Abbott on the attack

On the attack

Morris Iemma’s comments earlier today have prompted Tony Abbott to renew his attack on the Gillard government’s toxic carbon [dioxide] tax:

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has seized on comments by a former Labor premier to further the cause of his campaign against a carbon tax.

At the same time, he’s called on other senior Labor officials to stand up against the Gillard Government’s planned carbon pricing scheme.

Former NSW premier Morris Iemma has questioned the environmental benefits and economic cost of the scheme, saying the Government had adopted a policy that was part of the Greens’ agenda of “anti-growth and anti-investment”.

It would cause lower growth and investment and lead to lower incomes and fewer jobs, while only slightly reducing the rate of increase in greenhouse gas emissions, Mr Iemma told The Australian newspaper.

He echoed Mr Abbott’s stance on protecting jobs from the impact of a carbon tax.

“We should always stand shoulder to shoulder with steelworkers and miners and factory workers before we stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of (Australian Greens leaders) Bob Brown and Christine Milne,” Mr Iemma said.

Mr Abbott, unsurprisingly, used the reports of the former premier’s comments during a joint press conference with Victorian Premier Ted Ballieu in Melbourne.

“Morris Iemma knows exactly what the problem is in Canberra and he’s nailed it,” he said.

Mr Iemma was the third senior Labor figure, after Transport Workers Union boss Tony Sheldon and Dean Mighell from the Electrical Trades Union, to voice opposition to the carbon tax, Mr Abbott said.

“I say to decent Labor people right around the country, it’s high time that you stopped making excuses for this floundering prime minister, stood up for the workers … and drop this toxic tax.”

And let’s savour for a moment Julia Gillard’s considered and thought our response to Iemma’s concerns:

“I think Morris Iemma has called this one wrong.”

Wow, I’m kinda stunned by the incisive and razor sharp logic at work there. I don’t know about you, but the power of that argument has really won me over! Duh.

And as a reader has pointed out, Gillard is happy for Labor has-beens to wade into the argument, just as long as they’re on Gillard’s side, like Keating and Hawke.

Read it here.


  1. Surely there are more within labor’s ranks who are against this tax. For Australia’s sake, they need to stand up.

    • Don’t hold your breath. The rats have missed the last opportunity they had to leave the sinking ship. What would their rationale be now? “I’m taking this stand because the polls tell me I’m going to lose my seat.” LOL on that one.

      And remember – you will need more than 1 or 2 to cross the floor or abstain, since Malcolm Quisling is equally likely to cross the floor in the other direction.

  2. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    I once voted for the ALP because it represented the workers interests. But since the ALP sold “Australian working families” down the river for Bob Brown’s 20 pieces of electoral silver they have lost me. The sooner this mob is consigned to the dust bin of political history the better it will be for all Australians.
    That there is no-one within this once great party prepared to take a stand on principle against their party’s open warfare against the Australian people says it all. My old man would turn in his grave if he knew of the travesty we now witness.

  3. Baldrick says:

    Political commentator Laurie Oakes sounded out Julia on Sunday 17th inst. with this question, “… I understand you were actually ringing around in the last week of parliament just checking on your support, ringing Caucus members.” Of course Julia denied it but Oakes wouldn’t have asked the question if he didn’t know something was already afoot. See here.

    • I have been pondering if there was anyone ‘out there’ with the political backbone to be proud of – someone who the voter could both admire and believe in should and when another election is called.

      Personally I would vote if Laurie Oakes were to be standing for PM (that is if he came out and said the science is NOT IN)

      Right now you have Malcom Turncoat … he ought to be kicked out of the Lib/Nats let him cross the floor and they can permanently adopt him – no loss there! Bob and Julia and their side show characters are a laughing stock. Tony abbott is NOT in oppostion – he is running side by side, same horse different course! So in effect we have no opposition….. Come On Laurie tell us where do you stand?


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