Headline of the Day

Trust evaporated

From The Telegraph:

“PM Julia Gillard says Hunter Valley coal jobs are safe” (source)

From August 2010:

“There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

Nobody believes a word you say, Julia.


  1. Not if Prime Minister Brown has anything to say about it.


    And while on the subject her mate BB wants to shut down coal mines…..

    To quote another red head “please explain”

  3. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    How can people even dare trust Julia Gillard, after she told that unforgivable lie about not having a carbon tax?

    She says the carbon tax back-flip was due to changing circumstances. Ok… so how is she going to guarantee no changing circumstances would arise thereby resulting in policy changes that adversely affect the coal mining industry?

    After all, she is indebted to the Greens who want to close down the coal mining industry!

    What’s that saying… once bitten, twice shy!

    And what’s that other saying… dump the frump!

    • gyptis444 says:

      The electorate, in turn, will be telling Juliar that circumstances have changed come the next election.

  4. Baldrick says:

    Julia Gillard may say Hunter Valley coal jobs, AWU jobs, Hazelwood Power Station jobs, Hunter Valley coal jobs and Mackay mining jobs might be safe … but I know who’s job isn’t !!!

  5. rukidding says:

    As someone somewhere else said start packing you bags hunter valley.

  6. Enraged says:

    I have recently come to the conclusion that Gillard didn’t lie. She stated “under a government that I lead” and Brown leads the government since she sold out to the Greens.

    I am 66 and have never been so afraid for the future of this country.

  7. I share “Enraged’s” fear.

    I am 65 and have never seen such a threat as this one to the living standards and freedom of Australians in my lifetime and I have seen some doozies from politicians!

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