed religious NUTTERS?

  2. Laurie Williams says:

    ‎”young people who don’t have the cognitive maturity and emotional maturity to process this stuff” – not only young people. If a majority of adults had such maturity the hoax would have died out within weeks, not still be going after more than 20 years.

  3. Baldrick says:

    Educating our children – alarmist style:

  4. Laurie Williams says:

    ‎”Australian National University’s Centre for the Public Awareness of Science director Dr Sue Stocklmayer said … she was not a climate-change sceptic” – if she is not a sceptic she has no place in science and should immediately resign or be sacked.

    “Science” is in a poor state when, as you say, the opposite of scepticism is needed to continue careers in it.

  5. did a blog on something similar and still have ‘them’ preaching at me that I got it wrong.

  6. Lets get real:

    1. ‘children’ apparently dont have minds–and re-gurgitate rather than consider what is presented to them.

    SHOULD require a compulsory visit to any school setting.

    [snip – please stay on topic]

  7. What can you expect when you have David Marr saying a couple of weeks ago “we’re all going to fry”. This is the sought of remark that lefties excel at.

  8. when your kids come home in tears explain how you can’t always trust people you should be able to tell the truth ,,, then you could use julia gillard’s infamous ‘ there will be no carbon tax under a gov’t i lead – then of course there’s good old fabian bob’s quote “.by 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty ”
    then explain that it’s all a big scary fairy tale told by a nasty organisation to scare kids as well as grown ups & daddy’s not gonna let the sky fall on his angels head

  9. Oksanna says:

    In the 1960s, Russian ‘set theory’ was taught in primary school arithmetic due to the Sputnik Scare. The fad passed. With the emergence of Sociology in the flower-powery 1960s, History and Geography combined into ‘Social Studies’. Handwriting in Australia has suffered a steady decline since the 1960s. Any attempt to assist a child with correct posture for handwriting (yes, there is an old tried and true method involving relaxed arms, wrists and fingers) would result in censure for the teacher. So in the 1990s when a multinational computer company signed deals with local education officials to provide computers in schools – no problem. Er, well, except that the desktop computer is an industrial workstation and children have growing and vulnerable bodies. And hot new PC circuitboards in enclosed classrooms produce a score of noxious gasses. So the latest fad, teaching the Greenhouse Scare as mainstream science to impressionable children is just par for the course, really. But it will pass. To quote Minister Garrett’s old band:
    “Cold, cold, change…waiting to begin, left us all angry and bewildered, laughing at the way we were taken in”

  10. horacemonster says:

    Notice how the information presented to secondary students is identifal to that for primary students. What, are they concerned that any more detail the the older ones might start asking questions?

  11. The thing is, we always have to have something big and scary to keep us in line,
    the “yellow peril”
    “reds under the bed”
    apocalyptic nuclear war
    boat people
    “global” terror networks
    Peak Oil
    Human Induced Climate Change and all its associated alarmism.
    what will be next? Alien invasion? Sporks? People with shoe sizes above 10?

  12. Rick Bradford says:

    “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”

    “Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?”

    Both quotes from the outstanding Joseph Stalin.

    • The only reply to such an uninformed statement is would you suggest we sell uranium to an unstable Muslim nation?

      Syllabus censor John Howard couldn’t fault the grand idea.

      At least we may dismiss Stalin by understanding that when the Church and the State couldnt exist without slavery [such was the Romanov definition of educated until 1881]–then the naughty things decided to follow every other European nation that also had long suffered its fools.

      When we are now not able to discover where our uranium goes (weapons or electricity) in the worlds second most populous nation;
      then we can either rest assured that Rudyard Kipling’s imposed imperial-slavery idea and convincing the Indonesians that they should read more Harry Potter rather than shooting Javanese–will of course save the day.

      Or will we be Orwellian and declare subversive every comment that doesnt fit ‘the closed mind’

      How criminal Joseph Stalin must have been for supporting and saving British lives.

      not male menopause perchance

  13. Note – Vladimir Lenin always advocated using schools as a preferred indoctrination route.

    We know we have a communist PM, it seems nothing has changed in the Bolsehevik mind……….a USS t R alia……


    “An important goal of Communist propaganda was to create a new man. Schools and the Communist youth organizations, like Soviet pioneers and Komsomol, served to remove children from the “petty-bourgeois” family and indoctrinate the next generation into the collective way of life. The idea that the upbringing of children was the concern of their parents was explicitly rejected.[2]

    One schooling theorist stated:

    “We must make the young into a generation of Communists. Children, like soft wax, are very malleable and they should be moulded into good Communists… We must rescue children from the harmful influence of the family… We must nationalize them. From the earliest days of their little lives, they must find themselves under the beneficient influence of Communist schools… To oblige the mother to give her child to the Soviet state – that is our task.”.[3]”

    Is the climate change Big Lie just the govt trying to “rescue” children from the “evil” lies of parents and common sense?


