Hurricane "Global Warming" Irene

Just weather?

As we all know, any and all weather events can now be attributed to climate change. What did we do before the AGW scare? If there was a large hurricane it was just the chaotic nature of the planet’s atmosphere at work. Historical records would show that there were hurricanes in the past of similar intensity which would help to reinforce our conclusion – we never believed there was anything sinister at work.

How it has changed. Now we can blame anything and everything on global warming. We don’t need no stinking historical records. So it’s completely unsurprising that Hurricane Irene is naturally a product of an evil (sorry, harmless) trace gas emitted by prosperous and healthy economies:

Irene’s got a middle name, and it’s Global Warming.

As she roars up the Eastern Seaboard, everyone is doing what they should—boarding windows, preparing rescue plans, stocking up on batteries. But a lot of people are also wondering: what’s a “tropical” storm doing heading for the snow belt?

So far, so predictable. But then this:

Category 3 Storms have rarely hit Long Island since the 1800s; one was the great unnamed storm of 1938, which sent 15-foot storm waters surging through what are now multimillion-dollar seaside homes. (source)

Here is a list of some storms that hit New York City in the late 1700s and 1800s:

  • September 23, 1875
  • August 19, 1788
  • October 9, 1804
  • September 16, 1816
  • September 3, 1821
  • October 13, 1846
  • October 6, 1849
  • October 28, 1872 (source)

So what was so special about the 1800’s that meant that there were more storms then? Oh yes, that’s right – it was COOLER. So the mild warming of the 20th century has actually made such storms less frequent, the complete opposite of what is claimed.

As the Mythbusters boys might say: totally busted.


  1. I would love it if they did a mythbusters episode on global warming.

  2. Just read that “Changes in climate patterns”… due to the cold conditions have partially killed the sensitive Florida’s Reef corals.

    If we are going to be continuously told that climate science is this predictable model science then either the scientists have to all make up their minds and say we have global warming or we have global cooling. If they are going to now start stating “changes in climate pattern” then one can only conclude that good old mother earth is simply carrying out her business as usual!

    For me, the only change in climate on our mother earth is on the political front, where salivating governments are preparing to roll out their greedy tax bandwagons in an effort to drive the price of generated electricity to unaffordable heights!

  3. Lynne Hopewell via Facebook says:

    They really think we are all gullible idiots lol lol lol

  4. Back in 1947, with Project Cirrus and again in 1962, the American government thought it could control not just the world, but the earth’s climate … and so they devised a plan called Project Stormfury in an attempt to weaken tropical hurricanes or make them change direction, at their command.

    Needless to say both projects proved a complete failure and were unceremoniously abandoned. Seems we’ve learnt nothing from the past in our attempts to control nature.

    The billions of dollars were about to waste on a carbon dioxide tax will have the same result … three fifths of bugger all!

  5. Uhavitbad says:

    The Goldfish Memory Club in action.

  6. Our Julia and Bob, Which art in the Canberra
    Hallowed be Thy Parties;
    Make my carbon emissions be gone,
    Until there are none,
    With your Carbon Tax and Green Energy Future.

    Give us this day our daily carbon ration so that we may survive,
    and forgive us our carbon emissions,
    as we forgive those heathens who emit extra carbon against Gaia;
    and lead us not into climate denial and skepticism,
    but deliver us from the carbon evil.
    For yours is the righteous path to political salvation and scientific funding. Amen.

  7. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    How does weepy Bill square his hysteria with the eye wall collapsing yesterday and the “hurricane” coming ashore with…33 mph winds. Yeah, that AGW’s a bitch.

  8. Harry J Shelley via Facebook says:

    I’m still waiting for Al Gore to say, “see, I told you so”.

  9. Unfortunately the mythbusters boys are on board the AGW belief train – they ‘proved’ global warming by melting some ice in a 100% co2 atmosphere, much faster than the normal air ‘control’.

    Sadly it was at the behest of a group of high school students who now think that was a real scientific experiment.

    Sure they talk a lot abuot science on their show, but they don’t do any real science. That’s OK for a TV show, but it’s sadly never pointed out how many gaps in their methology there are.

  10. its spinning the wrong way. in one of al’s books, storms spin the other way in the nh according to al…anyways..

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