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The Sunday Age’s Climate Agenda poll has finished, with ACM’s question finishing overall third (see here) with 1436 votes. Just a reminder, here is the question again:

It is accepted that man’s carbon dioxide emissions are causing an amount of warming [of] the climate. However, the magnitude of any future warming is highly uncertain. The IPCC acknowledges that its understanding of a number of key natural climate drivers and feedbacks is “low” or “very low”. Why is it, therefore, that the Fairfax press is reluctant to engage with and investigate this uncertainty with an open-minded impartiality, and instead continues to publish articles based on a rigid editorial agenda that “the science is settled”?

And ironically enough, the Sunday Age’s own home page for the Climate Agenda experiment proves the point perfectly, just by the collection of climate change stories they have assembled to illustrate the issues:

Climate change sceptics endangered: study

Climate change sceptics are an endangered species in Australia, a national survey shows.

Is this the solution to the impact of climate change?

New coastal housing built near Portland will need to be ”relocatable” to meet the threat from climate change sea level rises, storm surges and erosion

Rudd pans climate-change sceptics

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says anyone who still doubts the science of climate change should visit northern Europe.

Treasured Bordeaux wines under threat

Bordeaux’s fabled wine grapes are under threat from global warming, climate experts told a meeting of industry leaders

UK storm blamed on climate change

A British study concludes for the first time that an extreme storm there is likely to have doubled in intensity due to human induced climate change.

Mangroves shield against climate change

Mangroves, which have declined by up to half over the past 50 years, are an important bulkhead against climate change, a study released yesterday has shown for the first time.

Climate change is real. Let’s deal with it

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement of a carbon tax has unleashed another round in the climate change fight.

I also notice they have contacted the first and second place commenters and have quoted them in this article, I wonder when my phone will ring…!


  1. Interesting Rudd referred to Northern Europe, we’ve had the two coldest winters in a row in my lifetime and barely any summer in living memory. What’s his point there?

  2. Dave Gardner via Facebook says:

    We just finished an August with no triple digit temperatures in our area (we usually have a bunch over 100F during August). And “carbon dioxide” is *not* a problem. Heck, volcanos burp out enough of CO2, sulphuric acid, and other nasties.. and whales and termites are farting all the time… *man* is the least of the CO2 problem. However, if the do-gooders would like to lessen their CO2 “impact” they are welcome to feed themselves to the fishes …(of course, they’ll be farted out as CO2, but that’s another story. Earth is a *mess* of carbon-based life forms (just ask Spock) … so get USED to CO2. Without it we’d have no plants… and the Earth would be an ugly place to live. 😉

  3. With reference to the absent phone call Simon…You are more likely to get an irate phone call from the PM to pull something that you wrote. Well at least when Julia rings you have got your self a classic reference to then bitch to her about biased media reporting .

  4. With reference to the absent phone call Simon…You are more likely to get an irate phone call from the PM to pull something that you wrote. Well at least when Julia rings you have got your self a classic reference to then bitch to her about biased media reporting .

  5. Re: Climate change sceptics endangered: study

    I like the very last paragraph of that article:

    The survey was commissioned by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility and funded by the federal government’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency’s Climate Change Adaptation Research Grants program.

    Wow. Bias much?

  6. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    If a government is not prepared to consider the possibility that it could be wrong on climate change science, then it is not a government acting with prudence and responsibility by keeping up-to-date with the latest scientific empirical evidence.

    The recently announced results of the CLOUD experiment have not yet been widely reported. But for those who understand exactly what Dr Jasper Kirkby and his huge scientific team have discovered, CLOUD blows apart the man-made global warming orthodoxy promoted by the IPCC. The results indicate that clouds are a key driver of climate variability, caused by the amount of cosmic particles hitting the atmosphere. The solar wind determines the amount of cosmic particles hitting the atmosphere and impacting on aerosols to form clouds.

    Just to add to the CLOUD experiment, I urge readers to listen to what Dr Nir Shaviv also has to say on the matter.

    Why does the Gillard government ignore such scientific discovery? Why does CSIRO ignore it? It is ground breaking science that debunks the IPCC’s mantra. But oh no… as far as the followers of orthodoxy goes, nothing must change… the science is settled. They have to demonize Co2… despite the fact that Co2 plays an insignificant role in climate variability.

  7. Re : climate sceptics endangered – with the neo nazi high profile greens threatening to tattoo us & gas us what else is expected to happen ?

  8. Bill Robbins says:

    Sunday Telegraph reports Dams are full.
    um didn’t someone called Flan…. say something about drought.

  9. Not that long after it first came out, the IPCC and East Anglia University folk who started this climate change stuff, admitted that their statements were virtually all false, based on a “what if” assumption and, more importantly, their need for the vast amounts of money that flowed to them.
    Now look at the scientists who became very wealthy through all this misinformation, including “the seas will rise and swamp us all”. And see where they have spend millions buying houses and land that adjoins the sea shore.
    And how about the guarantee that “it will hardly ever rain again” ? Have you checked your local weather recently ? And the dam and river levels ?
    To end my bit on this, the Carbon Dioxide Tax that our government wants to inflict upon us will affect the world’s temperature by less than 0.0004% of 1 degree by the end of this century. But it will close many ofour businesses, send many offshore and cause a massive rise in unemployment. And, of course, hugely icrease our cost of living.

  10. The old timers here in Armidale NSW say we didn’t even have a summer here last year. I didn’t even get to wear shorts and still I’m told the earth is warming. Am I missing something here?

  11. Don’t feel to left out,i haven’t been contracted about my 4th place question either!

    • Indeed – a great question. It’s always funny to watch greens squirm when asked to choose between cutting CO2 and supporting nuclear power!

      • Russell Hamstead says:

        Indeed, how dare i propose a solution that isnt Wind and Solar! I found it amusing that I was subsequently labeled a denier on a regular basis despite the fact my questions validity is based upon accepting AGW. Anyone who doesnt fit into their narrow mindset is akin to a Nazi…

      • Russell Hamstead says:

        Well it would appear that they skipped to your question, I wonder why. Maybe they are getting the “Skeptics” out of the way first so that can spend more time writing huge artiles about the questions from GetUp!

        • Thanks for the tip – I wouldn’t have spotted it! I have posted a reply. I guess I should be pleased they thought my question important enough to go second. Cheers.

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