Clean Energy Future advert: count the lies


Government propaganda at its very worst. Let’s go through it:

  • Lie Number 1: Carbon Pollution. It isn’t carbon and it isn’t pollution.
  • Lie Number 2: The majority of scientists agree that climate change is a result of human activity. A manufactured consensus from a politicised organisation (the IPCC) which was formed to find evidence of a pre-conceived conclusion. How much climate change is actually a result of human activity? We don’t know.
  • Lie Number 3: We can avoid the worst impacts by reducing “pollution”. No we can’t. The carbon tax will do nothing to change the climate.
  • Lie Number 4: Climate change is predicted to lead to further rises in temperature, rises in sea levels and some extreme weather events becoming more common, making life more difficult. Temperatures and sea levels have been rising slowly for centuries, without any help from man-made emissions. There are no confirmed links to more extreme weather events despite what the media tries to tell you.
  • Lie Number 5: Countries around the world are already taking action [lists China, USA, India and Europe]. No, they are not. China’s emissions will rise for the foreseeable future despite a few token environmental gestures, India’s carbon tax is $1/tonne, the USA has backed away from any federal climate action leaving just the tiny RGGI, and Europe is a hopeless economic basket case on the verge of collapse, thanks in part to a crippling ETS mired in fraud and corruption.
  • Lie Number 6: These clean energy sources [solar, wind, tidal and geothermal] are sustainable, renewable, their supply cannot be disrupted by events elsewhere, and they don’t contribute to pollution. None of those energy sources can replace fossil fuels for base-load electricity generation. And wind and solar are “disrupted” when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Tidal power is non-existent in Australia, and geothermal is so tiny as to be not even worth mentioning. The manufacture of solar panels and rare earth magnets for wind turbines releases millions of tonnes of real pollution into the environment.
  • Lie Number 7: Developing these new industries means developing new jobs. False. Every fake green job costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and takes away on average 2 – 4 real jobs. Subsidising inefficient, unreliable and expensive alternative energy is like burning $100 bills. The market will decide when “alternative” energy becomes competitive, not the government.
  • Lie Number 8: Meeting the challenge of climate change means being responsible, staying competitive and Australia continuing to prosper. A unilateral carbon tax does nothing for climate change, it is totally irresponsible, will make Australia less competitive compared to its trading partners, and will damage the economy for no benefit.

Wow. Eight whoppers in just over a minute. Pretty impressive.

And it’s all paid for by YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

Angry yet?

Check out a proper climate illustration here.

P.S. They’ve disabled comments in YouTube. I wonder why?


  1. Good summary, except lie number 1 is two lies.

  2. “Climate change is predicted to lead to further rises in temperature, rises in sea levels and some extreme weather events …”.

    Not only are they lies but they’re stupid lies. Climate change will lead to rises in temperature? So, rises of average global temperature or declines (i.e., climate change) lead to rises in temperature and the like.  Change leads to change!  No!  Run for the hills!

  3. In January this year, China announced the start of a Liquid-Flouride Thorium Reactor development program. Its ultimate target is to investigate and develop a whole new nuclear system (thorium based molten salt nuclear system) in about 20 years.

    LFTRs can be factory built and rapidly deployed in very large numbers. A large scale LFTR program would enable China to replace fossil fuel energy sources (future threat on export of Australian Coal?) with nuclear power by 2050 if LFTR development had a 20 year gestation period – reference:

    Thorium and the flouride base-load reactor recycles nuclear waste (including decommissioned nuclear weapons) which makes the cost of construction and operation so much cheaper (almost the same operating cost of a coal-fired power station). We will not need wind or solar power and should be able to configure the size of reactor to suit country areas of Australia.

    Australian authorities, if they are serious about “clean energy” needs to research the use of LFTR or be left in the wake of more enlightened countries.

  4. Your list of lies left out the most important: Australians must be stupid if they watch this ad,let alone believe anything in it.

