Labor abandons its core vote


… in favour of an urban green intelligentsia. Summed up by that front-bench schoolyard bully Anthony Albanese, ridiculing the Convoy of No Confidence:

“The Convoy of No Consequence outside. The Convoy of No Consequence, Mr Speaker. The Convoy of No Consequence, where a coupla hundred people gathered with no support from the mainstream organisations, the people who believe in one world government.” (source)

These are core Labor voters, battlers, truckies, hard working Australians who have been abandoned by their natural party, a party which now pours scorn on their petty complaints, and prefers the company of the inner city liberal green elite. The message is clear – traditional Labor voters are not wanted anymore.

And in return, those formerly loyal voters continue to abandon Labor, with the party’s primary vote back to its lowest ever: 27%.

Oh, how Labor will be punished. It’s really not a matter of “if”, but “when”.


  1. Mr albanese is a [snip] wit. Would know his ass from his elbow.

  2. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    Damn. I used the 57-43 poll at Andrew Bolt’s. Yours number is much funnier.

  3. And what you said, Nektarios, is being nice!

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    “Oh, how Labor will be punished.”

    I can’t wait to punish them….and to see them punished….

    • Don’t worry Loaded Dog, to paraphrase former QLD prermier Wayne Goss, Australians are sitting on their verandahs with baseball bats, biding their time until the next election.

    • (q) I can’t wait to punish them….and to see them punished….

      please make it soon – very soon – very very soon – how about right now!

    • G’day Loaded Dog

      If you can contact me on this email there is something I would like to discuss with you.

      [snip – I have forwarded on]


  5. I remain disgusted by the contempt that a member of federal parliament has for the people of Australia, and their right to make their case via a protest.

    No doubt other politicians on all sides of the political fence have said the same types of things, notably “ride over the bastards” by Robin Askin, and probably many more derogatory statements over the years, but that doesn’t make it ok.

  6. I’m just amazed that the Labor Party can still manage a primary vote of 27%, which obviously must be their rusted-on support base.
    It’s time for a change!

  7. The funny thing is, a couple of hundred people with no support from mainstream Australia, led by a man who believes in one world government (Bob Brown); is a pretty good description of the current woeful Australian government.

    Anthony, Anthony, projecting again.

  8. When I heard the John Howard sound-a-like make these comments, it pretty much settled the issue. Labor has betrayed the very people it is suppose to serve.

  9. Yep, the “extremist” views, the New World Order, One World Govt “conspiracy”
    *rolls eyes*
    Obviously Albanese didnt hear Bob Browns press club address recently. It was one of the issues he commented on, and appears to be on the Greens agenda.
    Just how stupid is Albansese…..??
    Its obvious that the “extremists” in this case are their coalition partners, not the people that are protesting.
    Also, Labor cant afford to mock protestors, it smacks of arrogance and will turn more people away (if thats at all possible)

  10. labour has forgotten it’s roots well & truly by now ,,, such a sad end to an organisation that was formed by the people for the people in hard times ,,, during a shearing strike no less ,,, now the people it should be standing up for are being slapped in the face , take notice julia , us working class don’t forget easily & one day you will front an election

  11. Being from the UK I dont know who this idiotic misinformed Anthony Albanese is, But one thing I do know is that the whole AGW scam (to which carbon taxes are related) is being used as a tool to control the masses,This is on the agenda of The `One world government`(aka New World Order) elite, Youve only got to look at the corrupt EU & United Nations to see what their vile plan is, Perhaps this bloke should get his facts right before opening his gob.

  12. Amid scenes unprecedented in Australia, dozens of chanting rioters yesterday stormed Parliament House in Canberra, smashing its front doors and leaving its public entrance hall spattered with blood. They threw acid and urine at more than 300 riot police who were called in to control the violence.

    More than 60 police were injured, 50 people were arrested and Parliament House’s entrance, marble hall and souvenir shop were turned into a battle- zone. A hard-core of leaders had pushed against the front doors, smashed windows and ripped iron rods from walls to use as battering rams. The Australian Prime Minister said it was, “a very sad and unhappy day in the life of the Australian parliament”.

    Oh sorry that was Labor thugs back in 1996 and not the No Carbon Tax Rally or the Convoy of No Confidence in Canberra 2011.

  13. They are like dogs backed into a corner, snarling and snapping!

  14. gyptis444 says:

    Labor has morphed into LIEbor. They deserve to be consigned to oblivion at the next election – hopefully VERY soon.

  15. Still amazed at the things Labor do every day to upset their core group of people who once would have been their most avid Labor supporters. It is unbelievable how they seem to have turned on the Labor Voters and don’t seem to get it at all. This guy’ statements were very offensive and even when pulled up on Ben Fordham’s radio continued to be in denial at what he had said. IDIOTS aLL OF THEM

  16. What gall Albanese has to mock these hard working truckies as being “of no consequence “. These truckies have sacrificed hundreds of dollars in diesel and lost jobs to voice legitimate concerns of being disenfranchised by Juliars big lie and treacherous submission to the Greens. I wonder if Anthony also dismisses Labors 27per cent approval rating as being a poll of no consequence. Albanese should realize that for every truckie that turned up there are hundreds of other truckies who just could not afford the cost. But I really hope Labor continues to mock and name call all those who disagree with the carbon dioxide tax. That should be a real vote winner.

  17. This guy has the gall to abuse and demonize the hard working Australians who only ask to be heard by this dumb government. The very same day he was abusing those good people he was then the in house of reps carping and whineing about Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon. All the time caring only about his own survival at the next election. They are two parties that deserve each other and wouldn’t I love to see them both suffer demonstrably for the kind of contempt he, the one and only, Alby Sleaze has shown to the once heart land Labor voters!

  18. I didn’t know that Labor’s core vote consisted of morans, kooks and clowns.

    • Thanks, Pat, for showing us what the Left does when it has no arguments. And it’s “morons”, by the way.

      Don’t come back.

  19. hi pat , i know some morans , they are lovely irish people . however , lefty louts like yourself are showing your true colours as ‘morons’ , it’s ok for you to protest with your hippie mates when it suits you , but call us all the names under the sun when we get together to express our concerns .

    the main reason there wasn’t as many of us present as expected is because we are mainly working class & mass protesting / demonstrating doesn’t come as naturally to us as your rent a crowd mob

  20. Confusious says:

    Buly Boy Albanese would do well in a totalliarian regime. Well that is anyway what Juliaah and Brown are planning for Australia. Neo-Stallinist New World Order where the Green Comrades usurp power where no freedom of expression is allowed. Just listen to Comrade Brown. Be afraid, very afraid….. Saddly there are still some 27% of population supporting this detritus. How many cases of union members paying for expenses of the horizontal nature incurred by their so called representatives will have to surface before that mentally challenged quarter of population finally also wakes up? Labor and Greens do not deserve double digit support.

  21. Anthony Albanese – Convoy of No Consequence Rally Marrickville

  22. I watced the video held outside the Marrickville Office. Is it any wonder protesters are laughed at when all you can hear is a woman screaming ‘you are a liar where are our rights’? A silent protest with feet….. and non vulgar plackards would show far more contempt for the situation. Anyone remember the sit ins of the 60’s…….. When we are rude and vulgar we do nothing but lower ourselves to their level….. and that is damned LOW……….


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