Global sea level drops by 6mm – Flannery safe


Tim Flannery’s waterside property looks safe (for the moment at least) as a new paper shows global sea level dropped like a stone in much of 2010:

So what’s up with the down seas, and what does it mean? Climate scientist Josh Willis of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., says you can blame it on the cycle of El Niño and La Niña in the Pacific.

Willis said that while 2010 began with a sizable El Niño, by year’s end, it was replaced by one of the strongest La Niñas in recent memory. This sudden shift in the Pacific changed rainfall patterns all across the globe, bringing massive floods to places like Australia and the Amazon basin, and drought to the southern United States.

Data from the NASA/German Aerospace Center’s twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (Grace) spacecraft provide a clear picture of how this extra rain piled onto the continents in the early parts of 2011. “By detecting where water is on the continents, Grace shows us how water moves around the planet,” says Steve Nerem, a sea level scientist at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

But naturally, there is the required caveat at the end:

“We’re heating up the planet, and in the end that means more sea level rise,” says Willis. “But El Niño and La Niña always take us on a rainfall rollercoaster, and in years like this they give us sea-level whiplash.”

Even so, this still puts the lie to alarmist claims that sea level rises are “accelerating”, since they have barely changed in the last 20 years of “warming”.

Read it here.


  1. Despite it being a mere blip, it does make IPCC’s Kevin Trenberth’s claim that sea levels are accelerating and they are the “key evidence” of AGW, look even more stupid.

  2. I posted a diagram far and wide recently showing a sharp sea level rise which is now almost over. It began 22,000 years ago and the rate has been slowing for thousands of years and tailing to zero. Nothing humans have done has affected the diagram in the slightest.

  3. Your fingernails grow at a faster rate than the current alarmist’s catastrophic sea level rise predictions.

    Not that the current trends in a sea levels are anything abnormal … they’re not.

    Sea levels over the past millions of years have risen and fallen all by themselves, without any input from mankind. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow – just like they’re doing today.

  4. Just love those “climate change scientists” who extol a graph heading in their desired direction and then make excuses when reality dare flaunt their prediction!….. I say their actions are unnecessarily taxing!

  5. Danielle Anstee via Facebook says:

    All the coastal councils I have come across have plans in place for the ‘inevitable’ sea level increase from climate change/global warming, makes ya wonder why so much $ is spent on this, since it’s quite evident they haven’t properly researched it!

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