  5. Baldrick says:

    Bob Brown wants truth in political advertising ‘to monitor and regulate political advertising to ensure it is true and accurate’. – March 2010

    … but Bob Browns silence is deafening on the lies in this advertising as pointed out by Simon!

    The Governments own guidelines on political advertising state:
    21. Where information is presented as a fact, it should be accurate and verifiable. When making a factual comparison, the material should not attempt to mislead the recipient about the situation with which the comparison is made and it should state explicitly the basis for the comparison.

    Click to access Guidelines-on-Information-and-Advertising-Campaigns-by-Australian-Government-Departments-and-Agencies-March-2010.pdf

    … where is the fact in calling carbon dioxide a pollutant? That’s not fact – that’s political spin!

  6. Thanks Guys … have posted myself with FULL credit to your hard work TA MUCHLY

    Senator BOB BROWN (Tasmania) (Leader of the Australian Greens)
    This afternoon I will be moving a motion that asks the Senate to call on the government to amend the Commonwealth Electoral Act before the next federal election to incorporate a truth in political advertising unit to monitor and regulate political advertising to ensure it is true and accurate.

    My goodness that sounds right up our alley – it is something we have all be howling for – for eons now it seems – truthful politicians are just what the doctor ordered me thinks! Truthful politicians – an oxymoron, and watching Mr. Brown in action right now, just goes to show that he lies, even when pretending to want the truth.

  7. brian jones says:

    A good way to make money is to buy carbon credits in Europe at about $13 a tonne and sell them in Australia at $20 a tonne. Somebody is going to make a killing, and it won’t be the taxpayer!
    Its all about generating wealth – like toxic mortgages or selling non-existant cocoa beans. Its NOT about saving the planet.

  8. Boiling Frog says:

    The above lies are sponsored by the loose-lipped liars from Lalor and Lilley.

  9. Jennifer of Kewarra Beach says:

    The innane music says it all Na Na Naa…….etc Pathetic on so many levels. Can anyone explain the tri colours used ? Also the position on the childish map of Australia. Everything about the Gillair Greens is weird.

  10. The biggest lie of course is that solar (PV) and wind, are “Clean Energy”, when they are anything but clean and produce negligible eneryg.

    and you can google plenty more examples

  11. Lie number 8 is three lies.

    That is 11 lies in total.

    • And lie number 1 is actually two lies, so we’re up to 12! It reminds me of the scene in Fawlty Towers: “So you’re THREE doctors?” “No, I am a doctor, my wife is another doctor”

  12. The biggest lie of all was in the Murray Valley Standard where a full ad has been taken out by the Government to say that all money raised by the Carbon tax will stay in Australia, not so 10% will be going to the UN for starters, so who do you tell when the advertisement is not factual?

  13. Can you provide a link to that paper /ad please Robert? there are agencies to whom you can complain…. even Media Watch would be a good place to start

  14. Billy the Kidder says:

    Lie number 9 is the “pollution” per capita. It is a deliberately misleading and confusing figure.

    There are 22 million of us. There are 1.3 billion in China and 1.1 billion in India. Our carbon output as a country is not even a bee’s sneeze!

    Put it like this. If you drive a bus with just yourself on board, you have a high “per capita” output but if you put seventy on the bus (ignoring the extra weight) then you have a much lower “per capita”.

    If you need to transport 700 people, and use 100 buses which will have the same “per capita” as a single bus but with 100 time the total output.

  15. Why are people putting up with this?

    Are we really as stupid as this criminal waste of taxpayers’ dollars suggests?

    That this criminal waste of taxpayers’ dollars has even seen the light of day is a damning indictment of our gullibility.

    That this abomination of unelected morons ‘governs’ us defies comprehension.

    Enough. Remember people, sh*tlam got the boot for a whole lot less than what we’re witnessing now.


    • Billy the Kidder says:

      They will never willingly call an election. They know they will be wiped out and for them it is a lurks and perks issue. They obviously don’t care about the country, just their poxy pensions.

      This mob are so greedy for power for power’s sake that they will stop at nothing to retain and maintain their position.


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