Gillard address: empty platitudes and a sickly grin

More spin

A prime ministerial address to the nation – are we at war or something? No, just introducing a tax in breach of an explicit pre-election promise. I guess the fact that she felt the need to conduct such an address shows how desperate she is to smooth the feathers of a very angry electorate. It won’t work – despite an over-the-top make-over and a forced rictus that looked so fake it was embarrassing.

I know I said I wasn’t going to watch it, but I’m prepared to suffer for my work… As expected, the address was full of nauseating, sickly clichés, lacking substance and credibility. Here’s an example:

Putting a price on carbon is a big change for our country.

I know we can do it together.

Our economy is the envy of the world.

We have world-leading renewable technology, a coal industry determined to cut pollution among the world’s richest reserves of natural gas.

And we are a confident, creative people.

I see a great clean energy future for our great country.

I know we can get there together. (source)

Pass the sick bag. By my count the phrase “carbon pollution” was used four times, “carbon” and “pollution” individually seven each. Every one a lie. She doesn’t even have the honesty or integrity to use the correct terminology – it is carbon dioxide and it is not pollution. But who cares? We can lie and mislead just to get our way and appease the Greens.

Tony Abbott must have read ACM because he said exactly what I said this morning:

“This is socialism masquerading as environmentalism.”

Julia, Wayne, Greg, Bob, Rob and Tony: the battle has only just begun. It will get far, far worse.


  1. Seano from Western Sydney says:

    Part of me though doesn’t think that this Labor government is written off yet. If the wealth transfer, uh, I mean “compensation package” is big enough for enough voters, and the effects of job losses have not filtered through as yet, then they may yet win enough seats at the next election to get the ETS going.

    I suspect that the next election, if won by the Liberals, will be followed by a double dissolution, or an Upper House Dissolution to get rid of the Greens when they block the repeal of the carbon tax. On the other hand, Labor may well win and entrench all of this after the next election, especially if the destruction of the nation has not become apparent.

    Also, Tony Abbott needs to state what his direct action plan is. He sounds like he is giving to much credibility to AGW theory. Given the UN tells us that 97% of CO2 emissions are from nature, and Australia is only 1% of that remaining 3%, they need to ask why they are so sure man is driving climate change.

    • Hard to know how to read this one yet.
      On the one hand, the recent NSW election should be a bit of an indicator. On the other hand, we are still well into the age of stupid – there are still enough delusional people out there who think they will be saving the planet by paying this tax. Add to that the usual suspects who will think that getting an extra $5 a week is a big deal – and who knows?

      Tony Abbott has obviously been paying attention to the back bench revolt over the live cattle exports. The strategy now appears to be to take the fight up to the sitting members in the “rust-belt” seats. This is an admirable strategy, as I suspect the only thing that will stop Mad Julia is the insertion of the blade between the 4th and 5th vertebrae.

      On the other hand, if Labor should win the next election, I plan to immediately sell of everything that’s left of any value and sit back and watch the grand economic experiment begin to play out. And learn how to knit …

      • The Loaded Dog says:

        as I suspect the only thing that will stop Mad Julia is the insertion of the blade between the 4th and 5th vertebrae.

        ha ha ha…figuratively speaking of course….excluding the “Mad Julia” part…

  2. Baldrick says:

    One would have though by now Labor would have got the message from the N.S.W. election that the public are sick of spin doctors but it’s fairly clear from Juliars speech that the spin doctors are in full swing in the federal Labor Party.
    People want to hear the truth … yes, it will cost jobs … yes, you will pay more … yes, it is a tax … yes, there is some compensation but don’t expect too much … yes, it will send Australian industries and jobs overseas … yes, I am doing this to appease The Greens … yes, carbon dioxide is not really a pollutant but we call it that so you will think it is … yes, I did lie … yes, Wayne Swan hasn’t a clue what he’s doing … yes, it will do nothing to cool our planet … yes, it is all crap!

  3. Just watching Ch 10 now.. predictably, Erwin Jackson is avoiding the very question I want an answer to, and that Andrew Bolt has asked of him, ie: how much difference will this tax will make to the climate. Again predictably, Jackson is avoiding it by using the line “..Australia is doing its part..”.

    Kudos to Ch 10 for giving Bolt air time. He asks the right questions, and is preventing me from reaching for more sick bags.

    • I suspect Ch 10 has clocked onto the fact that ratings follow actual debates not phony love-ins. Bolt wasn’t given enough time to respond to the absolute rubbish that came out of Bob Brown. So many lies to debunk it would take a whole show.

      Interesting that John Hewson, while broadly behind the tax, thinks she is a goner. And he would know all about that.

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    I know I said I wasn’t going to watch it, but I’m prepared to suffer for my work…

    I admire your dedication. I could not watch it and flatly refuse to put myself through another second of her sanctimonious, patronising drivel.

    She has added NOTHING new but further stench to the propaganda pile…

  5. Here’s the results of a News Ltd poll which may help send a message to Juliar.

    90% of voters think Australia shouldn’t have a carbon tax!

  6. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    “Our economy is the envy of the world” Gillard said.

    And its the envy of the world because Australia managed to fend off green policies at a time when the rest of the western world became infected with “catastrophic man-made global warming madness” and then began inoculating itself with green policies to “get better”! They got sicker…

    Australia, meanwhile, always remained healthy in isolation!

    Today, sadly, Australia finally got infected with “catastrophic man-made global warming madness”!

  7. I subjected myself to 10 seconds of speech. The school-mistress kindergarten voice is very offensive. And Bob Brown clearly did too many hallucinogenic drugs in his early days – he seems to lose track of what he is saying midway through most sentences.

    I think Tony Abbott is on the right track – use the government figures to hang themselves. Their strategy is so transparent it is insulting.

    Something needs to be done. I think a truckies blockade of canberra is a good start. But a national strike day would be even better. Starting with the power stations.

  8. Uhavitbad says:

    She was right about one point,
    We (you, I’m not from your country) are a confident, creative people.

  9. The next time I want to hear Julia Gillard speak is when she is announcing her resignation. Very soon I hope.

  10. NikFromNYC says:

    Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

  11. When I see Australia being sacrificed on the altar of Socialism, I’m reminded of how the Aztecs used to cut the hearts out of human sacrifices or throw live virgins into volcanoes to appease “the gods”.

    The human sacrifice also served another purpose – keeping the unruly masses in line through fear.

    I think of Herr Brown and the carbon tax, and all I can imagine is the open chest of Australia, with its heart removed, and herr brown with a glint in his eye telling the poor sacrifical victim “its for your own good”.

    After that , the body is thrown unceremoneously into the “volcano” – a sacrifical offering to Herr Borwns real “god” – the Communist/Socialist UN.

    That we have a red headed extreme socialist PM readuy to also “do over” australia as well is of great concern…..

    This surely must be cartoon fodder for some cartoonist – its like Macbeth – certainly its going to be a tragedy and we all know how it ends…..out out damn spot….

  12. Richardn says:

    Bob and Juliar must be licking their lips in anticipation at sucking the wicked 500 ‘Big poluters” dry and redistributing their wicked carbon dollars to those they consider worthy. I bet the labor voting warmists who rule at treasury have not factored in the number of the wicked 500 move offshore or the looming recession this deadweight tax will start.

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