    • There is a simplistic that should refute the logic being offered.

      We arent automatons…

      If we have been fortunate enough to have read Brave New World–we see that individuals simply do not ‘ exactly or identically become indoctrinated–by exposure.

      The faux Jesuit claim that we can direct young minds–stems from the totally faulty Pavlovian insistence that repetition programs the recipient:

      If this was remotely true–then we would all gain the same marks in each and every exam–given we attended the same courses.

      Vladmir was certainly not in tune –but in 1920–the Soviets didnt require–(much as today)– hostile factions covertly armed by British and American forces–creating ‘educated solutions’–that the whole world supposedly descends into chaos without.

      Care to explain why the Enclosure Acts benefited the English population by seizing common land??

      Vladmirs fault too??

  14. i’m noticing more & more kiddy shows are starting to blatantly spout propaganda too , a classic example was richard hamonds ‘ blast lab ‘
    i really thought that guy knew better after seeing him on top gear – maybe someone waved a huge wad of cash under his nose 😉

    • Tremendous stuff paul–any one that expresses an opinion and is in the public arena is on the take!!

      You’d then be a ‘tall poppy’ or ‘green- to-the-gills’ fanatic then– would you??

      • me ? i’d hardly fit the tall poppy stereotype & i’m far from green to the gills , lets just say i’m a working class cynic that has been burnt once too often by political promises & celebrity endorsements 😉

        on the flip side , if we as climate cynics express public opinion we get labeled ‘climate deniers’ & threatened to be tattooed & gased ? what’s with that ?

        • We threaten their power base….. they are lilly livered wannabees….. and while they can make us sound like idiots they will…. but I honestly believe we must keep this in their face – as it were. The moment we relent, back down , back off even minutely they win……
          Every time a new number, a new science paper, ea new nasa discovery or anything else comes out – that proves them to be continually lying – write about it – spread the word, email you politicians……. they are wrong, they are trying to screw us, if they succeed who else do we have to blame? Don’t matter if you are in Canada, USA, UK, NZ or Ozzy Land….. we can fight together.

        • Hi paul–a cynic is far easier to reply to than a ratbag.

          i cant really come at your next assumption–that
          class designates intelligence.

          Though–its pretty obvious that skeptics–wouldnt you say– have something that doesnt work.

          Wonder if its the environment that their mother probably didnt tell them about

  15. coming from generations of farming families & a rural back ground i think i might have a bit more of a practical handle on the environment than most city people .

    you seem to be singling me out in this forum , any particular reason why ?
    are your public eye climate activist heroes losing their credibility ?

    i hope you can think of something nice to say to your grand children to explain why they will be living in a third world economy & can’t get a job because all our industry is shipped overseas due to some renegade politician pushing the wheels of a false religious doctrine (pan ism , Gaia hypothesis ,, call it what you will , it’s an alternative religion – maybe we should look up romans ch 1 :25 to see another little prophecy fulfilled )

  16. There’s a problem with the rural whelp–and that is they dont mind 40% of their produce never being sighted by the population.

    Regards being singled out–it must be ‘the climates fault’.

    I dont have any class or guilt problems–discussing issues.

    Would suggest that the only Roman opinion worth considering–is that if a nation cant feed itself–then it should forget it.

    So the ‘we need more export’ rally call– rather than generational economic benefit — becomes ‘concerns’ about the climate instead.

    Rural psyches have never had a problem claiming that One Pound per square mile per Year will about do -to produce the next generations future.

    Do we have to be Einstein to see why 40% less opposition allows the buffoons to claim they are the back-bone of the country?

    And other than concluding that PAY AS YOU EARN–makes far more sense when presented as the contribution actually occurring–
    i dont remotely see what you might be on about.

    All that is being singled out–is that if slash and burn techniques have created a rural mess—then permitting the same concerned folk the ability to now chemically poison the food-chain– solely because they know ‘about the climate’–is just not on.

    Closed Local Government is the sole cause–‘disenfranchised’ by your own neighbours in other words.

    I cant wait to be hear how tough the export markets are while paying for their unemployed children.

    Anyone else–climate affected as well??

  17. slash & burn is no longer a responsible farming practice as you well know , we,re not all dumb hick rednecks , we are doing our bit , planting trees around unusable parts of farmland such as fence lines , waterways & low level areas that would otherwise become salty , a farmer in the wimmera has been trialing piping his diesel emissions in to his seeder box to get nitrogen in to the soil with good results ( wait for it ,,, ” nitrogen ! you can’t do that it’s pollution ” ,,, no , it’s not , it’s an essential nutrient – just as carbon dioxide is essential to all plant life) you don’t like the way your food is produced , ? try growing your own resources in your backyard & feeding yourself , i bet you’d starve within a month .
    instead of believing everything you here at the yuppy down town cafe , get out in the real world & check it out for your self .

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