Greens want to control our media

Dangerous totalitarians

Australia, that former democratic state, is heading towards a totalitarian regime, or it will be if the Greens have anything to do with it. Now they are a party of government, they are suddenly surprised that not everyone shares the same extremist environmental (Marxist) aims, so their immediate reaction is to shut down dissent and control the message. And unfortunately, the News of the World hacking scandal in the UK has proved the ideal excuse.

Senator Milne:

“The Murdoch press has been running a very strong campaign against action on climate change.

“The bias is extreme, in The Australian in particular.

“You’ll see column inch after column inch of every climate sceptic in the country … You’ll find day after day a real attempt at regime change…

“And one of the useful things about the hacking scandal in the UK is that it will lead to an inquiry into the media in Australia.

“We are at least going to see some real discussion … around issues such as the level of ownership and dominance of the Murdoch press in several capital cities in Australia.

“We’ll also have a look at a range of other issues, including who are fit and proper people into whether we need that test into people to be running media outlets. It’s time we had a good inquiry and certainly bias is certainly going to be one of the things that’s certainly to be looked at.” (source)

Of course, this allegation of “bias” only goes one way. You don’t see Milne complaining about the ABC or Fairfax because they pander to the Green/Left agenda, and you never hear the Right making the same demands for “media control”. Next they will be demanding the right to censor the opinion pages to make sure only views consistent with the “regime” are published. Scared yet?

It’s called a free press and it’s a cornerstone of a free society. And the Greens can’t abide it. If Brown and Milne get their way, living in Australia will soon be like living in the Soviet Union.

With luck, this will appal all decent members of society, and will further alienate the government from the people.


  1. Reminds me of the Mandatory Internet censorship in Australia (what ever happened to that by the way?) which was proposed shortly after Kevin Rudd returned from China, and a remarkably similar system to “The Great Firewall of China” that is: A government controlled filtering system, which blocks websites by using a black-list which is not available to the public. Essentially allowing the government to stop the public from seeing something without the public even knowing what it is they are not allowed to see. Totalitarianism I say.

    • Dont worry Kev, the NBN will be the socialist tool to control internet censorship.

      • I agree. I realise why the gov’t is so adamant to set up and run the NBN. It could be used as a weapon against the people to stymie dissent. Liberals must break it up and sell it as soon as they are back in gov’t.

    • The censorship has begun. Not a fanfare or grand parade, not even a mild media release. The slippery slope is already under us.

  2. Maybe now those that were conned into voting for these whackers, believing that the greens were the saviours of Australia have seen that the greens are out to destroy this nation piece by piece, DO NOT under any circumstances let them gain any more control, if they do this country can bend down and kiss it’s rear goodbye, it will be a wasteland, no farming, no mining, no fishing, no cars,no jobs, etc, and everybody wondering how on earth WE LET THIS HAPPEN, time to stand against these leftist stooges along with labor and say no more, it is your choice.

  3. Mandy Love via Facebook says:

    Isn’t the abc enough for them?

  4. Hi,
    It certainly is starting to get scary, bit by bit our freedom of choice is being taken away I feel, and it seems to me anyway, that not too many people are worried about it, can they not see what is happening?

    @ Kev, you asked about the Internet Filter, it is still very much around, it’s just that the newspapers are not saying too much, you may like to have a look at this article that was in the Herald Sun in June.
    This seemed to come out at around the time the Government were doing deals with Telstra and Optus.

  5. *Yawn* Getting sick of hearing another Green rant about how the media are conspiring against them.
    The media in this country are more slanted to the left. and It was ok for Gillard yesterday to again claim that the natural disasters that occurred earlier in the year were due to climate change, when the Vatican of the Church of Climatology, the IPCC, has stated that they cannot be linked. As Monckton said last week, do your homework!
    Should I be surprised that not one journalist took her to task?
    Yep, some seriously bias reporting from the MSM. *rolls eyes*
    The PM is allowed to get away with making deliberately misleading statements on an issue that has national importance, yet a privately owned media company cannot run an editorial position that is different to the Govt.

