Russian heatwave in 2010 was "primarily natural"

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The moonbat media went to town last year about the Russian heatwave, blaming climate change and using it as a stick to beat us all into taking action on global warming.

However, a paper in Geophysical Research Letters shows that it was far more likely to have been a natural occurrence, finding virtually no change in July temperatures over a period of 130 years. Their conclusion:

“In summary,” to quote Dole et al., “the analysis of the observed 1880-2009 time series shows that no statistically significant long-term change is detected in either the mean or variability of western Russia July temperatures, implying that for this region an anthropogenic climate change signal has yet to emerge above the natural background variability.” Thus, they say their analysis “points to a primarily natural cause for the Russian heat wave,” noting that the event “appears to be mainly due to internal atmospheric dynamical processes that produced and maintained an intense and long-lived blocking event,” adding that there are no indications that “blocking would increase in response to increasing greenhouse gases.”

Read it here.


  1. Any heat wave/natural disaster is blamed on carbon dioxide, yet the cold weather is just noise. Some double-standards at work here.

  2. Baldrick says:

    Strange how the very selective global warming moonbat media didn’t give too much coverage to the 32 inches of snowfall in the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of the driest places on Earth, but went to town on the Russian heatwave.
    You’d think either even was out of the ordinary, but they’re not. Just like floods, cyclones and droughts in Australia are no more a sign of global warming or climate change. It’s all part of the Earth’s natural cycle.

  3. froggy uk says:

    The Russian heatwave & the pakistani floods were predicted before they happened by the UK`s own Piers Corbyn of Weather Action(he also predicted our severe winter), of course nobody listens or promotes his extemely accurate predictions due to his stance on AGW although RT (Russian TV) do occasionaly give him an interview.

    or how about this one!

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