Labor's death spiral

No change

There is no respite for Labor. Julia Gillard has talked of everything except the carbon tax, and her popularity, and that of her government are still at record lows. As I have said before, people have simply switched off to Gillard and the government – no-one is taking the slightest bit of notice.

JULIA Gillard’s burst of policy outcomes in health, border protection and climate change has failed to lift her popularity, with the latest Newspoll showing no improvement for Labor in the past fortnight.

Despite a flurry of government policy activity in recent weeks, the Newspoll conducted exclusively for The Australian at the weekend found the Coalition ahead of Labor by 56 per cent to 44 per cent in two-party-preferred terms.

With the Coalition on a 47 per cent primary vote and Labor on 29 per cent, the results were identical to those of the previous Newspoll conducted from July 22-24.

Labor has been in the polling doldrums for months, with its attempts to bond with voters smashed by the Coalition’s campaign of opposition to its proposed carbon tax.

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    I could not have elucidate any better than Tony Abbott’s Aug 1 utterance… “Not only did she not wear out the shoe leather, she didn’t even wear the shoes in. At the first sign of a blister she’s back in her office hiding from the public because she knows that the more she talks about this tax the less people like it.”

    Will be interesting to see the next poll, as the border security / Malaysian cock up should have its court ruling….. .

    • Quite right … and where is Bob Brown during this whole Malaysian fiasco? After all, isn’t his party the trumpeter of all things human rights and releasing illegals from detention?
      Smells like a political deal to me – trading people (illegals) in favour of climate action.
      Save the planet – kill the humans!

      • Further to that Baldrick, you have to ask where the greens have been with the whole rolling out of the “clean energy” policy?
        One would think that its the policy that they hold most dear to their warm & fuzzy hearts, yet not a word about it from them.

  2. Driving to Sydney the other day, I say a LARGE poster stuck on the side of a plumbers ute:

    “The carbon tax wont change the climate – but it WILL change the govt”

    Ouch. Job done.

  3. Ryan Clark via Facebook says:

    policy made in favor of unproved theory ftw, lets tax people who preach newtonian phsyics, because string theory may prove him wrong, gg moron govt.

  4. “..smashed by the Coalition’s campaign of opposition to its proposed carbon tax”

    I sincerely doubt the Coalition needed a campaign; voters are despising the carbon [dioxide] tax all on their own.

  5. No matter what the Govt does, it is seen as incompetent and wasteful.
    The Labour reverse midas touch has ensured that people have already made up their minds and cant wait until the chance to go to the polls and smash this coalition of minorities and independants.
    It is now getting to the stage that it is not so much the carbon tax, but the ineptitude of this Govt to do cost effectively that is costing it on the polls.
    It just seems like their solution is to throw money at everything and that will make the problems go away & turn support around.

  6. Times are really tough for Julia and Bob. Not even the NSW State Labor opposition can come out and support their carbon dioxide tax.

    Here is an organisation that could politically afford to give support to the tax, without affecting it’s rusted-on support base, because they can’t do any worse in the polls, but even they know this tax is political suicide.

    See here.

  7. Who ever got popular raising taxes, and regressive ones at that? Carbon tax hits the poor the most, the price is high for everyone and they can least afford it. We have the highest in the world here in the UK and people are going broke already.

  8. A monumental failure. She really has no idea. I don’t know how she thinks Australian people could actually engage with her? For an ambulance chasing lawyer she makes a great pastry chef. FAIL!

  9. gyptis444 says:

    What is there not to like about Gillard’s Government?
    Let me count the ways


    Bloggers should feel free to add to the list or develop another one.

  10. But when oh when will the hard core lefties wake up? This is no longer about us and them. This is a fight for the survival of Australia as a healthy nation.

    It is just astonishing that Labor has any support left at all.

  11. This result achieved with Abbott out of the country on holiday with his family.
    ‘The wretched, miserable, dishonest labor government’ – that’s what the history books will call it.

  12. That’s the solution to Gillard’s problems. Don’t talk about the carbon tax. Instead, talk about Malaysia. Problem solved.

  13. Despite a flurry of government policy activity in recent weeks

    including talk (again) of a high speed rail connecting eastern cities. What could possibly go wrong with that? You can get some idea by looking at the end result of this infantile government’s record to date.

  14. James Anderson says:

    Shame the election isn’t this weekend. Have a look at Newspoll for 2006-07 to see how quickly things can change.

  15. Read the latest from numb-nuts Oakeshott:

    Mr Oakeshott said ‘real global agreement’ and a ‘global handshake is coming’ on carbon pricing.

    …and vote in the poll on their website:
    Q: Do you agree with Rob Oakeshott about carbon tax and global warming?
    (Currently running at 85% “NO”)

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