    • the PM says what she wants to say and gets away with it….. take for instance what she said about health issues (so called) from people living close to wind turbines…… she’s never heard of any reports of sickness (arghhh) has she ever asked anyone?

      But are these wind turbines all they are cracked up to be? Obviously as the government is pushing for more of them, we will only get to hear what they consider to be ‘positive’ comments about them. Other’s have very different opinions. ABC chairman Maurice Newman favours the analogy that wind turbines will turn out to be for power generation what the zeppelin was for air transportation: it looked promising but was not the answer.

  6. I grow up east of the Iron Curtain; where the Greens are navigating Australia. I came from there; and I can tell you: is not pleasent. In my book they are refered as: green topcoated Reds. It’s nothing green by denying CO2+H2O to the vegetation. Only extra stormwater saved in Australia can make it green. Bob Brown made himself a name by denying dam to be built for hidroelectricity…

  7. Quis custodiet custodes?

    I felt sad for Vaclav Klaus as he told the National Press Club of his country’s boost after the collapse of Communism, and then to see their freedom gradually removed under the European Union.

    The Communists have not gone underground: they have only changed colour.

  8. Felicity Coombs via Facebook says:

    send them back to Tasmania. It’s a time warp down there


    Dear Mr Brown, I do not see in any of government tax payer funded advertising material that Australia only generates 1.45% of world’s global emissions. Instead I hear the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency still peddling that we are per capita the world’s worst polluters! If that were the case it would be better for our economy to import a million people to statistically obtain our 5 % “cut”. Just shows you how stupid the per capita argument is!

  10. And so ends the longest media honeymoon ever seen in Australian politics. Suffer the microscope you sandal wearing, muesli chewing loons. What kind of eco moron hates coal AND hydro?

  11. Baldrick says:

    Bob Brown’s control over Australia meant that freedom was the one thing that people lost. The people of Australia had to read what the government allowed, see what the government allowed and listen to what the government allowed. The government’s control of the media was total. Those who attempted to listen, read etc. anything else were severely punished.

    Brown developed what became known as a “personality cult”. Education was strictly controlled by the government. The way subjects were taught was laid down by the government. Outside of school, children were expected to join youth organisations such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition or The Young Greens. Children were taught how to be a good to the environment and an emphasis was put on outdoor activities and clean living.

    Scary? It is when you realise it’s taken directly from here -with only the names changed.

  12. Nenky L Wibawa via Facebook says:

    The Greens are the Australian version of Khmer Rouge, both politically and economically.

  13. Shooter says:

    So we can expect The Greens to move for, and get,a Parliamentry Inquiry into media bias?

    I bet the ABC is exempt!

  14. An academic friend of mine from the UK in town for International Botanical Congress is amazed at the press climate change gets in Australia – in the UK no one (apart from Lord Monkton and his mathematical brain) gets upset about it.

  15. Extremely hypocritical. The Greens have 13% of the primary vote, and yet we see Brown. Milne, etc constantly in the media, on panels like Q&A represented on equal terms with the major political parties.

    I’d be more than happy if the Greens weren’t mentioned 87% of the time.

    Having said that, I’d be happier if the 13% woke up to themselves and voted the Greens out of our lives for the good of the country.

    • Actually, it’s all good. More Greens exposure in the media, I say. Keep talking Chrissie, we’re all listening attentively, and like that lady in the shopping centre with Julia, we’re not stupid. People know that the Greens have disproportionately too much power, and they know who put them in that position – labor and Gillard.

    • James Anderson says:

      The Greens appear on shows like Q&A because, even at 13%, they control the Senate and effectively hold the balance of power. Love them or loathe them, they are 100% relevant in any national political debate. Get over it. The audience stats for Q&A are shown at the start of every show, and often come pretty close to the voting intentions as reflected in Newspoll. You should be happy that forums like Q&A give them enough rope to hang themselves on national TV.

