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Crocodile tears

From Julia Gillard’s faux-teary address to the Press Club yesterday:

“If that means people’s image of me is one of steely determination, I understand why.” (source)

No, Julia, that is not our image of you. It’s more like “stabbed Kevin Rudd in the back having said you wouldn’t, lied to the electorate about a carbon tax, then cynically sold the country down the river to the Greens to keep yourself in power.” How about that?

By the way, is this the “Real Julia” again, or just another fake one to try to fool the voters?


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Sniff sniff. Did you tear up when you were stabbing Kevin Jooles?

    Or did your “steely determination” help you not to?

  2. Last desparate act of a leader about to disappear into oblivion.. It’s almost comical now

  3. Graham Richards says:

    This display of fake ‘poor me’ emotion together with wanting to blame the bad polls on the lefty MSM, only serves to confirm my opinion of her…….


  4. David Davidovics says:

    I just realized that techincally she isn’t really a liar after all. (ducks for cover). No really, hear me out.

    What she said was: “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.”

    So with the greens now in charge of the government, she is no longer leader, and therefore not a liar – just like her minion said earlier when a constituent confronted them in the mall; Its not their falt they had a hung parliament.

    • Peter A. says:

      Yes, you are spot on here. The real leader here is Bob Brown, so (ironically – and surprisingly) she didn’t actually lie. A premonition made of who would really be in charge once the election was over perhaps?

  5. Baldrick says:

    The real JuLIAR:

  6. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Interesting that she seems to have a selective memory too, in spite of her comment:

    I don’t forget where I came from.

    She can remember her early years but when quizzed about her close involvement with the extreme left up until around 2003, her memory becomes fuzzy? Perhaps that’s just another manifestation of her self confessed split personality.

  7. Andy G55 says:

    Her deceitful lies are putting the case of ALL women back 50 years !!

    • Peter A. says:

      Deceitful lies. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a lie that didn’t have deceit underlying it, but then maybe that’s just me. A bit tautological, don’t you think? Like ’round circles’.

      I’m just being my usual pedantic self here, so don’t take this personally by the way 🙂

  8. I couldnt believe the free hit that the Ch7 reporter gave her yesterday. Imagine giving the PM the opportunity of telling the media how they should report,……amazing.
    The more & more this whole woeful story goes on, the more & more I am getting frustrated.
    I can handle the fact that we probably wont get an opportunity to have our say for quite a while, but I cant handle journalists being apologists for the Govt. I have to wonder whether it is because shes a woman that the male journalists feel sorry for her. If it was a male PM you reckon they would smell blood in the water & go for their jugular.
    See comrade Bob Brown complaining about the ‘hate’ media again. The news ltd papers in this country are pretty lame in comparison to some of the news ltd papers in the UK. Apart from Bolt in the Herald Sun, no one else really makes any comment. In fact there are probably more bleeding hearts there than people realise. I cant understand the criticism of the Australian either, I have seen more balanced reporting on the carbon issue than in the fairfax media. Remember how surprised we were when Bob Carter had been published, not once, but twice.
    I realise it is them wanting to silence critics, but if you want to be the new democrats you have to be prepared to take the scrutiny that comes with that. Keep in mind the greens are the only party who have meetings that are not open to the media.
    The media outlets are owned by private companies, except for the ABC and we all know that they are not balanced.

  9. Peter A. says:

    ‘Steely determination’ is just another way of saying ‘extremely stubborn’. This is not a virtue, but a sign of inflexibility in the face of changed circumstances.

  10. It’s an ill wind. At least we got a new verb: to riley (trans. and intrans.), “to question a politician or public official with egregiously deferential sycophancy.”

  11. Richardn says:

    Now it’s just getting weird.Boo hoo. Why’s every body picking on me? Because nothing worthwhile can be built on a lie.”Upon this broken promise I will build a great social change” just does not cut it.

  12. Laurie Williams says:

    Keith Levet wins the Comment Of The Week Award: “Thatcher was steely determination. Gillard is slimy deception.”

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