  16. gyptis444 says:

    Vaclav Klaus yesterday at the National Press Club expressed his concerns that the whole climate issue is merely a pretext for a more sinister, hidden agenda of the greens to control us, restrict our freedom. Regulation of CO2 emissions cannot be implemented without seriously damaging our economic growth and prosperity. He sees parallels between what is happening now and what happened under communism.

  17. i have been watching this in the papers . it’s so insidious & dangerously totalitarian .
    george orwell must’ve had a glimpse in to the future when he penned 1984 .

    the scary part is i think we’ve been secretly undermined so much there is nothing we can do as a nation or a group of people to change it ,,, if anyone has any ideas , let me know

  18. Nothing more green than the mould growing on the stale disunifying and outrageously fabian policies that browns goons are pushing onto our nation.. They should burn in a coal fired furnace along with their policies. Would the last person to leave this country please turn out the lights?

  19. Hi Paul,
    Have you heard about the “Convoy of no Confidence” the call is for an election. The convoy will be criss-crossing the country starting on the 17th of August and ending in Canberra on the 22nd of August, while Parliament is sitting. There will be 8 convoy’s in all.

    It is for all vehicles even motorbikes, of course the trucks will be leading, so no matter where you live the convoy will be going past you or close by. If you can’t join in, help spread the word, so that others know about this as well.
    Australia we have a Convoy:-Destination Canberra

  20. Richardn says:

    I don’t mind Milne coming out with this winging.It only serves to alienate the average punter even more.The trouble with the greens is that they think they are very popular with the average Aussie.Nothing could be further from the truth.So keep squealing crazy Christine and let’s see where it gets you.I think that there may be a slight weakening of the warmist mindset of some of the networks .I thought even old lefty Oakes gave Gillard a fair grilling a couple of weeks ago.I think even the likes of Oakes keeps half an eye on the polls.

    • Agree. I hope the press and especially the ABC give Chrissie a megaphone at every opportunity.

  21. Well, it has been pretty obvious that The Greens are unused to the rough-and-tumble of “real” politics, so censorship is their obvious solution.

    I think our “freedom of speech” has been eroded significantly in the past few years, unless it’s about which AFL/NRL team you support, that sort of debate seems to still be allowed, but anything of substance, (not just ‘global warming’) well, don’t dare to disagree with the majority, or you’ll be branded a loony, racist, or whatever epithet is deemed most suitable at the time, regardless of how cogent, or reasonable your stance may be.

    Last year, I recall being part of a casual “pub conversation” where the relative ages of buildings in Australia, and Europe was being discussed. Something along the lines of “good luck finding a building older than about 200 years in Australia, but in Europe, a building built 200 years ago is almost brand new compared to some” This was seriously considered to be a racist conversation by one participant because “How dare you not include the Aboriginal contribution to Australian society”. So, that topic was then out-of-bounds for the sake of keeping the peace…

    The person complaining was obviously one of those “squeaky wheels” that gets the attention…and ends up having far more influence than they deserve.

    Right, that’s my rant over with, while I can still say something without being locked up.

  22. Col of Blackburn says:

    It will never happen as long as we have ‘Samizdat!’ 😉

  23. James Anderson says:

    Any inquiry into media ownership and media bias cuts both ways. Fairfax and the ABC would be just as accountable as any other group. If they are as biased as is often claimed, you guys should be welcoming it. There can be little doubt the Murdoch press is pushing an agenda. The Ed of The Australian confirmed it on the 7.30 Report, and happily so. There is nothing wrong with a newspaper being informed by an ideology, but they are required to be factual. Even their own internal standards require that, and that they present both sides of a story where there are competing claims. I’m a conservative, but even I have to admit the ABC usually does a better job of the latter than the Murdoch press.

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